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Five documentary films you must see in my opinion are Food Matters, Forks Over Knives, Food Inc, “The Beautiful Truth“, and The Gerson Miracle.  The Gerson Miracle is available for FREE on the Gerson Youtube Channel.  It’s an hour and a half long and probably the most important documentary ever made.  Watch “The Gerson Miracle“. The Beautiful Truth is also available to watch on YouTube for Free! Watch, “The Beautiful Truth“.  Literally every person that I know, including myself, who have seen these films have been inspired to change the way they spend their money and what they put into their bodies.  Consequently they are living happier, healthier, more fulfilling lives.  If you are like me you will probably feel like you’ve been treated by those motivated by pure profit as nothing more than a rag doll just tossed around and respected about as much as they respect their workers and farm animals.  I do not want to make those people rich anymore at the expense of my income, health, and the planet in which I live.  We need to become aware (check your biases at the door and watch those documentaries) then pay the awareness forward so more people take personal responsibility for their health and spend their money differently.

Industry will follow the money they always have and always will.  If we want industry to change then first WE must change.

I would absolutely love to hear what you think and feel after watching the three films I recommended.  Please by all means reach out to me on my Facebook.

– Tom

Me and Desert Sage

Desert Sage

A transcribed Excerpt from “Food Matters”

I worked with a lady once who was suicidally depressed.  She lived at home with her family.  She was in her fifties.  She spent all day sitting in a corner facing the corner.  She wouldn’t talk to anyone, eat with anyone, she was totally un communicative.  She was under the care of a psychiatrist as she should be.  The psychiatrist  had her on a variety of medications which you would expect.  The family was wondering about her nutrition. I mentioned to them about Dr Hoffers work with niacin, a naturally occurring vitamin in nature, and they wondered how much she needed to take.  At 11,500 mg of niacin a day she was sitting at the table talking to them like nothing had happened.  So they went to the psychiatrist  and showed the psychiatrist  this recovered person.  The psychiatrist  said wellllll I don’t think you should take all that niacin it might be harmful.  So they stopped giving her the niacin and she was back in the corner.  There is not one death from niacin per year on average.  There have been one or two attributed to niacin over the last 15 or 20 years.  But there is not even one death per year from niacin.  How many people per year who are suicidally depressed go and end their lives? – Andrew W. Saul Ph.D.

Doctor Saul gos on to say…

Two handfuls of cashews give you the therapeutic equivalent of a prescription dose of Prozac. If you’re depressed the first thing you can do is know that its ok to be depressed. If you’re malnourished you should be depressed so don’t do that anymore. Go and eat good food.


A transcribed Excerpt from “Forks Over Knives”

Only two months into her treatment San Dera experienced dramatic affects on her type 2 diabetes and her hypertension. Since she has been on a plant based diet her blood pressure is optimal, blood sugars have been in the 80s and eventually 60s which is a huge indicator her pancreas is working and damage is reversing! Ironically San Dera works at an out patient facility for diabetics yet the treatment that was achieving success with her diabetes came from outside the established medical system.  The positive results went far beyond San Deras chronic diseases. No more sluggishness, no more fear of the disease progressing, feels like shes in control of reclaiming her own health, mental health, losing weight, EVERYTHING changes. San Deras advice for people is that we should all take some responsibility for ourselves and be less dependent on medications.  How does San Deras regular physician feel about her new life style? Her regular physician was concerned that the Dr with the natural approach who was successful in curing her was trying to take her off of her medications. San Dera is a believer there are still people we need to make believers including in the medical profession.


A transcribed excerpt from “The Gerson Miracle”

Osteoporosis is very widespread. Painful long term hunched over broken bones and disability is caused by milk drinking. Supposedly milk has calcium in it.  Not only that but its caused by meat eating. Meat in the digestive process causes acidic phosphoric acid. In the kind of acidity the body is not able to function.  The body has to maintain homeostasis.  It has to maintain a very exact level of acetylene vs acidity. But with meat eating and milk drinking the acid level gos way to high and the body has to balance it out.  What does the body use to balance it out? Calcium! Where is it going to take calcium? It is not absorbable from milk because in the milk with pasteurization the enzymes are missing and the body cant use it. So on the contrary that adds to the problem.  Instead the body needs to use the calcium and draws it from the bones. Carrot juice in combination with the green juices produces the ability of the body to restore calcium to the bones.  We relieve osteoporosis no problem.  Orthodox medicine at best stops the loss of bone they dont restore.  We restore.


A transcribed excerpt from “The Beautiful Truth”

The cancer industry is BIG business using useless treatment such as chemotherapy and radiation. It continues to persuade the public that theyre still searching for a cure. A documentary called Healing Cancer From the Inside Out by Mike Anderson put it well – The American Cancer Society was formed with the backing of John B rockefeller and it is functioned as the mouthpiece for the cancer industry, not the public, ever since. The American Cancer Society Mission Statement says They are dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health problem. The chronicle of philanthropy reports however that the ACS is more interested in accumulating wealth than in saving lives.  The ACS is in fact the wealthiest non profit in the world with net assets over 1 Billion dollars.  Not surprisingly it has been consistently given the lowest rankings in charity evaluations. Despite this wealth its aggressive fund raising campaign pleads poverty and laments the available money for cancer research.  Aside from high salaries and overhead most of what is left in the ACS budget gos into research that directly benefits the pharmaceutical and radiological companies.  What you see from studies conducted over the last fifty years is that for our major cancers the effectiveness of conventional treatments is far less than a sugar pill. – Documentary The Beautiful Truth

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