Eyes of Fire
Link's to my friends

I'm proud to list my friend's on the internet with link's to there homepage. They are all
 great people and I wish them all the best with there online adventures.

Ylayna the mistress of the EYE OF THE FIRE


Sebastian Bach

Andy LaRocque Tribute Site

Poison Board

Guitars Rock

Baby Girls Room

Carol's Poison Page

The Metal Girl

Rin's Saturn Page

The King Diamond and Mercyful Fate Club on Yahoo

International Longhairs

The Unofficial Russian site of King Diamond and Mercyful Fate

The Greek Coven of Mercyful Fate and King Diamond (Complete with Tabbs!!!)

King Diamond and Mercyful Fate Tribute Page

Chris' Page of King Diamond

Motley Crue


Skid Row

The Unofficial David Coverdale and Whitesnake Website

Skid Row Tribute

Alansoft's Whitesnake Website

Whisper's of the Soul, My good friend Katie's other Site :o)

The Malfated

Sacred Steel

Metal Goddess

My good friend Sheila's homepage, Open up and Say Ahh!!! To the 80's

Listing of Different clothing stores

Leather Works

Brute Force Leather and Lace

Long Haired Men's Site and the Women Who Love Them

Savas' Jason Becker Page

Doro Pesch

Metal Elf's - Doro / Warlock - Pages

DoroVision, A Doro Pesch Tribute Site

Rainbows Bridge.

Heavy Metal Links

The Metal Web!

The Dee Snider and Twisted Sister Picture page

RikkisBitch's Website


Democracy for the world

Passion for Fitness

Free Links from Bravenet Free Free-For-All Links from Bravenet

Link's to the official website's of the band's that I listen to

The Official King Diamond/Mercyful Fate Worldwide Fanclub, The Coven World Wide



Hollow, By far my favorite new band, it's a must that you listen to this new Swedish Metal Band


Amulance, from Aurora IL, Believe it or not they are not from a scandinavian country and they sound great!

Poison,Rock 'N' Roll's Prozac

Sebastian Bach

Silent Lucidity, A chicago based Queensryche tribute band


Ion Vein


Demon's and Wizard's


Primal Fear

Phantom Blue

Yngwie J. Malmsteen

Yngwie J. Malmsteen Merchandise


Motley Crue, Live Entertainment or Death

Def Leppard

Jason Becker








Metal Church

Alice Cooper, Alice's Attic


The Iron Maidens (All Female Iron Maiden Tribute Band!!!)

Official Doro Pesch Fan Club

Mark Wood, Electric Violinist

The Rex Carroll Band

Doro Pesche

Liona Boyd

Dream Evil

Twisted Sister

Dee Snider


Problem Free Hosting

Record Labels

Noise Records

Limb Music

Musicians Resources

 Guitar Tab Universe

Get Played Musician Promotion

Tab Crawler

Maximum Guitar

Harmony Central

Music Yo, # 1 Music Wholesaler


Metal Radio

Click Here To Enter HardRadio


Metal Bangers Apparel

Chainmail by Leanashe

The Rowan Tree

Gypsy Moon

Metal Leather shop

Fairy Goth Mother's, making your special clothing wishes come true

A sexy womens clothing store

Listing of Different clothing stores

Leather Works

Brute Force Leather and Lace

1 Wild Wear, clothing and apparel for wild ones

Lip Service

International Male


Sword in the Stone Crafts, and clothing

Fine Dining

AllenBrothers STeak Houses



Free Links from Bravenet.com Free Links from Bravenet.com

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