Guitar Lessons


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31 Lessons in total over the course of 31 weeks or at your own pace that works for you and around your schedule. Each lesson is a video recording I have made complete with visual aids, graphics, charts, text, tablature, printable material for study, and anything else pertinent to helping you to not only learn but to absorb the information I’m teaching in the videos. These 31 lessons are designed from the very beginning fundamentals of playing guitar so that you can develop into your own style of guitar playing from the ground up. I will teach you how to play and the theory behind the “how to” so that the “how to” makes a bigger impact. If you commit to the daily practice from these lessons then by the time you are finished with these 31 lessons in 31 weeks you will be able to play any style of music you want.

Each Lesson is $12. Individually all 31 lessons are $372. Or you can purchase the entire 31 lessons for $269 one time payment saving over $100. If you want to purchase one at a time contact me via Email. No refunds offered. You can determine if I’m the right teacher for you from my Home Made Guitar Videos Page.

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