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Welcome to my Power Half Hour Training on Social Media. I’ve made a fortune helping lots of people solve their own health and income problems. In the process I solved my own Health and Income problems. You can get everything you want by helping enough people get what they want.  It’s the richest and most fulfilling way to LIVE. Over 95% of my business growth is over Social Media especially Facebook and it’s EASILY duplicable. Watch my video, take notes, and see if it can help you out in your own journey. If I can be of service to you don’t hesitate to reach me.

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Let me know if you have any questions don’t let ANYTHING stand in the way of your learning and doing.


The FACEBOOK Daily Checklist:

1. Introduce yourself to new people DAILY based on commonalities. Go for at least 20.
2. Share Content with PULL Every Day.
– Post something thought provoking like a “aha” moment from a good book or audio.
– Post a random thought of silliness sometime during the day.
– Post the success of someone, emphasizing the bigger picture in what the success means for that individual.
3. Post something interactive that invokes people to respond such as a question. Be creative make it FUN! Get GREAT at this and this alone can attract a large following around you.
4. Follow up / Check in WITH your coach STAY CONNECTED and TURNED ON to your support team!!
Do that every day and people will ask YOU about Your Deal! Go for more..
– Post about your workout that day.
– Post a healthy Recipe for the day & how good it tasted. Post how you feel!
– Post about something or someone you are grateful for.  Show genuine gratitude.
– Post something that involves interaction and participation.  Perhaps an interesting question to your friends
**WARNING: Do not use your facebook timeline / page for selling.  You’ll create resistance and facebook could shut you down.  Your facebook timeline / page is for generating leads.  The ‘sell’ happens in private one on one contact on ANY social media you’re using not just facebook.  Your viewers have to be conditioned to read your page. If you sell on your page people will stop reading your page.

Talk to new people every day, share content with pull every day, and when someone responds go to your Leader right away and ask your Leader, “Ok now what do I do?!” and let your Leader do this with you!  Can you start just by doing that?  YES!!!  Easy peasy. Even if that’s all you can do right away it’s enough to get started.  This is something everyone can do to get started right away.

Personal Growth And Development.   Without it you won’t advance your perspective and people who don’t nourish their mind with good words every day tend to be less interesting than people who do nourish their mind every day.  This will ENORMOUSLY affect your ability to write with pull, talk with pull, and over all influence people. Daily Personal Growth and development is a MUST for anyone who wants to grow personally and professionally.

1. Read 10 pages a day of a good book every day.
2. Listen to good audio every day.

Do the Daily Facebook Core Activities

Check out my Video on Closing

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– Tom