20 Days of Attraction ACTION - WATCH this Video FIRST

Before we start I Recommend you visit the following link and watch the "Getting Started Right" Video at the top. If you want to go the extra mile then conquer the rest of the page because the trainings for this course are going to be based off these trainings =) – http://tombirkenmeyer.com/power-half-hour-social-media-training/getting-started-right/

Getting Ready – Check in at Least once Per Day because each and every day there will be new Training and Homework for you to have FUN and RUN with =)
Day 1:
Game Plan, Coming OUT, Learn and Teach, the DEFINITIVE 29 Minute Training: https://youtu.be/b85L9F8ZCTI
Download and Complete: Checklist
Download: Coming OutFollow Up to Coming OutInvitation Examples | Fitness Invitation Process | Health & Wealth Invitation Process

Do this training No Later than Day 2: How to Find AMAZING Friends on Facebook
Day 2:
Learn and Teach, Educate, Inform, Entertain, ANYTHING but Sell: https://youtu.be/yEvt5n2AKNw
Call to Action Examples: http://tombirkenmeyer.com/teampassioninfo/profit/calltoactionexamples.rtf
Day 3:
Never Ever Run out of Ideas for New Attraction Content: https://youtu.be/3KD_4xpQyhU
Day 4:
A Complete Training from content creation to Enrolling someone!! https://youtu.be/vqsYcuF6-2s

Script guide for Talkin to the Attracted: http://teampassion.info/attractionaction/scriptguide.rtf

Day 5:
Be Vulnerable to the World: https://youtu.be/rQjje5TQaQo
Day 6:
Psychological Triggers: https://youtu.be/UbsPtfED9dY

Study page referenced in the Training and Homework video: http://www.copyblogger.com/curiosity-copywriting/
Day 7:
For Todays Training I give you Ray Higdon teaching how to Grow Your Business Without Mentioning your Product.  It's a BEAUTIFUL Training in Attraction =) http://rayhigdon.com/grow-network-marketing-business-mentioning-products/
Day 8:
Develop a LEARN and TEACH Habit: https://youtu.be/W1T45Agb3Yc
Day 9:
Day 9!  Today I want you to visit http://rayhigdon.com and http://networkmarketingpro.com and sign up for each of their Free newsletter Subscriptions with your BEST Email address that you check every day.

ABSORB their content as they come out with it.  

These two professionals LEARN and TEACH on a regular basis.  

You're forming a Habit in this course of Learning and Teaching Regularly.  

See the Connection?  =)  

In these two resources I'm connecting you to you are going to be continuing your education from two Masters in our Professions.

The NOTES YOU WILL TAKE as they send you content are un cashed paychecks that you will cash as you teach from those notes you take as it's relevant to what you're learning your audience is interested in.
While you're learning how to build your business you will also learn new content that you can turn around and "Learn and Teach" and as you enroll people you will connect them to resources that teaches them how to learn and teach so YOUR BUSINESS GROWS EXPONENTIALLY AND FAR BEYOND YOU which gives you the MOST POWERFUL LEVERAGE ON PLANET EARTH TO BECOME A FREE HUMAN BEING WITH FREEDOM OF YOUR TIME WITHOUT MONEY CONSTRAINTS.   

Learning and teaching is just the beginning because it's limited to what YOU can do.  Teaching to teach is the end all be all solution that Catapults you from the limitations of what only you can do to the UNLIMITED impact you can create IN EVERYONE TO DUPLICATE WHAT YOU DO.  This is why we have more Freedom than traditional business owners.

I will touch more on this concept before the end of this course because it's what makes our profession not just different but BETTER than all other professions by Light Years =)

Becoming better at learning and Teaching is how you take the issue off of yourself to create more impact in more peoples lives and gives you POWER to Create Profits from Spreading Health, Healing, Happiness, Wealth, Independence, and all other good things worth spreading in a world that largely profits off the sickness and poverty of people.

See you in tomorrows Lesson.  Learn and Teach something valuable to your audience before your head hits the pillow tonight =)

Day 10:
Bookmark, STUDY, and Receive New Creative Ideas for new Attractive Content of your own:
Day 11:
Pay Attention to Life and NEVER run out of ideas for new Attractive Content:
Day 12:
Learn how and when to make an Attractive Offer to your Attractive Audience:
Day 13:
How to make your videos BETTER and more FUN for you to Make:
Day 14:
2 Examples of Combining Various Attraction Elements to your Attractive Content:
Day 15:
Get out Your Notepad and something to write with!

You should be doing that anyway if you're a SERIOUS Student:

Today you are going to see me record my screen as I show you real world examples of RECYCLING AND REPURPOSING Attractive Content. 

You're also going to see many examples of varying kinds of Attraction Content that gets Engagement and Participation.

Let these examples get your own Creative Juices Flowing!!

You'll learn why this is important in leading up to you creating more TIME FREEDOM for yourself while creating Positive impact. 

I also go over a CLEAR DISCERNMENT you need to understand to be Unusually Successful.
Day 16:

Daily ATTRACTIN Action Facebook Checklist:

Your daily action guide to building your business and/or brand online using Facebook.

Consistency is KEY!

This checklist is made for the serious student who wants to build something special.

Below is My Daily Action Plan That I Implement EVERY Single Day for success......

1. Log in to your account everyday to check all new notifications.

Make sure you are responding to everyone who comments on your page, responds to your status updates, and those who are asking questions on your page.

2. Respond to all emails, private messages, and engage by asking questions about the person emailing you.

People LOVE to talk about themselves and what they do.

Engaging in conversation is your job here.

Take time to actually look at their profile and find some commonalities.

3. Post ATTRACTIVE Content on your facebook presence Daily just as you've been Learning here in this course.

Give VALUE, don't pitch!

" " " a. Post Attractive Content with pictures
" " " b. Post Attractive Conten with a VIDEO
" " " c. Post simple to answer questions, trivia, agree/disagree questions, what are your thoughts, yes/no questions, anything that will result in your fans engaging in your content

4. Pick 5-7 other Facebook Fan Pages in your niche to follow and interact on.

Look for opportunities to respond to their status updates, other fan's questions, and respond to status update threads which have several comments, shares, and likes.

Do this activity EVERYDAY.

5. Make at least 5 or more contacts every day as you learned in the beginning of this course.

6. Show up in 2-3 groups that are within your niche.

Be picky about the group you choose to join and make sure it's not just a pitch fest.

There are some great groups on Facebook that offer pure value and support to it's members.

These are the groups you want to be a part of and participate in daily. Become an authority figure in that group by reaching out and answering questions for others and by interacting daily.

7. Focus on engagement and building your list.

Remember you must be consistent each day and not miss a day.

One day missed is two steps backwards.

You are now building Residual and Passive Income so you can emerge at a point in the furture where you will have the FREEDOM to do what you want with your time and be covered financially.

Relationship building is your key to success on Facebook.

You want to always provide value and become an expert in your niche.

Be the go to person.

On days you have no time to complete the checklist do the MINIMUM checklist of numbers 1, 2, and 3.

If you have no time in your life then that is a PERFECT reason to do the Bare Minimum Daily so you can solve your Time Constraint Problem instead of "living" in a perpetual time constraint problem.
Day 17:
Download, save, and STUDY these wonderful real world examples of ATTRACTIVE Content.

Most IMPORTANTLY let these examples and lessons spark your own creativity for more new Attractive Content that YOU PERSONALLY BLESS YOUR AUDIENCE with  =)
Day 18:
What to do as you Enroll people into your Wonderful Team:
Day 19:
Create Irresistable headlines and the Attractive Content that follows:
Day 20:
Attraction ACTION Putting it ALL Together From Here:

A video message I made for you of some Tough Love if you're struggling with getting people to take you seriously enough to even look at what you have to offer:

For More Training http://teampassion.info/training

Supplemental Training Videos with LOTS of Real World Examples Broken Down to Learn from..