1.  Suspense
2.  Tangled Kiss
3.  Love Lies Bleeding
4.  Dream Gone Evil
5.  Demon Eyes
6.  Hundred Eyes
7.  Welcome the Dawn

$2.00 Complete album with cover art and CD label

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1. Be Still My Pounding Heart
2.  Lucid Dreams

3.  Wicked Lullaby
4. Titans Blood
5. Hair of Venus
6. Witch Tree
7. Flower of Immortality

$2.00 Complete album with cover art and CD label.

E-Mail me if you would like a Physical Copy sent to you via snail mail for $12.00



� Eyes of Fire 1997, 2004.  laws #1 , laws #2

$ 2.00

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These fourteen songs are nothing less than the interpretation of my mind through a form of personal expression that is my music.

Just as all of my other recordings to date, this is very "experimental" in recording technique. All of the music was recorded on a Roland Vs-880 fully automated digital recorder. I used all sorts of different pedals and effects processors to produce the sound. Because of this, each song has its own tone. Most of the songs are recorded with no compression, delays, noise gate, or reverb so what you hear is my pure guitar playing. There are some instances that I did turn on these effects if they worked for the song, just to try them out. I made no use of any of my cabinets. I plugged my guitar into an effects processor which plugged directly into my Roland Vs-880 recorder.

To date, Eyes of Fire remains a one man act. Most of my songs are written around the idea of adding vocals. Its pretty easy to tell where the verses and chorus would go in each song. With the person to person and word of mouth distribution of my CD I hope to somehow gather up men and women to complete a live Eyes of Fire Lineup. I encourage anyone who has a copy of my CD to burn it over and over again. Make as many copies as you can with the cover art and inside cover information and hand them out to musicians who may be interested or other good people who may just enjoy listening.     >^..^<     \m/\m/


May all your Musical Orgasms be multiple,

- Tom

� Eyes of Fire 2004

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