I help busy people make better money and live a healthy chemical free life.

Here’s a solution for you:

● Learn how to add NATURAL health and wellness to your life and make residual money;
● Get healthier, create new wealth, and share this with others;
● Learn to love learning;
● Spare time, part time, or full time experience continuous growth; and
● thanks to smart phones you can learn how to do it all from your phone anywhere you have wifi.

What is it that you want in terms of profit and fun in your ideal home based business?

Get ready to have fun and make money. It can be done with a simple service and concept <3

Here are some things people have grown tired of in Home Based Businesses:

1. Overpriced Juice and Vitamin Deals with Toxic GMO Ingredients where there is very
little retail profits;
2. Large $300-$600 monthly auto-shipments;
3. A garage or basement full of left-over product;
4. Hype from “Downline Builder Systems” that promises the moon, but underdelivers; and
5. Too much unsubstantiated hype created by fear of loss.

In my home business journey, I have had more FUN and Success. People can earn money at the very beginning by taking action.

Here are some easy steps to get started:

1. People are making money by sharing natural health AND having fun;
2. Monthly membership fee of $15.95 that won’t break the family budget;
3. Business model already in place to create success with an immediate new coach training that works for your individual learning style; and
4. Great Natural GMO FREE Product and service that consumers want and need.

It’s not a “wholesale buying club” where the only people buying and using the service are company reps who must do so to earn a paycheck.  How about starting a business right from your home or phone using the Internet?

Here are some advantages to using this system:

● There are no home parties;
● No products to purchase and resell; and
● Spare time, part time, or full time.

I got involved with this company because of the great residual income potential that is offered and the incredible service that people really need and want.

My journey as an Independent Team Beachbody Coaching opportunity began in August, 2007.  My health changed within the first 90 days! I chose the program that was right for me. With my assistance, you can choose a program that is right for you too! Even if you cannot exercise, I can help you choose a nutritional plan that is perfect for you.

Because I’ve been here for so many years I’ve had people enroll with me, or with one of my teammates, solely on the basis of having rock-solid support that won’t to disappear! When you give us time, energy and your credit or debit card, your journey has just begun! You will become part of a circle of motivated entrepreneurs who welcome you to connect with them! It’s a great motivator to have community. You will never be alone in this business. Someone has done it before you and can offer a helping hand when needed. We offer our TEAM for support.

My wealth changed in 2 1/2 years working in my spare time of only about 20 minutes per day.  That’s important for you to know because most of us do not have time for anything else. An essential element of this business is to build it during our spare time. It will not interfere with your job or family responsibilities.

Some people get results more quickly, while others get results slowly. I wanted to share my timing so you have a middle of the road idea of what’s possible. It is a system that moves within your own pace.

You can do this as a hobby, or just for the discounts on product even if you have no desire to make money. If you’re like me and want to go all in, you can transition to make this a career!  You will get the support with however you see this fitting into your life. When I started I knew right away I wanted to make this a career. I only had 20 minutes a day for the first couple of years. As I began to make enough money to replace what I would have been making at a job, I decided to go full time. It’s a beautiful transition and if that is your goal, then it is possible for you, too. The training is already in place. You decide on your goals! You choose your availability! Even if it is 20 minutes a day, like me, you can make this work!

Since I started in 2007, I’m still using the same products today. These products have worked enormously well for me:

Natural Health & Wellness supported by a line of natural nutritional supplements and home fitness programs for every level, every goal, and every starting point with modifications for everyone automatically built in.

These natural supplements and simple eating plans are designed to fit your life. If you add exercise and fitness, you’ll learn how to give your body the nourishment it needs to support your workouts. You WILL get the results you want. Fueling your body with the energy it needs is also going to help you feel better in day to day living.

By far and away this is my favorite product in the entire catalogue! You can use this product
daily for the following reasons:

● Gives Natural Energy (no caffeine) for Workouts:
● Provides Natural Energy for the Day;
● Helps Promote Restful Sleep;
● Aids in Digestion & Regularity; and
● Assist in Recovery from Workouts.

It’s super fast and simple to prepare and tastes delicious! It’s something You can look forward to enjoying each and every day. You can take it with you on the go when you don’t have time to cook or do dishes. It saves a HUGE chunk of your monthly grocery expense (about $180 in grocery savings for me personally each month).

Here is more about shakeology:

While you are looking at shakeology, here is a video playlist of some of my FAVORITE recipes:

Powerful, proven fitness programs that you can do right at home.

Beachbody has the experts at creating health and fitness programs that adapt to YOUR life … and your schedule. They put the world’s most effective fitness solutions at your fingertips—on DVD—or streamed into your home on Beachbody On Demand. Whatever your goals, you’ll find a program right for you. I can help you find the right program.

The entire product catalogue including ON DEMAND and all of the home fitness programs:

Support and Community:
Reciprocating support is offered at every level. It’s a community of people helping people who are in it together. You are part of a health and fitness community that supports you every step of the way or as you need it.

The Investment:
The only mandatory fee is a monthly business service fee of $15.95. This pays for your coach online office area where you can track and monitor your business, receive unlimited training & support, and have access to a vast amount of tools and resources that are constantly being updated to help you achieve your goals.

People typically enroll with what they call a “challenge pack.” I call this a “sales bundle.” It’s a turn-key style “all in one” solution. The idea behind a challenge pack is that there are no silver bullets to getting healthy. It’s not just nutrition, it’s not just fitness, it’s not just support. It Combines Them All! When you combine fitness, nutrition, and support you dramatically improve your odds of success.

That’s why Beachbody created a Challenge Pack bundle custom-designed to support your health and fitness journey.

It include the following products:

● Shakeology;
● A home fitness program;
● On Demand Streaming to your WiFi Device;
● Simple eating plan; and
● Support.

These range anywhere from $140 to a couple hundred dollars. Your earnings potential is the same regardless of your investment. Many other opportunities require you to buy the most expensive thing they sell to reap the highest rewards.

Not here!

The challenge pack is customized to fit your life. Another nice thing about challenge packs is that beachbody will waive your initial $39.95 fee when you buy one!

If you continue to use Shakeology, it’s only about $98 per month. You can use it as a meal replacement. You may want to replace breakfast, lunch, or dinner with it. It can save You about $180 in groceries by replacing just one meal per day with Shakeology. This way it pays for itself with an extra $82 left over, and you can use this for extra spending money or savings toward Your next vacation. I like knowing that I’m nourishing my body with something that my body wants and needs to be healthy on a daily basis all while saving me some extra money, money that might have otherwise gone toward calories that aren’t so healthy. You Can do This Too!

The next step…
Get in touch with me! Let me know what your intentions are. If you’re ready I will give you my special enrollment link to get you registered and product ordered. If you have questions or just need more information, please let me know. If it’s not the right time for you, no worries! Just let me know. My journey began in 2007, so whenever you’re ready on your own time table, I’ll be ready for you!

Reach me on Facebook Private Messager, I check my messages daily:

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This opportunity is simple, fresh, and exciting! You are going to like what you see.

This isn’t a website about how to get ripped in 90 days. It is a website on how to create a foundation for success in ALL aspects of your life, simply by focusing on beating your own personal best!

Start where you are… start TODAY!”

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Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill.