Meet Tom

Being of service to others is the only road to living in true happiness.  Instead of asking yourself, “How can I be happy” you should be asking yourself, “How can I be of service to others?” When you truly wrap your mind around this beautiful philosophy your brain will release some powerful amazing chemicals that will give you a natural drug-free high to fuel your intrinsic passion of pursuing your own happiness by being of service to others.  I feel fullest in my life when I’m spending my time in service of others.

Every day is a microcosm of a much larger masterpiece. It doesn’t bother me if you approve or disapprove of me just as long as you’re part of the solution.

I’m Building a Dream Every day!

Life is ONLY ever happening right NOW. Or do you live your life like you’re practicing for tomorrow or for “someday”? LIVE TODAY like you’re painting your own masterpiece. Too many don’t have the guts to do this but if you do the prize is worth it.

Move toward your dreams and they will move toward you. Stop and they will stop. Move away from your dreams and they will move away from you. Are you moving toward or away from your dreams?

Joy can live in a handicapped or sick body because it is a matter of the spirit. However, it can live more comfortably in a healthy body, one that is respected and kept from the abuse of excesses, including excessive adulation, pampering, or even excessive care.

– Tom

Check out the piece “Heroes in Recovery” did on my and while you’re there look around there are a lot of inspiring stories to be inspired by.

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