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Finger Manipulation exercises.

Practice all of these daily.  When your first starting out and trying to get the hang of it, practice as much as you can!  Example,,, watching TV. sitting around and not doing anything else with your fretting hand, driving your car, you get the idea.  Lay your palm down on the arm of your chair, top of your desk or where ever you may be at the moment.  Lift your pinky and middle fingers while planting your ring and index fingers as shown in the first photo.  Then simply switch them as shown in the second photo.   Keep switching them back and fourth, in rhythm, fluently and gracefully.  This will take time to get the hang of, but will greatly help with your lead playing.


These next set of finger manipulating exercises I only have written out the pattern to follow.  Continue each pattern ascending for all strings and up to the 12th fret, then back down descending all strings to the first fret.  there should be no rest notes, except for when you move onto the next pattern.  Start slow, with a metronome.  If you don't have a metronome, get one or these exercises are a waste of time.  If you don't have rhythm you won't sound good.  Start at about 60 or 70, maybe even 80 bpm depending on you.  Increase the bpm one or two per day, but no more than two.  Do NOT increase the bpm unless you can play these patterns evenly, fluently, and comfortably. (in your sleep without thought)  Subconsciously!!!  It's going to be a slow start to where you will be happy with your rate of progress, so if you want it bad enough, you will stick with it for as long as it takes.  If you do stick with it and master these exercises, you will be glad you did and will have already surpassed left brain capability of any top forty band/group in pop culture of today.

Play this set in four notes per beat, sixteenth notes.

1.  2.  3.

4.  5.  6.



Play this next set in three notes per beat, 8th note triplets.

8.  9.

10.  11.



More lesson's to come, master these and everything else that is left brain will come much easier.