Musical Orgasms Album

1. Bliss
2. Stimulation
3. Castrato
4. Lullaby Nightmare
5. Hyper Tension
6. Culmination
7. Afterglow
8. Bonus Track – Nightmare on Elm St. Music (Tribute)
9. Bonus Track – Entry of the Gladiators (Circus Theme)
10. Bonus Track – Oh Come All Ye Faithful

© Musical Orgasms Publishing (ASCAP) 2006, Cover Art 2007. laws #1 , laws #2

My Gift of Musical Orgasms for everyone

The only thing more fun than composing new music is sharing it with others. I have decided to just give this one away for free for whoever wants it. Download it, share it with your friends and post it all over the internet with a link back to of course. Just about the only thing you cannot do with it is sell it for money for yourself. Though it is free, it is still under copyright protection to prevent others from selling my music and or crediting themselves for it.

Musical Orgasms Art Work Re Released – 2007

I have a good friend who is a beautiful aspiring young model. Her name is Samantha Smead and when I went to her with my idea for a new Musical Orgasms Cover she said yes! I needed a model for this project who could convey a real full body orgasm expression. Everything she is doing in her pose says she is having an orgasm. Samantha did brilliant work and she is going to be a big star someday in the modeling industry. The arch in her back, the slight parting of her lips, hair tossed back, one leg in the air… I would not doubt for a second that she really had one as the camera was shooting her laying on that piano top while being serenaded. Could the camera have captured a real life full body orgasm rather than just a genius expressive pose??? To see more of Samantha Smeads work visit her myspace page at

Musical Orgasms…. Oh yes!  More like….Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yes!  If music is a big enough part of your life I am sure you can relate to a Musical Orgasm no matter what kind(s) of music you listen to.  When I am composing new music my focus is on how the music makes me feel  and is it intense enough?  I’m constantly challenging myself this way because it will NEVER be intense enough I can always go for the harder Musical Orgasm experience every time.  Now all I need is a singer!

I am completely happy with my new creations.  I wrote a whirlwind, a roller coaster ride of intensity levels of music to stimulate my brain and hopefully yours to into a psychological and physical stimulation/sensation.  After you listen to all of my music I truly hope it was as good for you as it was for me.

I wish you all the best mind numbing roll your eyes to the back of your head Multiple Musical Orgasms ever,


Tom  >^..^<

P.S.  Musical Orgasms I decided to give away for free for who ever wants it.  This freebie includes all music and cover art work.  Refer all your friends to this page.  Use my Musical Orgasms Banner, from down below, on your own site to link back to mine.  I hope it gets downloaded a hundred million times.