How would you feel about a Self-Paced 20 Day Learning experience on how to attract people to Genuinely want to know more about what you have to offer?

What you can Expect..

  • Learn how to Attract People Who Would be Genuinely Excited to Learn what you have to offer
  • Learn how to Figure out what is working for you and SCALE UP on on that
  • Daily Self-Paced Direction, Training, & Equipping so you’ll know exactly what to do
  • Daily Assignments so you’re Creating Daily ATTRACTIVE Action
  • Learn how to ATTRACT with Zero Advertising or Marketing Costs
  • Learn how to Mobilize People so your positive Impact can grow away from and beyond you
  • Learn about LEVERAGE and how to Creatively Utilize Leverage to Free Up more of Your Time
  • Ideal for ANYONE in Health, Fitness, Wellness, Clean Eating, Holistic, for Profit or Non for Profit

Investment Amount