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P90X Graduate!!! 

The FIRST 90 Days...

8/14/2007 - I just ordered the p90X program last Sunday the 12th of August which is expected to arrive within 5 - 7 business days from then.  I will post my next blog update when my p90X program arrives.

8/15/2007 - My p90X package just arrived today!  Actually I purchased the entire showcase because I am a coach.  What that means is I was able to buy it at over a fifty percent discount.  Today is my first look at the package so that I can tell others what it includes.  Its a VERY impressive package.  It even includes more than what is advertised on the million dollar body site.  In addition to the six most popular work out series you also get five work out bands, hand weights, two tape measures and each program includes instructions as well as precise nutritional information depending on what your fitness goals are so that there is no guess work.  I strongly recommend the showcase package to anyone who is a coach so you can get over fifty percent off the regular price and educate yourself for people you talk to about the products.  I strongly recommend at least one of the programs to anyone looking to loose weight and or gain muscle mass.  If you join the million dollar body club you can enjoy an additional ten percent savings on any of the products you buy.

8/16/2007 - Day one of my P90X journey is complete.  It wasn't too pretty but from the success stories I have listened to that is normal for the beginning of this particular extreme program so I am not worried.  I did every exercise to the point of failure.  My arms feel like jelly right now.  Afterwards I took a shower and washing my hair was a chore let me tell you!  My arms, chest and back are DONE.  They hurt so good and if something hurts good then there has got to be something good going on in my body! 

The p90X kit comes with a 3 phase calendar so that I can follow the program as its intended for maximum results, it comes with a fitness guide so that I know what I am doing and it comes with a nutrition plan booklet so that I know what to eat because exercise and diet go hand in hand.  I already looked through the nutrition plan booklet and there are lots of yummy foods in their so I do not have to worry about eating food I do not enjoy.  Of course some of the junk food will have to go but not all of it  ;)   Another great thing about the workout itself is that all of the exercises have alternatives which are demonstrated on the DVD in case I cannot do the more difficult version, yet.  Believe me when I say that I had to take the easier alternatives on some of them but that will change as I get stronger.  I am fully immersed now. 

Those p90X peak recovery formula drinks taste delightfully good.  my transformation story is in progress in its earliest stages.  in just a few days I already notice that my energy level has increased.  I am not as sleepy during the middle of the day any longer when I need to be awake and alert for day to day matters.  it feels good to feel good.  check back again to see how I am doing.

9/12/2007 - I just completed phase one of my p90X workout.  It was very hard and fun at the same time.  I have not missed a single day of working out I am right on schedule.  Some days I really had to push myself to make sure I got my work out in for the day.  I find that when I "bring it" and fight to give it all I have with each exercise the time goes by quicker, not to mention I'm also giving myself the full benefit of the workout that way rather than cheating myself and not getting results.  Part of me wants to quit and part of me wants to keep going.  Thankfully my dominant part is keeping me going and I attribute my resolve to keep fighting from my peers at million dollar body.  My flexibility has increased significantly I can do quite a few stretches now that I could not do at the start of the program.  My balance has also improved.   Every work out I am dripping with sweat so I can easily see how someone looking to loose weight will indeed loose weight fast on this program while toning up.   Visually I have noticed very little differences but its possible that could be hopeful thinking or possibly I have gained muscle slowly enough to not notice yet.   I should have some pictures within the next few days or so that I will put up here right next to my before photo so we can see if there are any noticeable differences. 

9/20/2007 - I have my day 30 progress pictures.  So far phase two is kicking my butt.  I continue to see improvements in my flexibility and balance coordination.  Phase two has introduced new exercises that have my muscles completely confused and working hard. 


10/10/2007 - I am feeling much stronger going into phase three than I was going into phase one or two.  My eating has been cleaned up and now going into phase three I will be focusing on consuming approximately three thousand calories per day, clean calories.  Lots of Carbohydrates and protein (meat and potatoes) along with plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Phase one brought huge visible progress.  I and every other person that saw my before and day thirty progress pictures are amazed at the rate of progress I had in a short thirty day period.  Its hard to believe I was questioning if I had any big gains before I saw my progress pictures.  This experience just goes to show how important it is that I am taking before and after pictures. Without them I could not be aware of my visible progress which provided me with huge motivation.

So far I still have not missed a single day of  working out.  I am right on track!  Phase three here I come!  I will have day sixty progress pictures posted in a couple weeks.

11/18/2007 - I am P90X's Newest Graduate as of Sunday Nov. 17th 2007! I am now in the best shape of my life. Phase three was super tough with constant muscle confusion. Every week the weightlifting routines would change instead of every three weeks as it was in the first two phases. During phase three I consumed approximately three and a half thousand mostly clean calories per day and still managed to loose six pounds. What does that tell you???

I am much more lean and mean now. My muscle definition is at its best. While a picture may show impressive results, Much of my progress is the kind of progress you cannot see in a photo. My flexibility and sense of balance have improved enormously. My cardio pulminary system feels invincible. My Resting heart rate is 48 - 50 bpm. What is yours? Average is 60 - 80, olympic cross country skiers have been rarely reported to be as low as 40 bpm. The more effecient your heart is the fewer strokes it has to make to pump blood throughout the body so generally the lower your resting heart rate is, the healthier your heart is. Unfortunately the flash bulb on the camera i was using to take progress pictures with has burned out so I did the best I could with the lighting I had to work with. It will be at least a couple weeks till I can take more pictures again with a working flash bulb.

I am truly in the best well balanced fitness of my life. I don't plan on loosing what I have gained so that I don't have to age =) I am going to do another round of P90X after I take a week or two to let my body recover so that I can start round two super strong. I will be changing the routines up a little bit so that I can focus more on gaining muscle weight without loosing what I have gained in all areas of fitness.

1/25/2008 - The first time through P90X I did the program exactly as its laid out and experienced wonderful results.  I have been doing a modified version for the past couple of months now, incorporating new things into my p90X program.  I have been doing lots of reading on nutrition and exercise physiology so that I can modify the p90X plan to me specifically, and to help others modify towards there unique individual needs as well.  The p90X plan is the best nutrition and exercise plan out there but even that can be modified per individual, as the nutrition plan says so and encourages.  Experience combined with reading is filling me with new knowledge everyday.

I recently started olympic ring training for the purpose of pushups.  Or in my case,  a couple of dumbbells suspended from a steel I beam in my basement with rope.  Im doing ten sets of ten reps each for a total of 100 pushups on the rings in a variety of ten different styles of pushups.  Without an immoveable surface like you would get from doing pushups on the ground, using the rings forces you to use virtually every muscle in your body to keep your hands from moving in all directions.  It especially puts extra emphasis on core muscles and if I were not already a p90X graduate I would not be able to do this without pulling something in my lower back.  I have only been doing this once a week to start off with, along with my regular p90X routines.   I just started to take a rest from lifting weights because I feel early symptoms of overtraining from constant muscle fatigue.  My muscles basically need a couple of weeks to rest, repair, and grow and then I will start again stronger than ever with bigger muscles than ever.