Power Hour Training Video by Coach Ally Bloom

If you're a New Coach Get in Touch with your Coach and Team about Getting Started Right with your new Coaching Business to give you a solid foundation to grow from. Also, while you're inviting and following up consider following the posting Schedule in our Sprint to Diamond Training here - http://teampassion.info/sprint

Invite and Follow Up Series for Email:

Cold Invite Script:


Hey! How are you?? (I saw your lovely face under one of my statuses) I really hope you don't mind me messaging you about something like this! I don't know if this would even interest you, but I am running an online fitness boot camp at the end of the month to help people really stick to their health and fitness for the year.  Self love and taking care of your wellness is so important and that will be our focus. I already have a bunch of people on board, but I want it to be a blow out!:) If I gave you details to read over would you be willing to check it out and see if it would be a good fit?


THEM: Yes I would love some details!


YOU: Great! What’s your email? I will send you all the deets!


THEM: (give their email)



21 Day Fix Email:




YOU (IN FB MESSENGER): Email sent! Are there specific fitness goals you’re trying to accomplish right now?


THEM: Answer about goals.


YOU: Great! (relate to their goals, be a human being). I got you! The email will take about 10 minutes to read through.



1st FOLLOW UP-24 hours after initial email


Hey! Does this all make sense? What questions do you have for me? :)


2nd FOLLOW UP-72 hours after initial email


Hey! Checking in. Our next challenge starts (insert date). I want to make sure we connect so I can answer any questions you have :)


3RD FOLLOW UP-4 days after initial email on FB or through email

Hey! I am sensing a bit of hesitation around the challenge group and I just want to be able to give you all the information you need to make the best decision. In my eyes, my job as a coach began once you asked for more info :) After coaching so many challengers I've learned that most people have a lot of fear and insecurity around health and fitness. I know I did! I would hate for that to stop you from at least trying this program! I would love to chat with you a bit about your goals so we can figure out if this could be a great fit (or if there are ways to modify it to fit your needs better). And if not, no pressure, that's totally fine! Is there a time when we could chat in the next few days?


Coach Mobile App Follow Up Script: Hey! When are you planning on completing your enrollment? I want to make sure I’m by my phone or computer so I can help or answer any questions you have :)


PRICE OBJECTION SCRIPTS: http://teampassion.info/powerhour/tooexpensivepriceobjection.rtf

Objection Handling and Overcoming Limiting Beliefs by Bonnie Egnle: http://teampassion.info/profit/ObjectionHandlingHelpingtoOvercomeLimitingBeliefs.rtf


Hey! I saw you didn't see that last message. I know FB messenger is not always the most reliable form of communication! Is there a better way to get in contact?  I had such great success and so much positivity come out of our last group that I'm doing a sweep and following up. I want to make sure that I get in contact so you don't miss out if you're interested!




There are two options for enrollment and the 2nd option just doesn't make a ton of sense lol. But here they are:

  1. When you sign up with a challenge pack you have the ability to sign up as a “discount coach”. To become a discount coach it is $40, but since you are purchasing a challenge pack that $40 is waived. As a discount coach you save 25% on all beachbody products ($30 on shakeology each month), and you could earn a 25% commission in case you inspire anyone along the way. This does not mean that you actually “coach” others unless you feel inspired to. Most people just use it for the discount. You can cancel all Shakeology and your coach account with a simple email.
  2. as a challenger you just pay for your challenge pack and join 1 challenge group for 30 days and you don’t get the benefit of a discount :).

So like I said, it just makes sense to sign up as a coach. And you can simply cancel both Shakeology and coaching if you just do not feel like it’s the right option for you. I know 95% of my challengers continue to use Shakeology beyond the first 30 days because they love it so much!


Let me know which you choose and I will get you started today. So excited!




Use google and Youtube as the incredible infinite Free Learning resources that they are  =)


Create Nonstop Killer Content by Chelsea Pearson:


Resource referenced by Chelsea in the video: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B2WsBKwY4afcV3EyMDRzN3d4Qjg