Getting Started Right

Click ‘play’ then After Completing what I show you in the video treat the rest of this page as a DAILY SELF PACED training WITH your coach.

Come Out of the Closet on Social Media:

How to Follow Up with Your “Coming Out” Post:

Set your favorites and Notifications settings:
Get Organized:

DOWNLOAD Invitation Examples and Pick one  you VIBE WITH that you’d feel really good about sending to people one on one and get in touch with your coach or someone in your leadership team to help you respond to people who write you back.

I HIGHLY recommend getting a copy of the Darren Hardy book THE COMPOUND EFFECT, so you can read that as your personal development as you go through this training. You can find it on Amazon.

Download: Fitness Challenge Invitation | Business Invitation Sequence | Objections and Helping People Overcome Their Limiting Beliefs |

Day 1.) Invite –
After you watch the video Download these Invitation Examples:
Day 2.) Create Attractive Content – &
Day 3.) Expand Your Circle and Develop New Contacts – &
Day 4.) Personal Development –
Day 5.) Do all Four Core Activities and Repeat Every Day as your New Daily Habit. Consume Product Every Day to be Proof the Product Works. Being a product of the Product will INSPIRE others around you. You don’t know who.You just know that you WILL inspire by stepping up without waiting on anyone to be the leader of your own life.  SEARCH for other Trainings on these Core Activities on YOUTUBE by other Successful Beachbody Coaches.  Always be IN LOVE with Learning and applying what you learn.

Do each activity with a “1 at a time” focus. This is a SELF PACED design. If you’re feeling good do all of the Core Activities your first day and then daily =)

One Daily Focus to Leverage This Document To Equip You To Become PROFITABLE ASAP & Perpetuate LONG TERM GROWTH:

Getting Started right Video:

Daily Core Activities MASTERY: Continuing Education


Consider doing these courses one at a time back to back to keep you on track:

Sprint to Diamond:

Power Hour:

Attraction Action:


“Habit Is a Cable; We Weave a Thread of It Each Day, And At Last We Cannot Break It.” – Horace Mann

Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill.