Musical Orgasms

Have you ever heard a song or maybe just an excerpt of a song that makes you tremble with excitement. So much that your adrenaline explodes while you're playing your air guitar, hanging out with friends, driving in your car or just laying back and closing your eyes to visualize in your own imagination of what the song means to you at that point in time? You know, that feeling you get when you want to crank it up loud enough to share the sensation with anyone within a 30 mile radius of you! If you have then you have had what I VERY much so like to call, a "Musical Orgasm".
Musical Orgasm's come in all different forms.
Maybe your listening to a power ballad or a sweet little classical piece by Bach (either the classical composer or the timeless rock god it doesn't matter) and you feel like you're floating on a cloud and all time has stopped except for the silent but powerful musical orgasm you are experiencing while lost in a trance to this beautiful mesmerizing sound.
Maybe you're listening to a harmonized melody that gives you goose bumps and makes your lower jaw just drop all the way down to the floor while your tapping your friend's shoulder and just pointing aimlessly into space to get your friend to pay attention to that harmony piece because it's too breathtaking to miss!!!
Maybe its a heavy rhythm guitar and drum instrumental part that makes you want to start head banging uncontrollably and flip someone the two horned hail as you squint your eyes, stick out your tongue as far as you can, show your teeth and make scary faces.
Maybe your listening to a singer with the prettiest of choral deliveries or a Classical Metal singer wail out falsetto theatrical operatic deliveries to make your eyes roll to the back of your head!!! (Ode to King Diamond)
Or my personal favorite kind of Musical Orgasm, musical "MULTIPLE" orgasm's!!! Maybe your listening to a ripping lead guitar solo that grabs you right away and then, the mood completely changes and the music takes you to a nice, soft, warm, romantic cozy place with the sweetest of all melodies and vibratos soothing the ears and the soul, making your senses hunger for more and more musical sensation! (Foreplay). But then, the music slowly progresses into a heart felt emotion building climax that just keeps climbing and climbing and climbing until it explodes into a ferocious onslaught of vicious euphoric lead attacks at just the right moment to be in time with the pulse of your heart beat (orgasm) and just when you think its finished, the melody takes you to another place at another level continuing to energize/numb your brain and your senses (multiple musical orgasms!!!) until it's ready to resolve and finds the sweetest place you could ever possibly imagine to rest on in a song, with closure. Leaving you paralyzed, numb, energized and inspired all at the same time. *sigh*
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