March 31st of 2005:  CD number five, "Killing Evil" is finally here!

March 13th of 2005:  I gave birth to a brand new baby publishing company today.  I named my new publishing company, "Musical Orgasms Publishing".  All Eyes of Fire music will be Published through "Musical Orgasms Publishing" and its going to be Orgasmic!  Have one or two on me to tide you over... 

June 6th of 2004: My new Album, "Freyja's Tear" is here!   Listen to it and buy it!

February 9th of 2004:  My Online Store is launched just before midnight.  This is my first ever online store.  I have worked so hard and spent so much money to give away free music because I Love Heavy Metal music.  The only thing Cooler than the music is sharing it with others.   So with the Eyes of Fire Online Store I am hoping to earn some revenue to help pay for expenses so far, and future musical expenses for Eyes of Fire.

January 19th of 2004:  I released my Eyes of Fire CD on My Music page for free download.  It consists of 14 original songs all written and recorded entirely by myself.  I have uploaded the Cover Art as well so that you may make a complete CD package. - Don't forget to Vote for your favorite song. I have 2 more CD releases planned for later this year.  Sign up for my Mailing List to keep up to date.

April of 2003:
  Was asked to join an original four piece metal band out of the Romeoville, IL area, "Madmortis". After approximately three weeks the band collapses due to another member losing interest.    At least this one only took a few weeks out of my life rather than over a year.    This has gotten really old and my window is closing as time moves on and I continue to get older as I weed my way through the very time consuming dishonest bullshit that seems to accompany other musicians that I have had to work with.  However just like anything else, the music industry has its good people and it has its bad people that cant get there act together or work with anyone else..  

The painstakingly long and tedious/frustrating search continues for the right band...

February 22nd 2003:  I am available for lead guitar/rhythm position. A Touch of Evil is officially over as of this morning.   How is that for the ultimate build up to be let down?  I hope that I never spend so much time in a band that goes nowhere ever again.   Listen to my sound files and contact me via email at  I answer all of my emails so if you do not hear back from me within 48 hours it is because I did not receive it so please keep trying.

December 1st 2002:  Featured as Artist of the Month for the month of December 2002 on  Visit the page directly at

I also have it posted on my site at

September 11th 2002:  A touch of Evil should be ready to record the debut album.  Song writing is bout half completed.  Once we have our album, we will start to play out with our product.  On a personal note I am VERY anxious to get out there onstage and play for all of you.

July 21st 2002:  A touch of Evil is holding a private viewing.    This will be the first time in history we will be playing for other people!!!  I'm sure opinions will be flying!  It will be a good time, I'm mainly looking forward to getting some opinions and feedback for the first time.

After Note:  The Private show was a tremendous success!  Everyone there had a great time and were full of compliments for the entire band and the set we played just as A Touch of Evil are likewise full of praise for our guests.  Afterwards we had a barbeque outside where Jeremy cooked up some delicious brats, hot dogs and hamburgers.  Great job workin  the grill Jeremy the food was marvelous!!!   We have to do that again sometime that was really fun!



July 4th 2002: Interviewed on Metal Sludge at

Note: The interview has been moved from the metal sludge website.  I still have my copy of the interview here on my website.

You can read the interview here:


May 2002:  A Touch of Evil signed to play Milwaukee Metal Fest!
Visit for more information and ticket purchase.
This is our debut show, and personally this is my first show ever.   The most people I have ever played in front of to this point is only five and that is only because A Touch of Evil is a five piece band and we practice as a band every tuesday.
Update!!!  A Touch of Evil takes the stage on friday the 26th of july!  Time of day won't be known till the day of.  Purchase your tickets at




March of 2002:   Female Vocalist Found!!!

Stay Tuned at for it to be made official!!! She is Beautiful, Fun, Vibrant, VERY talented, Amazing Voice!!!                                  


January of 2002:  I'm asked to join A Touch of Evil.  I was first invited to play with them in early of December of  2001.  From the first note I played , there wasn't ever really any dought in my mind if I was in the band or not.   We all clicked very well together from my first practice with them.  I'm glad we finally found each other!

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