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This Blog Formula was sent to someone I know who shared it with me. The source is a social media master who gives tips to those of us at ChicagoNow, and I want to share it with you, and it should help drive traffic for you. I’m not any more clear about the source than that or I’d be more specific. Regardless of the source, I’ve gone over the following with a fine tooth comb and I LOVE it. I made my first six figures on social media for free so I feel I have a great pulse over what works and what does not work on social media.

First go through my Blogging Basics Training Video:

Second, Try this out, schedule everything, commit to sticking to that schedule, and enjoy how much more your business grows..

Blog Formula for Success:

“Speaking of Facebook, I’ve continued getting a lot of emails from people who are confused about how to manage their blog’s Facebook page. Because Facebook is the single best way to drive traffic to your site, it’s important to have a handle on how to effectively keep your posts in your followers’ timelines. However, Facebook’s formula makes it tough to master this task on your own. To this end, I’ve created a sample 7-day formula for Facebook success. All you have to do is follow the formula for a month, and watch your Facebook numbers rise.

Three caveats, though: First, you need to have your Facebook fan page widget clearly visible on the sidebar of your blog. Second, you must put a link to your Facebook page (along with a “like my Facebook page” ask) at the bottom of every blog post. Finally, you must, at least once, send out a mass “like my blog page!” ask to your Facebook friends, either by posting an ask on your Facebook personal profile, or by hitting the “invite friends” button on your Facebook page itself. Rule # 2 of Julie’s Social Media Universe is “Don’t expect to get what you don’t ask for.” Know what Rule #1 is? “Generosity is currency.”

Once you’ve done all of that, here’s the formula you follow (this formula is geared towards someone who writes roughly every other day. If you don’t write that often, you can adjust as you see fit):

~ Monday am: Post a link to your latest blog entry. Include “likes and shares are always appreciated!” in your intro.

~ Monday pm: Share a photo you’ve found that you think your followers would like. It doesn’t have to be related to what you blog about, but it’s great if it is.

~ Tuesday am: Ask your followers a question that relates to your most recent blog post in a text status. Include the link to your more recent blog post in the first comment.

~ Tuesday pm: Share a link written by someone else. Make sure you “like” their page and “tag” them in your intro to their piece.

~ Wednesday am: Share your newest blog post by placing the intro and link in the caption section of a photo that relates to your post.

~ Wednesday pm: Post a text link that tells your readers something about yourself, your life, or your blog. Try to include a question that gets your followers to comment.

~ Thursday am: Find a funny post, image or video to share with your readers. Make sure you credit the original source, if you can find out.

~ Thursday pm: Re-share your latest blog post via a text status with an “ICYMI” (in-case you missed it) intro. “ICYMI, here’s my latest blog on XYZ. Link in the first comment because I refuse to pay Facebook to promote my posts”

~ Friday am: Post something funny written by someone else. Make sure to like their page and “tag” them in the intro.

~ Friday pm: If you’ve written another blog post, make sure you share it in the caption of an image. If you haven’t, you can always just write “Happy Friday! Who has big plans for the weekend?” or something similar. Asking readers what movies they plan to see, books they want to read, or sporting events they’re looking forward are always huge hits that get a pretty big response.

~ Saturday: One post of your choosing. Let your personality show!

~ Sunday: One post of your choosing.

I actually should have said there are four caveats, the fourth being PATIENCE. Very rarely do Facebook pages blow up overnight, especially if you aren’t a parenting or sports blogger. Take your time, work the system, and keep it at. Followers will come. Of course, this sample formula is just that – a sample. Feel free to mix it up however you like. Mixing it up, after all, is the point. Facebook rewards you for mixing it up, both in term of what you post (your links, other people’s links, etc) and HOW you post (photos, text updates, videos, etc). Right now, photos and text updates are worth the most points on Edgerank, so get creative with how you share your blog posts. Above all, you get the most Facebook points for getting your followers engaged, so enticing them to like, share, and comment on whatever you post is paramount.”

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