My Animal's

Today is October 1st of 2003 and now that the four pets I had are gone and served a priceless purpose in
my life while growing up from the time I was five to now at age 26 I have to move on and never forget them. 
 I will always have a tribute in honor of Tigra, Snowball, Nugget and Sandy.  They will always live in my heart.
  Tigra, Snowball, Nugget and Sandy, I Love You and I will see you at the other side of the rainbow bridge.

To My Beloved Tigra, 1982? - September 25th 2000

Nugget, January 1st 1989-Summer of 1998

Sandy, September 1993 - October 1st 2003


Nugget and I

Nugget and her two pup's, O.J. and Sandy

O.J. (Bubba)


Sandy and her Brother O.J.



Tigra and I

Tigra and Snowball

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