6 Ways to Build a Business on Social Media

6 examples of building a business online from anywhere you have internet in a couple minutes at a time so it can fit around the busiest of all busy people on planet earth.

You may or may not make the connection between these examples and building something you own that sets you free but I will explain the connection at the end.

I’m going to show you that you can be yourself and become free financially as a direct result of putting good things out there for people to feel good with =)

Example #1 – life style: I took a beautiful picture of a beautiful sunrise I saw this morning and captioned it with, “I love watching the sunrise. It warms me! Share a picture of your surroundings in reply? Let’s see the beauty that is in your world.. ”

Example #2. – Real Life Vulnerability keeping it 100% real: “I messed up last night! No worries today is a new! I learned a valuable lesson I’m taking with me and AM stronger and better for it. What’s your biggest struggle right now and what’s your BEST way to overcome?”

Example $ 3 – humor and relatable ( I saw this from someone else): “Woke up…ate leftover garlic cheesebread…didn’t brush my hair.. or my teeth…pretty sure I stink..no makeup and yoga pants……but trying to blend in at Wal-Mart….LoL!!!!! how am I doin? LoL”

Example # 4 – Ask a question or Fill in the blank: “Which is worse, failing or never trying?” “I am at my BEST when I _______.”

Example # 5 – Learn and Teach: “Ya know that PLU number on the produce items at the grocery store? If it starts with 9 it’s organic! An easy way to remember this is 9 is FINE! Next time you’re picking up some fresh produce just remember to look at the PLU number and remember 9 is fine! When was the last time you learned something as cool as this?”

Example # 6 – Share your journey and invite others to come with you for their own goals (DONT SELL) (I swiped this from someone else): “Mid day energy crashes PLAGUED ME for YEARS until recently. A friend asked me to try this super foods shake they sell for lunch instead of what I use to eat for lunch. I don’t do shakes but I was open because I was sick of the mid day crashes. Problem solved. I do a super foods shake for lunch now..LoL Oh yeah.. I dropped a few pounds too =) What do YOU do to keep from the dreaded mid noon energy crash? Happy to show you my new lunch if you’d like.”

Example fitness related ( I saw this one somewhere online): “I’m pretty happy =) This may be small but it’s a BIG deal to me… I’m down 7 lbs! Considering I’ve not lost anything in MONTHS this is a BIG deal. This new program I’m doing has broken the curse of the dreaded weight loss plateau. If you’ve got some goals I’m happy to talk!”

Example of a financial success (Saw this on facebook): “I just filled up a tank of gas for my car. Normally this is no big deal but this time it IS a big deal because it’s paid for with my new home business money I’ve been making. I was able to do this around my 3 jobs and family. By this time next year I plan on having this pay for my Rent AND gas for my car. 2 years from now I plan on being able to retire my spouse and myself from our jobs and spend more time doing family things. Filling up a tank of gas is just the beginning! I’m happy to show you what I’m doing if you’re interested in learning something new. I’m still learning this myself and I make LOTS of mistakes but I’m already starting to get paid from it. Interested in doing this together? Happy to show you. Let’s do this together.”


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