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I give away physical copies of a 15 track compilation CD when I am out and about.  Here is that same 15 track
compilation CD available for entire download including the CD Label.

  Elizabeth Bathory Wake Up and Die  © Eyes of Fire / Musical Orgasms 2006

 Fornication Under the Christian King © Eyes of Fire / Musical Orgasms 2007

 Echoes of Eternity Tribute © Eyes of Fire / Musical Orgasms 2007

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Various Excerpts

1 Metal Lead, Kiss the Night

2 Dark Orchestra, covered in blood

3 Scarlet widow, killer leads with drums!

4Exotic Metal, lead and then rhythm, lots of delay effect's in this one


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Here are the two links to where I use to have my demo page at.  They are quite old, the text I have written there reflects where I was at that point in my life so I have no plans of changing them or getting rid of them.



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