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“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” — Anne Frank

When I first read that quote I actually stopped breathing for a moment.  You can change the world if you have the energy, the vitality, and the breath to do it.  When we neglect our health, mind body and spirit, we are less capable of helping to improve a world that cries for help and we simply don’t have the energy or focus to really enjoy ourselves either.

Most of us want to do something to live happier more fulfilling lives.  But we wait a single moment, then another single moment, and then another…

How wonderful it is that NOBODY need wait a single moment before starting to improve upon themselves and then the world!!  Maybe you’re ready and you just don’t know what to do??  Look at my journey if it speaks to you I Want You to Be On My Team.

I started this new journey of doing the work consistently to becoming my best self possible in august of 2007.  I promised myself and everyone depending on me that I would be consistent and take as long as it takes, even when life got tough, until I am successful.  To this day I’ve NEVER quit and I’ve Kept my Promise.

Before turning 30 in July of 2007 I had quit other things I had started and it ALWAYS took a toll on my feelings of Self Worth.  But this time around something was radically different.  My sustainability was radically different.  I’ve NEVER quit since making those radical changes thus making me a ROCK SOLID source of support for you.  I’m not going anywhere but forward with other Like Minded people who have a shared interested in Personal Growth 🙂 You can Count on me.  We can Count on Each other.

Scrawny to Brawny

You can read more about my initial 90 day transformation if you’d like to draw inspiration from:

I’m so grateful that I had enough sensitivity and foresight at the time to journal my first 90 days for future use to help inspire others to radically change their lives without waiting a single moment.  I share my fears, my insecurities, my struggles..

I want to help you.   EVERY life Matters.  You becoming your BEST Self benefits everyone around you. But you must respect your starting place, get in it, and Bloom from Where you Are.

Lindsay Matway put it beautifully in her words..

“You MUST come to terms with and create a space in your life to fail, but large enough to fail-forward, not fall complacent… Remember that even a championship thoroughbred must first be broken to arrive at its destiny. It’s in the journey to become what you think you want, that you actually become who you are destined to be!

This isn’t a website about how to get ripped in 90 days… It is a website on how to create a foundation for success in ALL aspects of your life, simply by focusing on beating your own personal best!

Start where you are… start TODAY!”

Are you Interested in Working with me to Get Healthier Physically and Financially or Just one or the other with Other Like Minded People?

Reach out to me in Facebook Private Message.

– Tom

You might also be interested in my YouTube video I put together on my Windows PC at 2 1/2 years into this my new Journey:

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