John is my Dad.

October 17, 2017


John is my Dad. He passed away last friday. I miss him terribly. He loved making people laugh. He was making people laugh with his jokes all the way up to his passing day. He suffered from COPD for many years and at the end relaxed into a peaceful passing. Here is a link to his memorial listing with details of his viewing and ceremony which takes place all tomorrow. He will have full military honors just as he wanted. He made an entire career out of serving his country as a Navy man and he worked hard and faithfully to give me, my mom, and my little brother a wonderful life.

– Tom Birkenmeyer

I love you Dad. I can’t stop randomly crying, yet. It just overwhelms me to think I’ll never see you again in this life. I talk to you more than god right now. I know you’re listening. I can’t wait to see you again. Wherever you are I know it’s heaven because you are there. I promise I will love life again but right now it’s so hard getting through this family event. We don’t get to choose our parents. I really lucked out with you and mom. You adopted me. My birth mom is here. You met her a few years ago when we first found her and it was such a wonderful visit!!! Dad, it was something you found in the adoption papers and the letter YOU personally wrote to the adoption agency about it that eventually lead to me finding my birth family at the encouragement of you and mom. Lou Anne is here with us from colorado. She will be with us tomorrow viewing the body you occupied for 74 years. Mom is finding so much support and comfort in having her here right now.

Jason is doing amazingly well with all this. I believe you gave him a huge boost. Jason took it ALL down at the big poker tournament just one day after your passing. He was determined to let the poker tournament continue without delay to honor you and make you proud. I believe you had something to do with the hands he was continuously dealt that lead to his big victory.

Mom is randomly crying with me. She is doing pretty good though considering she is widowed after 44 years of marriage to you, dad.

Dammit I miss you, dad.

I love you.

Lawrence John Birkenmeyer III, 74, of Kenosha, passed away peacefully, Friday, October 13, 2017 at Aurora…

Lauren Marie Moskow I am so sorry to hear this. Your dad was always so much fun. Sending lots of love ♥️



October 17 at 7:29pm


Margaret Malanik I’m so sorry Tom I hope you will soon have healing and peace as time goes on my heart goes out to you my friend my prayers are with you and your family ….much love respect and hugggggsss 💔😢


Casey Steuber Tom, I’m so sorry for your guy’s loss. Uncle John was always awesome to all of us kiddos and he will be missed I suspect by many.


Diana Bourisaw So sorry for your loss.


Marianne McGuire So sorry for your loss Tom 


Melanie Bolen You were a good man, John. I always enjoyed your company. Rest In Peace.


Kelly Ann So sorry for your loss


Melissa Birkenmeyer-Flemming Made me cry. Well said Tom. I miss him too hate that I didn’t visit more. Love you both.


John M. Strege Gone but never forgotten 😪

You have my deepest condolences


Valerie Chumbley Your Dad was the greatest! I used to play poker with him and your Mom. I always had intentions of getting up to Racine to play again no I regret not doing so. I still enjoyed being Facebook friends with your dad and we’ll miss him. A great man of character. My prayers for comfort to you and your family.


Charles Quigley I first met John in 1974 at FT School, Bldg 616, Great Lakes. Worked again with John during the teaching contact again in Bldg 616.We were friends from day 1.Great man!


Russell Smith I’m very sorry for your loss Tommy. John was a great man That I looked up too and am grateful To have him as a mentor, role model and step brother. His sense of humor and iteligence always amazed me. We are all richer for having him in our lives. Rest In Peace John


Jason Birkenmeyer Love you dad. Rip



October 22 at 11:55am



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