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( transformation story always in the making - making it impossible to get bored! )  Check back often!

I have a curious personality with many different interests and a bit of a silly side :) Hey who doesn't? I can really buckle down, focus on setting and accomplishing goals and usually I really enjoy that kind of productivity. I think that too many of us get caught up in the notion that you have to work hard doing something you don't enjoy in order to get healthy or make money and never seriously consider doing something you love that can get you super fit and make you a fortune.

In April of 2006 my good job was off shored to India for cheap for labor.  I went on to attend college full time and a half so I could get my degree as soon as possible and start making good money again.  Then the economy went from bad to worse, and from worse to dire.  My degree so far has provided no fruition. My health was also taking a negative turn too.  I was approaching thirty and not doing ANYTHING to take better care of myself.  I had a multitude of very serious issues all seeming to happen at once that I needed to take care of for my own sake and for everyone else around me.

During my last year of college I took up the beachbody business opportunity because I wanted to tackle all of those real problems of mine together.  If I waited any longer, even another day, I would just have an even deeper hole to dig myself out of with every passing day. 

Being an independent beachbody coach motivated me to do what had to be done to get fit for the first time in my life.  I had tried other things before including a pricey gym membership but it didn't work, so I got frustrated and quit.  beachbody is completely different from everything else out there because the programs are very affective (early results fuels the motivation you need to stick with something for the long haul) AND being a coach with the possibility of earning money and having others look up to me creates an incredible sense of accountability all in it's own right.  The 25% discount on all programs and supplements doesn't hurt either. 

With that kind of motivation and incentive I did what was necessary and completely transformed my body in 90 days with p90X.  The coolest thing about that kind of physical transformation and having more "feel good" energy is the self confidence boost that just seems to automatically go with the territory of a meaningful all natural transformation from nutrition and exercise.  Why do I believe the huge boost in self confidence is the most amazing thing about the whole transformation experience?  Because opportunities come knocking!

There is a saying, "Success is something you attract by the person you become". When you're in great physical and mental shape, when you have high self esteem and you have high self confidence you begin to attract opportunities that other less confident people just don't get. This kind of confidence emotes from you and resonates with anyone you come into contact with. Have you ever tried to go out looking for opportunities? It's like chasing butterflies you come so close but you just can't quite catch them.

Life is a cabaret! I am attracted to people who want to live and focus on the positive rather than to focus on the negative except to learn from their mistakes. I also love guitars, music, nature, outdoors...  I just recently built a new 700 sq ft. Garden and I am totally excited about it! The harvest of fresh fruits and veggies will especially be fun :)

My Main focus is the marriage between my personal fitness and business building. I'm an independent Beachbody coach / independent business owner. I fell in love with the company because their fitness programs work AMAZINGLY well and we have the best support system on earth, period. Seriously, I completely transformed my body in 90 days using P90X and my self confidence is through the roof now. The only thing more rewarding than helping myself is helping others who are willing to change. Helping and empowering others is what really drives me to aim high and do very well for myself!

Can I help you with any area of your life? Let me know! You could say that... My motivation depends on my ability to help YOU reach any goal :)

- Tom
Author of Passion Fitness!

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