Another Shining Example of WHY I Consistently Invite People Into Natural Health and Residual Money

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follow your heart

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I share Natural Health and Residual Money

Why do I share Natural Health and residual money? Because people like my friend Kelly Driscoll who say “yes” when I invite them and then follow through!

Honestly the first time I brought it up with Kelly she did not join. She just wasn’t ready. Eventually her timing was right and she signed up with me. She’s impacted obviously her life enormously but she’s also impacted other lives around her so it goes Way Beyond just me or her.

Just look at her and read what she wrote! She isn’t just kind of doing this and she didn’t just kind of evolve her life.  She totally immersed herself in her own life and overall getting better and impacting others around her positively.

If you contact her I bet she would be willing to help you also.


Here is something Kelly Wrote in her own words:

“Imagine if practically everything you had ever learned about taking care of your health for the long term was wrong.

Imagine if virtually everything you had ever learned about how to lose weight was basically a lie.

Now imagine finally discovering that living a happier, healthier, more productive life is easier than you ever thought possible and within your grasp. Something that YOU can decide to have control over each and every day by saying one massive YES and deciding to invest in you!

Does that knowledge move you to action? If you’re like most people, the sad truth is, probably not.

But we’re betting that you’re NOT like most people!

So, it’s time to get some skin in the game y’all!!!!

And in that spirit WE DARE YOU to invest in yourself for 30 Days risk free, and to experience the beginning of your personal renaissance in a private setting with daily encouragement, support and motivation from a group of coaches who are on a mission to transform the health of the world ONE person at a time.

Where are my faith leapers, my risk takers, those of you who KNOW you need to be loving on yourself a whole lot better?

Private message me now to get started. You have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain! God Bless!” – Kelly Driscoll



P.s. If you’d like to work with me I don’t charge any fees I’m not going to sell you something you don’t want or need:

follow your heart

Have you enjoyed this? Was it helpful in breaking some circular thought patterns you might have been stuck in? Do you know anyone who could benefit from this? Sharing is caring. Share with friends and family.

Was this helpful? If so, I would greatly appreciate it if you commented and shared on Facebook and other Social Media, too. You might also enjoy Fire Your Boss & 31 Ways to Raise Money Now.

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Off ALL Blood Pressure Meds… healing herself with Nature?

“Aging is for People Who Don’t Know Better” – Tony Horton

It’s Not Normal to give up our Health and Money to hospitals and drug companies no matter how sadly COMMON it is.

This is my friend Denise pictured here with me. She will go on to save lots of Money as she reclaims even more health and how she FEELS to enjoy her beautiful life…

Here is how I do it (I’m sharing this with you so you can do it too)…

You see my friends and I engaged in our own journeys that is specific to us with help from the beachbody catalog of home fitness and nutritionals sharing our journey openly and honestly with the mistakes, the challenges, and the little victories we score out of the ashes of big setbacks…

If you love health and fitness like I do, and you’re interested in making some money in health and fitness like I am, or if you just want to get healthy without making some extra money, Private Message me.

Not just for yourself, but others around you who needlessly associate health problems with “Normal” aging.

I’m making this post in honor and memory of my Dad who LOVED drinking these chocolate super food shakes which supported his immune system and gave us at least another 9 years with him before passing away.

My dad was proud of me for how I behave as someone who uses and sells these programs.

He hates the typical behavior of telemarketers and other home business owners.

He loved the way I do it.

He loved how I’m the same person doing this. I didn’t become someone I’m not to do this and I have to believe that’s why I’ve been able to create success where others fail.

Others become someone they are not and tick off their friends and family.

I remained true to who I am so I was able to fire my boss, buy my house in cash, be there for my family and my dad during those most precious moments without having to check in with a gatekeeper or worry about being covered financially.

There are a lot of people oppressed and depressed underneath the thumb of a gatekeeper and others who can tell them what to do with their time.

I love you dad I’m gonna keep making you proud of me working with the willing who wanna get healthy physically and financially.


P.s. If you’d like to work with me I don’t charge any fees I’m not going to sell you something you don’t want or need:

follow your heart

Have you enjoyed this? Was it helpful in breaking some circular thought patterns you might have been stuck in? Do you know anyone who could benefit from this? Sharing is caring. Share with friends and family.

Was this helpful? If so, I would greatly appreciate it if you commented and shared on Facebook and other Social Media, too. You might also enjoy Fire Your Boss & 31 Ways to Raise Money Now.

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Skin that Glows and is Youthful

I have Spectacular skin.

I did not use a picture filter to bring out colors and skin tones that are not there it’s just natural sun light and what I feed myself.

I don’t use any lotions, oils, anti aging serums, no topical treatments of any kind. My skin is not dry or too moist. It’s perfect.

I know I just shared this picture recently but it just occurred to me I really should put the spotlight on the fact that my skin is this perfect by what I feed my brain and my mouth.

The superfoods shake I’m holding up is a meal shake I’ve been drinking daily for many years. I sell what I drink.

Over the past DECADE I’ve gotten lots of feedback from my female friends who wear less make up (aka less cover up) because their hair, SKIN, and nails are healthier.

Oh by the way their BLOOD and internal organs are healthier, too.

Energy is calm, clear, focused, productive.

I like the company who makes this super foods shake because they are not arrogant enough to start genetically modifying nature.

They have the humility to leave the ingredients genetically as they are because nature knows the complexities of how our bodies operate and humans do not.


P.s. If you’d like to work with me I don’t charge any fees I’m not going to sell you something you don’t want or need:

follow your heart

Have you enjoyed this? Was it helpful in breaking some circular thought patterns you might have been stuck in? Do you know anyone who could benefit from this? Sharing is caring. Share with friends and family.

Was this helpful? If so, I would greatly appreciate it if you commented and shared on Facebook and other Social Media, too. You might also enjoy Fire Your Boss & 31 Ways to Raise Money Now.

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What a Difference a Year Makes

Cool things that have happened over the last 12 months from just a “few” of my friends.;

*Lost 50# (and kept it off)
*Grabbed control of my depression and it’s gone
* Off ALL Medications, including High Blood Pressure meds
*I regained full range of motion in my right shoulder
*I can see my shoes again!
*I can tie my own shoes again and no longer need to wear slip ons
*I sleep so much better
*I have better concentration
*Much more flexible
*I went from a tight 22W pants to a 12/14 pants (size depends on brand)
*I went from a XXXL Shirt to a L-XL shirt depending on brand
*I have a neck again!
*I lost 14 inches off my waist
*I am comfortable wearing shorts and tank tops again
*I donated 7 very large trash bags stuff full of clothes that are now to big on me to St. Vincent D’Pauls
*I learned that working out for 10 minutes a day DOES make a difference
*I learned that by repeating my actions daily I was able to create a habit
*I learned that working out is not as bad as it sounds and is quite fun
*I learned that I was using food as a comfort, stress reliever, buddy, boredom
*I was an emotional snacker
*I no longer get cravings for McDonalds, Taco Bell, Jimmy Johns, Culvers, etc
*I learned Shakeology is real yummy and is a great start to my day
*I learned that Kale Chips and Quinoa are real good!
*I learned how to pronounce Quinoa
*I’ve switched over to Himalayan Salt
*I have learned how to cook many new foods I never thought I’d eat
*The constant headaches are gone
*I leave the house more often now
*Gaining confidence daily
*I have more energy
*I no longer feel it important to please my “foodie friends”
*I learned I am important
*I learned I can do anything I set my mind too


P.s. If you’d like to work with me I don’t charge any fees I’m not going to sell you something you don’t want or need:

follow your heart

Have you enjoyed this? Was it helpful in breaking some circular thought patterns you might have been stuck in? Do you know anyone who could benefit from this? Sharing is caring. Share with friends and family.

Was this helpful? If so, I would greatly appreciate it if you commented and shared on Facebook and other Social Media, too. You might also enjoy Fire Your Boss & 31 Ways to Raise Money Now.

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“Congratulations you just saved someones Life!!!!”

divorced2 I got to say this to one of my friends who helped someone reduce their extreme blood sugar levels by 80 something points in a few days and now he can be more physically active without being in Pain.

I totally hear you when you say All the Income I’ve created is from my personal involvement and that’s why I can be so Free…

It’s just not true…

Maybe 5%, if that, of my income is coming from my personal involvement…

The rest comes from others I’ve equipped to create their own incomes that EVERY dollar is linked to the health, the healing, and the Freedom of other people.

What a concept hey?

I wish PhRMA and others would get the memo that they don’t need to Profit from Managing sickness and Healing Nothing.

Even more so…

My AIM is to inspire more GOOD people with Messages of Healing to Get over their negative energy toward creating PILES and PILES of money..

Now we can collectively Take More of the Money Supply Away From the Criminals of the world who are using money to pollute the world…

WE will use money as a resource to HEAL the world.

Doesn’t that sound like fun??

See if you see an opportunity for yourself to achieve your goals on our Team. To Learn more enter in your info below to access my very 1st online Presentation about it all.

– Tom

Have you enjoyed this? Was it helpful in breaking some circular thought patterns you might have been stuck in? Do you know anyone who could benefit from this? Sharing is caring. Share with friends and family.

Was this helpful? If so, I would greatly appreciate it if you commented and shared on Facebook and other Social Media, too. You might also enjoy Fire Your Boss & 31 Ways to Raise Money Now.

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Honoring People As Free Thinking Human Beings

Meet my Friend Catherine Russo..

catherine russo see through power

I Invited her once upon a time..

I had no idea if she’d want to do this or not but I HONORED her as a free thinking person and Invited her so she could decide for herself…

Look BEYOND her impressive physical change..

Do you see An Emotional change?

A confidence change?

Do you realize her entire LIFE has been revolutionized on every level possible?

Do realize she can be there more for her family?

Do you know she has a stronger immune system and less prone to getting sick now?

I want you to realize if you are a home business owner with a product that helps people improve their lives that YOU can connect anyone who wishes to that product to change their life…

INVITE everyone..

Never think for anyone..

Never let your personal opinion of price, effort, or time commitment get in the way of someone elses success.

Keep those opinions to yourself and HONOR EVERYONE as Free Thinking people who can decide if your deal is a fit for them.

And as an income opportunity I want you to know that every dollar you generate is a result of positive impact you’ve had on other people.

This isn’t a Job or other type of Pyramid scheme that entitles you to an income just because you sold your time for it. You have to add value to peoples lives.

IF you want to be a MILLIONAIRE just help enough people that can help enough people that can help enough people.

Its a win-win for everyone on a very high level.

Check this out… and read it twice.. say it out loud.. RESONATE with this message….

When WE create enough MILLIONAIRES with a product like we have we will END ALL trends of obesity, Chronic Disease, and Chronic Debt.


This is no hobby it’s a LIFE Change…

Whose in?..

I think if someone doesn’t truly love themselves, no matter what their body looks like, they will always compare themselves to someone else and never be happyCatherine Russo

– Tom

Have you enjoyed this? Was it helpful in breaking some circular thought patterns you might have been stuck in? Do you know anyone who could benefit from this? Sharing is caring. Share with friends and family.

Was this helpful? If so, I would greatly appreciate it if you commented and shared on Facebook and other Social Media, too. You might also enjoy Fire Your Boss & 31 Ways to Raise Money Now.

If you enjoyed my blog you might LOVE my YouTube video about changing one thing, the direction of your cash-flow, to change Everything:

Before you resign to Medications the rest of your life please read. Big PhrMA Hates this..

My buddy Blake was told he’d have to start taking medications for his health issues. Blake made some changes and with his DRs approval he never has to take any medications now. Cool hey? I’m just going to copy and paste Blakes own words. If you or someone you know wants a fair shot at being medication free with Dr approval MESSAGE ME. In Blakes words:

“I’ve never really had a weight problem; instead, due to poor genes, and poor choices, I had a “blood” problem. Even though I’ve always eaten pretty well and worked out regularly, at a Dr.’s visit back in March 2012, I got the grand ol’ news that my triglycerides were almost double what they should be, and my cholesterol numbers were bad in three categories. Naturally, my doctor insisted putting me on medication. But I begged her to give me six months to change things.

So I ate a little better, worked out a little more, and got retested. My results improved, but weren’t good enough. In my last ditch effort to stay off meds, I told my doctor about Beachbody’s Ultimate Reset program and made her a deal: “Give me 21 days on Ultimate Reset, and if the lab tests aren’t exactly where you want them to be, I’ll start popping pills. No questions asked.” Reluctantly, she agreed.

About a month later, my doctor called with my post Ultimate Reset blood work results and was blown away. And I have to say, so was I. My cholesterol dropped 37 points, triglycerides dropped 187 points (which is HUGE!), and I lost almost 11 pounds. All in just 21 days.

I’m so incredibly thankful for the Ultimate Reset. It literally saved me from having to take drugs—something I never, ever, ever want to have to take.”

Click the image below to try the Ultimate Reset. It’s only a 21 day program for the rest of your life.  The 100% money back guarantee expires 9 days AFTER the duration of the program.  If it doesn’t work for you get all of your money back you have plenty of time to make this a no risk experience to get truly healthy from the inside out.

– Tom

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Severe COPD and Sleep Apnea Relieved

My dad had SEVERE COPD and sleep apnea and almost died from it. My dad went in for a sleep study before I got him on this Health shake and before getting fixed with an appropriate cpap machine. They found he woke from sleep an average of once every 50 seconds. He virtually never got any meaningful sleep.

The COPD nearly killed him because it would inflame in his lungs with bronchitis with only had one third of his lungs left. We literally almost lost him in the Emergency Room from his very last bronchitis episode.

Immediately after that I got my dad on this Health Shake and ever since then he has not experienced one single bout of pneumonia or bronchitis.

The oxygen is also back in his blood and great lively color back to his face instead of pale from bad blood. His doctor tells us he has no right to expect to be alive today or to be doing as well as he is doing. That was a couple years ago now. And most recently my dad had me take down the Ramps to the house because he no longer needs his scooter! BAM!!!!!!!!!

Thank you Healthy Shake and Life style change.

No Matter how DARK it may get for you, if you or someone you LOVE is still alive, it’s NOT too late no matter what anyone tries to sell you on. Skip them. Get sold on getting out of the darkness friend!

Get This Healthy Shake called Shakeology and reach out to me so I may help.

– Tom

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A Different Kind of Before and After Picture

My dad wrote me a Poem on my 34th Birthday, “Shakeology is in my Glass and I will drink it all. You got me on this regimen – that was a super call.

It doesn’t cost a lot to buy, so I can keep my wealth. It wouldn’t matter if it did – I’d rather have my health.


I published my dads poem to my Nerve Center check it out:

– Tom


If a 13 Year Old Can Do It, What’s Your Excuse?

Me and Desert Sage

Desert Sage

Alyssa Russells family went from broke to a 6-figure income and impacted her life. Too often parents tell their children to sit down and be quiet. Not so for the Russells! the Russells were broke in every way possible – relationships, physically and financially. They were on the verge of divorce because of constantly fighting over finances. Mom was stressed out working from home, dad was gone all the time at work and Alyssa cried at night to be successful to be able to take care of her parents. Since plugging in the whole family has repaired relationships. Alyssa started 2 businesses that have made thousands of dollars and flew herself all over the country to get to First Steps to Success. Her parents have paid off over $34,000 in debt, now make over 6-figures and are successful in EVERY area of their life.

Alyssa did not wait for a hand out, but made things happen (including making more money than some adults)! She is one of a growing group of young teens and youths who have become prime examples of fruit of this proven training.

If these kids are grabbing this training and making money, there is no excuse for you. GROW from where you’ve been planted where ever that happens to be

Learn to GROW from where ever it is that you’ve been planted:

Jane Doe

Dear Tom,

How are you doing? As always, I thought I would share what week 2 on Shakeology was like. Week two is during PMS week. PMS has been a LOT easier this week.

Normally, I would have reeeely bad body swelling, cramps, explosive pain in the ovarian cysts, irritability, depression and joint/back pain. Oh, and bad migraines.

So far, all I have experienced during PMS week was a little bit of anxiety.

I have been able to think very clearly. Ok, except for the morning after that night that hubby kept me up talking drunk in his sleep. My back is usually fine with Shakeology, but again, I have so much energy that I forget I’m not superwoman yet and last weekend I strained my joints digging that garden bed. I can’t help but think if it were not for Shakeology that I would have been so sore that I could not have made it to work Monday.

I have had no major arguments with the spouse this PMS week. Since I can think clearly, it is much easier to communicate without freaking out or going off. Also, it is easier to shrug it off when he does dumbass things. haha.

No small towns have burned this week (lol).

Although, I am waiting for the red deluge to hit me, I am not having any heart palpitations nor major mental delusions of any kind.

Oh and the biggest thing? I have absolutely no desire to drink alcohol. I tried a beer on Sunday. There was no euphoric high as usual and it just kind of tasted boring. It made me tired. Most weeks, I have about 14 beers in a week. In the past week I had TWO and they were blah. My new “addiction” for whatever reason is carbonated water. It tastes soooo good. I have been drinking so much water that the water weight is shrinking. My joints are getting better and my back is easier to “pop” back into alignment on my own.

Tomorrow I am taking off work so I can see my ex-bro-in law play guitar tonight with this fun, weirdo band. Maybe I will dance because drinking isn’t really that fun anymore 🙂 Then I can sleep late and garden during the day. Wish me luck that I remember to take it in stride so I can get my onion bed and tomato bed planted before my seedlings kick it. haha.

Thanks again and Have a Great Weekend!
Jane Doe

21 Day Beachbody Ultimate Reset

Arnauld’s  Akaha did the  21 Day Beachbody Ultimate Reset result and got some impressive results.

In Arnaulds own words..

“(I’m getting bloodwork done tomorrow and again afterwards… so excited to see what results I get):

“I feel absolutely incredible and so grateful for what it’s done for me. I’d be happy to help in any way I can. Documentation beats conversation with these results…

-Total cholesterol went down 191 (borderline) to 137: 54 point drop!
-Bad cholesterol went down 93 to 51: 42 point drop!
-Triglycerides went down from 160 (this is HIGH) to 86: a 74 point drop!
-Total weight lost: 13 pounds. Yeah, the Reset WORKS!!!

To quote the doctor: “No cholesterol medication could ever do that in 3 weeks”.

To quote my PharmD friend (who coincidentally works for a major pharmacy chain, lol) regarding pharmaceutical companies : “(insert any major pharmaceutical company’s name) doesn’t want this kind of data out or they will be out of business. Very impressive…our best drugs can’t even get close to that.”

If you feel the 21 Day Beachbody Ultimate Reset is something you’d like to try please let me know.  It’s only a 21 day program but you get a full 30 days to get a full 100% refund if you’re not totally happy with your 21 day results.  We are proud to fully 100% back this program with a surplus of 9 days so you don’t have to risk any money if it doesnt work for you.  Research and order here:  you will also find my contact information there.   If you’d like to connect with me on facebook please do:

Reduce Cellulite?!?!
– Tom

At First it was Just For Personal Weight Loss..

I am so flippin’ excited, I have to share. When I started on this Beachbody journey, it was for personal weight loss. Tom Birkenmeyer, do you remember me calling you from a store parking lot IN TEARS, because I had to lose weight NOW!!!??? I saw an outfit that was clearanced from $250.00 down to $32.00 and I couldn’t fit into it. I was devastated! Fast forward to this morning (11 months into my journey)….I just picked up 2 brand new pairs of jeans and a skirt (all on clearance 🙂 ) in a size that I haven’t worn since 1982!!!!!! That business suit that I wanted that day….WOULD BE TOO FLIPPIN’ BIG ON ME NOW!!!! I am beyond STOKED right now and practically in tears as I type this. Tom, thank you so much for sticking with me. I am so thankful for you and Beachbody!

I was in a size 18 when I started this. I just got my rear end into size 10 pants. I literally haven’t worn a size 10 since before my daughter was born. She was born in July of 1983. Crazy motivated right now!!!!!

Belinda Nadeau

Visit Belinda on her facebook and Congratulate her!!

Belindas Team Beachbody Community profile page:

Chris Daughtry No Surprise

Shakeologys Impact On Menopause and Womens Cycles

“Tom, a good report this month I had gotten my period and no bloating or pain. I have suffered with so much pain and I wished someone would shoot me and get my suffering over with. I feel fine I can’t believe it……Thanks to you and shakeology yay!! I feel brighter and emotionally stronger…this shakeology is really lifting my depression or helping me rise above the storm in my life” – Teri

“I sleep like I am dead! I used to wake up about every 2-3 hours every single night but not now ever. It (Shakeology) has also completely eliminated all estrogen replacements meds for me! HaPpY DaNcE!!!” -By the way – this happy person is drinking Shakeology and working out most days of the week with Slim in 6.

“I just had to share this… my mom has been drinking Shakeology for two weeks… She is also going through early menopause… Since she started drinking it she has had no night sweats, is able to sleep through the night (which she hasn’t done in years without sleeping medication), and her personal trainer, who she has had for months, keeps asking her what she’s doing to lose weight!! I’m so happy for her!!” -Jennifer M

After a few weeks of drinking Shakeology, I noticed that all of my menopause symptoms went away….no hot flashes, no major mood swings — nothing!! That, ALONE, was good enough reason to continue drinking Shakeology!!! (yikes!) …what also made me continue was the increase in energy, weight loss, reduced cravings & poor blood test results move into normal ranges in just 2 months!! Shakeology just really helps to heal the body!!” -Joyce Wingate Boyden

People have asked just WHY I drink Shakeology? Well, some of the main things I noticed was that my hot flashes are GONE! So are the mood swings that used to come with my cycle. Having those symptoms GONE is more than worth the price!! But it also gives me the steady energy I love every day- without peaks/crashes. I feel better, stronger, healthier. You really can’t BUY that- but you CAN buy Shakeology! –Angela Gee Bray

“I think Shakeology does greatly reduce menopausal symptoms.” –Lora C.

“It’s only been a month but I hardly cramped this month!” – Denise F.

– Tom

Try Shakeology.  If you don’t feel significantly better in 30 days I want you to get all of your money back including free shipping so you have no risk if it doesn’t work out for you.

Madonna The Power of GoodBye


Allison Mingo Herniated 2 Discs in Her Neck and She is Now Pain Free!!

Allison Mingo

Just over six years ago, when I was 29, I herniated two disks in my neck at C5-6 and C6-7 which are at the base of the neck right between the tops of my shoulder blades. I didn’t have surgery, so I still get flare-ups from time to time, and they can last from weeks to months of sharp, excruciating pain. For years I’ve been waking up every day in so much pain in the morning that I can’t function normally. Taking a shower in the morning was nearly impossible as I couldn’t twist or turn to reach everywhere. It would take hours to “warm up” and some days it would last all day. The closest I can come to describing it is it feels like an ice pick or a knife jammed between your shoulder blades. Just two or three years ago, there were a few days where I’d be at work and do some simple twisting movement or stretch and I’d have to go to the ER because the pain was so intense. Crippling. Even recently I was having enough trouble that I went to a sports and spine center to get some therapy.

I’ve been working out with Power90 and drinking Shakeology for the last three weeks. I have strengthened the muscles in my shoulders and back enough that I am no longer waking up in any pain. I’m sleeping better, I can function properly, and I feel better than I’ve felt in years. I initially started doing this to lose weight and get in shape. Now I see weight loss as a bonus. Being pain-free is what motivates me!

– Allison

One of the Coolest Letters I’ve ever gotten by Tina Wedlock

Hey, Tom 🙂

Just a note to tell u this:
It is ALLL YOUR fault !

yep,sure enough, it is !

Every pound I lost,
Every time I went for a walk when i really didn’t want to,
Every time I pushed myself to walk around the house when it was nasty outside,
Every time I pushed myself to move away from the computer and do SOMETHING physical,
Every time I walked around Wal-mart and did so for more than an hour
Every time I went to a buffet-style restaurant and made better choices
Every time I ate smaller meals
Every time I stopped when i was satisfied
Every time I tried on an outfit that I KNEW was too small for me (and it actually fit !!)
Every time i forced myself to clean house or to do something I really didn’t want to do
Every meal I ate,that I ate more veggies than meat/pasta.
Every time I stepped on the scale,weighed myself and saw for my own eyes, that the weight was going away,
Every time I felt my body and actually felt the weight gone.
Every time my hubby looked at me and asked if I was losing weight,
Every time my neighbors made notice that I was losing weight because my clothes were too big,
Every time I tried on my “fat” clothes and had to take in the elastic waistband,
Every time I tried on a shirt and it was looser than before.

it really Is all YOUR FAULT !
yep,and you should be proud of yourself,too,Tom,for doing so.
Why ?
Because no one else has ever gave me the incentive to make me wanna lose weight,until meeting you and your challenge.

I am now at 219. i have not “seen” 219 since i got married,and that was over 15 years ago.

Thank you,Tom,for giving me the gift of life,and for giving me the hope and courage I needed to make that change myself.


i hope this finds you happy and well,
your friend,


Madonna Rain

Lisa Clark Use To Suffer From Fibromyalgia Pain

In Lisas words..

In 1992 I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia as I started having pains all over my body. Achy, and tired all the time. As the years went on with my new diagnosis the pains got worse and the fatigue got bad.

My Dr tried many medications and new medications came out and clinical trials to try and get my pain under control, yet nothing worked, and I hated feeling “drugged” all the time. I even… tried acupuncture, and massage therapy was excruciatingly painful. And well hypnosis didn’t work either.

In 2004 I started using a forearm crutch to assist me in walking. This was devastating because I used to be a competitive long distance swimmer and was so active all the time. And now I couldn’t even play with my kids.

There are some that say that surgery exacerbates fibromyalgia and I have had seven since 1999- 2009, and in 2007 I humbled myself and sat myself in a wheelchair for the days that the forearm crutch couldn’t help me because I couldn’t even stand up or sit down or have the strength to grasp the crutch. I used to crawl up and down the stairs.

In 2009 I convinced myself there had to be something out there that could help and all the research said was exercise.. and I thought how can I when I can barely walk on most days.

In February of 2010 I started a workout program and my coach suggested that I start drinking a shake called Shakeology. It would give me energy and help me loose weight and it had all this good nutrition. I said ok.. can’t hurt right?

Never did I ever imagine that my energy did come back! I was able to do more and longer workouts and didn’t have to rest 2-4 days in agony from working out.

But my number one dream and prayer had happened.. one day and I can’t remember when it happened… I woke up without a single ounce of pain! This was one of the single most happiest moments of my life! And since I started drinking Shakeology I have stopped taking all medication. No more pain medications, my mood was better, my energy was incredible. And NO FLAIR UPS!

In the fall of 2010 my boys who were entering 9th grade, and were on the cross country team in school… and I.. yes I was the assistant coach of Boys Cross Country!!. It wasn’t that long ago that I was in a wheelchair and I was outside everyday in all of the nasty fall weather of Central New York running!

Today I can play with my kids and I am an any day soon to be grandma.. I can run in the fields, and on the roads of the countryside, and today I workout with high impact cardio workouts and muscle building.. and do 5 sets of 10 pullups.

The nutrition and the quality of the shakes is undeniable and unsurpassed. And everyday I am blessed for the quality of life I have now… and its all because I drink Shakeology .. it literally has been life changing. And to think where I would be if I never tried it…. still in pain 🙁

Thank you for being part of the Beachbody Coaching Team!

Love always,
Lisa Clark

Michelle Metcalf on Shakeology

Michelle Metcalf says, “I am amazed, that after 3 days of Shakeology the amount of energy I have! I normally would have a pepsi as my pick me up in the am to make it through work, now I dont even need it! The shakeology does it for me!!!! Its so nice to not have the sluggishness and grogginess I — USED to have!!!!

Also, because this shake makes sooooooo much, I have been splitting it up into half scoop in the morning and half scoop at night. I have been splitting that with my mom because its almost toooo much for me to drink. She suffers from RA pretty bad, well since I have been sharing with her, she has been cleaning and rearranging things like a mad woman and is still going strong!! Normally after 2 days she would be in so much pan and wanting to sleep all the time. Its so nice to have my mom back!!! :)”

90 days From Scrawny to Brawny

I used a very specific home fitness program to accomplish this in 90 days. I followed the program to a T with special emphasis on lifting heavy and rock solid Nutrition. Without the heavy lifting and superior nutrition I would not have gotten superior results in 90 days. Shakeology, natures available foods, portion controlling, and eating every 2 or 3 hours is key to my nutrition.  Feel free to contact me on facebook about your personal health and fitness goals.

Scrawny to Brawny

– Tom


Queensryche Suite Sister Mary Live


PCOS Part 1A “The Update” By Letitia Burns


Well, it’s been three months since I posted my original “Note” Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) Part 1 “The Missing Piece” and I have some exciting news to share. I have been drinking Shakeology religiously since my first post and I am VERY pleased to report that for the first time in over 10 years I am finally experiencing regular menstrual cycles. What’s more, not only am I menstruating regularly, but without any PMS symptoms. As I mentioned in my previous post, I had been suffering from extreme cramping (which was later reveled to be cyst ruptures) that would literally cause me to become violently ill. Those nights seem to have become a thing of the past. In fact, this last month passed so uneventfully I was caught completely off guard the day my period started.

I’ve also noticed some additional benefits that have me excited beyond words. For me, two of the crulest symptoms of PCOS were the acne and hair loss. As a teen I didn’t have too much of a problem with my skin, not nearly as bad as many of my friends did, however, in my 20’s I started having nothing but problems, and nothing I tried could clear it up. Well, I am ecstatic to say that I am currently enjoying the  clearest skin I have had since my whole PCOS nightmare began.

The issues with my hair have probably been, for me, the most embarrassing of all the physical symptoms. As a child I always had thick, dark, fast growing hair, but in my mid-20’s I noticed that not only did my hair stop growing, but it was falling out at an excessive rate. By the time I was 28 it was literally a traumatic experience for me to brush or wash my hair as I’d end up with handfuls that had come out. I was scared to death that I was going to end up bald like the men in our family. To make matters worse, my hair was constantly oily. No matter how frequently or infrequently I washed it, or what brand of shampoo I used I just couldn’t seem to get it clean. I was so embarrassed, my already low self-esteem became almost non-existent and the thought of being involved in a serious relationship with someone that could lead to living together (or something more) was completely out of the question as I wasn’t about to let anyone know what I was going through. Since I have been drinking Shakeology my hair has stopped falling out, I can use whatever shampoo I feel like without having to worry about my hair being oily an hour later, and my hair has actually grown over an inch since I cut and colored it the beginning of June. In fact, it’s growing so fast that I’ve actually given up on coloring it as I just don’t have the time or resources to keep up with it.

I can’t say enough about the positive changes I’ve experienced in my life since I started drinking Shakeology, and if my own experiences aren’t enough to convince you, I will be sharing testimonials from other Shakeology drinkers on my page throughout the day. Shakeology has done so much for me and other people that I know personally, and I want to share this amazing product with as many people as I can because I know first hand, this is the real deal.

– Letitia

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) Part 1 “The Missing Piece” By Letitia Burns


I think I was about 20 years old when I first realized that something in my body wasn’t working quite right. It started with missed periods, then extreme cramping (which was later reveled to be cyst ruptures) that would literally cause me to become violently ill. Additionally I noticed other little things that at the time I didn’t realize were related (I.e. hair loss, problems with my skin, and weight issues). I didn’t have a clue what was going on and I was afraid to try to talk with my mom or go to the doctor (I was in college and still on my mom’s insurance) because I figured my mom would say it was because I was way too young when I had my son, so I suffered in relative silence for about three years. Just before Thanksgiving 2003 I came across an article online about Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and was shocked to see that all of the symptoms I’d been dealing with where outlined in the article.  Armed with the article I finally found the strength to talk with my mom and she agreed it was time to see the doctor. I won’t bore you with all the details about getting a diagnosis, lets just say PCOS wasn’t nearly as common in 2003 as it is today and it took multiple doctors and multiple tests before anyone would commit.

Unfortunately, getting a diagnosis wasn’t the only struggle. At the time there still wasn’t a lot known about exactly what causes PCOS, and how to treat it, so I was put on birth control pills to regulate my period and advised to switch to a very low carb diet to help with the weight issues and hopefully get ahead of the diabetes I’m destined to end up with. I’ve been off and on the birth control pills since but they cause other problems of they’re own.

I stopped taking the birth control pills in August after having been on them again for about two years and within a month menstruation  had stopped and the cyst ruptures started happening again. By December I had just about reached my breaking point, just about. There’s been quite a few advances in the treatment of PCOS in the last few years, and a couple of my friends have had some success, but the treatments are all medical and taking pills just isn’t for me.  While doing some research online I came across a page that explained how nutrition and getting the right balance of vitamins and minerals can help reduce and even eliminate the symptoms of PCOS. Of course, the creators of the website wanted you to buy their nutritional supplements to the tune of $200+ a month for, you guessed it, a bunch of pills, but it got me to thinking. I’d been reading the various testimonials regarding Shakeology Tom had been posting up for some time and I started wondering if it would help with the PCOS too.

I started drinking Shakeology as part of my morning ritual beginning in January, and within one week I got my period for the first time since August. (Yes ladies, I know, you’d have to be crazy to actually want to get your period, but with a family history of endometrial cancer  hanging over my head I have learned to appreciate the necessity of menstruation.) I continued to drink Shakeology every day and four weeks later, like clockwork, I got my period again, and all without birth control pills. Curious person that I am I began to wonder if it really was the Shakeology that was bringing back the regularity to my menstrual cycle or if it was just coincidence so I decided to do a little experimenting. I quit drinking the Shakeology for about 6 weeks and found that, as I suspected, I didn’t menstruate and I wasn’t feeling well at all so I started drinking Shakeology again every day, and once again within a week I saw a return of my menstrual cycle.

Even if I were to never receive another benefit from Shakeology, the regulation of my menstrual cycle alone is well worth the cost to me. However, I am very pleased to say that I have seen other changes as well that I will write about later. If you or someone you know is suffering from PCOS, please reach out for help.

– Letti

For more information about shakeology visit :
For information about joining a small group online for support, encouragement, and accountability please Reach out to me on facebook: People who participate in one of my private exclusive groups on facebook get faster results by far and actually see it through despite having a terrible history of relapsing on their goals in the past.

– Tom

My “Resume”

Me and Desert Sage

Desert Sage

Traditional Resumes are ego driven and have nothing to do with what the individual has done to help others.  It’s about self accomplishments and status.  My Resume has only the information that matters.  Results from other people! It’s what others have accomplished from their own hard work and due diligence.  My role is to share and support as a lay person walking on equal grounds.  There is no Tom Birkenmeyer qualified and certified to do this or that or achieved this status or that hierarchy.  It’s important you know I have a track record of helping other people get what they want and not just helping myself.

Read My Resume and Reach Out to Me.  How Can I Help You?

Tom I went for my lab work and the Doctor did tell me my readings were the best in yrs…and he asked me what I have been doing to Bring my levels down..I told him, that I have been drinking the Shakeology ,and the Turbo Jam, He was pleased and said to continue what I am doing! He is soon checking my heart Valve to see as well the progress – My Bud Nancy Gregg!


“No More Allergies!” – My friend Cheryl Timm bothered by her allergies continuously but not anymore. It was a nutritional fix no fog of medication.


ATTN Diabetics and everyone who knows diabetics which is EVERYONE: This from John warth a soon to be former Diabetic – “OK can’t quit telling people! I’m a type II diabetic and it went out of control in December. That’s a big part of my “why”. One reading they want below 7 is the A1C. Mine was 10.9 in December. Blood draw yesterday. A1C was finished today…drum roll…6.3! Tell me P90X (Day66) and Shakeology doesn’t work or you have no time or money!!!”


I’m using Slim in 6, drinking Shakeology and eating all the healthy food I can stuff myself with. I had only one drink last night, well 2, but one was a 7Up…anyway, to avoid wasting my liver function on filtering toxins-I want it burning fat! lol I avoid sugar in all forms as much as possible, besides whatever sugars are naturally in fresh fruit. Sleeping enough, biking and meditating. My days of cronic pain appear to be gone. I feel…liberated….I could say I could have done it on my own, because I have before, but the fact is, I wasn’t doing it. I needed guidance and accountability… – Shawna Pantel


“I was shocked myself. every diet i tryed did NOT work. shaekology was sent from God himself….” – my friend Jes Graziano kickin butt in her fitness. One of the failed diets she told me about was weight watchers which just left her starved and no results. Shakeology filled her up, shes losing weight, shes got Lots of energy, feels WONDERFUL


I drink something called Shakeology for breakfast almost every morning. It’s unbelievable how great this stuff makes me feel. They just came out with a new strawberry Vegan shake. It’s really growing on me! Keeps me energetic and full for like 4 hours, just like the Chocolate non-vegan variety. Yummy stuff. – Meliesa McDonell


Tom, if I keep feeling THIS INCREDIBLY GOOD, I have a feeling I will eventually go the same path you did. Holy moly I feel great!  The following day: Now eagerly awaiting my Shakeology package as I have not enough vitamins in this house to make me feel an inch as good as that stuff does! – Connie K


Marina Martini and Tom Birkenmeyer,I wanted to say Thank you. In 24 days of your coaching and commitment to my health and wellness I’ve lost 19lbs with Shakeology, clean nutrition, Insanity, and YOU. I had no idea how I was going to afford it, or if I could even follow the program. You believed in me and had me COMMIT. The changes that are compounding on the inside are carrying over into my relationships, self-esteem, finances, and vision of a brighter future. Excited for the changes after my first 90 days. Thank you, Ryan Grady


I’ve been overweight most of my life and when I was 15 I was diagnosed with PCOS which for the most part makes your metabolism and insulin levels work against you. I am now 25 and hadn’t had a regular cycle since. Maybe 3 a year if lucky. Last June my hubby and I decided we wanted to try for a baby. I knew it would help if I lost weight but I just couldnt find anything that worked “for me” Then around March this year my Aunt Natalie finally convinced me to try Shakeology. I started drinking it everyday and started Turbo Jam. Within a month my cycle started up. Then in June I finally found myself pregnant. I am two months along now thanks to Shakeology! It has taken some time for me to feel brave enough to share that. Most of my family didnt even know that we were having issues. I finally realized that my story could help encourage others to try it. – Stephanie Martin with a Beautiful life changing testimony. If she inspired you to try it Private Message me


My friend Shevaun Williams has a history of low blood sugars stemming from serious diagnosed eating disorders that permanently damaged her body and created a horrible sugar craving problem. She made some Key Changes years ago and now her sugar cravings are gone and her DR told her that her blood sugars are in perfect balance! She has managed to keep herself consistently in a healthy weight range without putting it back on. Would it help you solve your problems if you can contact her directly for one on one help? Do it… She is easy to approach and like most of my friends she loves to help others.


In janet Burtnicks words – The change I am experiencing is amazing….physical and mental. I am standing up for myself and what I believe and purging almost 22 yrs of BS from my marriage. Another words from the movie Network Peter Finch has had it and says Im mad as hell and Im not going to take it anymore! or close to it. What happens is fine with me…if you are together mentally and happy other good stuff will follow…well being, financial stability, etc. The 2 good things I did have were my kids. Thanks for letting me share and your support and positive energy. Ditto for me doing the same.


My friend Jessica has gotten pretty significant results that most people won’t get til after 6 months or so. She did it in FIFTEEN Days!!! and because her fitness level is up shes feeling better, stronger, and more energy to. Our program Kicks azz


Ever Brag about a friend cause they did something so awesome??? Jes Graziano I must brag about… notice a difference??? WOW!!!! 90 days! She is on the program.


My friend Bettyann Matthews had THREE back surgeries and never in a million years believed she could get a tight mid section complete with Abs from STANDING exercises. Nothing on the floor to aggravate her back!! Oh and her back feels stronger and less prone to re injury than ever. Go to her facebook and Ask her about that im sure she’d be happy to help you, or someone you know who’s suffering.

Tracy Mickel is kickin some fitness and weight loss be-hind! 20 days into our program she is down 10 lbs and she has so much energy now that she’s physically doing Extra stuff. Friends, this is happening for her AFTER being stuck for a long time. Go Tracy!


My friend Paula Beat up her grapefruit sized brain tumor and WON, lost all her excess weight, got in great shape from a dark scary place of depression…. Amazing story…


Give Pam Taylor Warm Congratulations! I just talked on the phone with her. Pam has graves disease. Muscle definition was diminishing. Very scary. She worked out hard all winter with no results. Then She started SHAKEOLOGY, her Beachbody Home Fitness program, and finally began to lose weight, re shape her body the way nature intended, she has ENERGY now, junk food cravings are gone, she actually enjoys eating healthy now… She is enjoying life, seriously


Blood sugar registered over 500 more than one occasion and 8 insulin shots a day, that was yesterday. Today Blood sugar is around the 100 mark sometimes even lower than 100 and with ZERO insulin injections. My Friend Marci Hostetler just gave me permission over the phone to share her story. When I asked what she did she said, Shakeology, and cut out some carbs. If you’d like to know more about that for either you or someone you know who is diabetic or pre diabetic please let me or Marci Know. You can find Marci in my facebook friends


Connie Kleven FASCINATING Shakeology Test as shared live as it unfolded on Facebook – Got my one serving in the mail today of this vitamin shake that is all the rage. Will drink it at some point (when I have 3 free hours to spare) to see if it has any reaction on me. Must always test such things.  Shakeology. A friend is trying to get me to drink/ buy it for all my problems. Dang. Just had some at 4:02 pm. This stuff is better than sex. Now to see how my crazy body reacts to it. Having a crazy headrush at the moment. Feeling a weird surge to the heart and nerves. The ingredients are pretty awesome.  4:11 pm – still feeling crazy energy rush. Need to mame people rapidly diminishing. Slight feeling of mental well-being returning.  4:36 pm – I feel pretty much like a normal person must feel. Still have a slight headache in the forehead.  normal in a good way. I suffer from depression and anxiety. I thinnk the lingering headache is allergies to the dog fur, though. I am sweeping the fur up.  5:08 pm – Thinking a lot clearer now. Now that I am, i feel more angry about things than before. lol.  I just now singlehandedly moved the eaten up couch all the way from the living room to the garage. I am NOT accustomed to this level of energy or strength. I have to find a way to afford this stuff!  Oh yeah. Hubby saw how “me” I was and said, “we’ve gotta get you this stuff (Shakeology)”. Well. I’m going to get him a one-packet test and hopefully we can BOTH get the stuff and feel better. I think he needs it even more than me.


Tom, if I keep feeling THIS INCREDIBLY GOOD, I have a feeling I will eventually go the same path you did. Holy moly I feel great!  The following day: Now eagerly awaiting my Shakeology package as I have not enough vitamins in this house to make me feel an inch as good as that stuff does! – Connie K


Elizadeth Hetherington – I’ve suffered from depression and PTSD most of my life, and when I’m using Shakeology daily, I gain optimism and initiative, which settles down the negative effects of these disorders and awards me with energy and productivity. And it’s food for my skin, to. Shakeology is truly the most helpful thing I could possibly eat, strange as it sounds to those that have never tried it.

Took me YEARS to get my friend Jes to try this. I think shes happy she finally did. You be the judge!! – ok I am excited. just started drinking shakeology and already noticing a lot of improvements. my severe acid reflux is gone. i am normally on a daily medication for it and if i miss my pill i am dying in pain by the next day, i have not takin it in 2 days and i feel fine. not even a little burning. i am getting full off of WAY smaller portions. i feel more energy and am not as moody as i normally am. I have cysts on both overies that cause me pain usally and I am normally on estrogen pills to help. I am not takin the pills and I have NO pain. —Jes Graziano


Whoa! I have lost 20 pounds since starting with Beachbody! Having my serving of Greenberry or Chocolate Shakeology daily has provided me with wonderful nutrients that satisify my appetite. Only one week now and I will be done with my first round of P90X and that has cause me to see vast improvements with the tone of my body. I’m loving it! – My friend Denise Pearson!  I am glad I shared this with her


“Ok, I am excited. Just started drinking Shakeology and already noticing a lot of improvements. My severe acid reflux is gone. I am normally on a daily medication for it and if I miss my pill, I am dying in pain by the next day. I have not taken it in 2 days and I feel fine – not even a little burning … I am getting full off of WAY smaller portions. I feel more energy and am not as moody as I normally am. I have cysts on both overies that cause me pain usally and I am normally on estrogen pills to help. I am not taking the pills and I have NO pain.” —Jes Graziano. damn jes! Glad I introduced you to this


I am officially at 100 pounds lost since starting!!! I fit into a size 10 comfortably and I actually zipped a pair of 8’s! I would just like to say to everyone that says that you can’t do it, you just have to believe! – This comes from my friend Morgan Burian! I’ve known her most of my life and I shared this crazy opportunity with her that she’s getting crazy happy results with. WOW! The 100 pound weight loss club 🙂 go Morgan!!!


“I totally had an epiphany today Tom that I HAD to share with you. Remember my telling you I couldn’t drink my shakes for a couple of weeks before having surgery? In that time frame, I went and had my hair done. My hairdresser flipped out at the amount of hair she pulled from my head after she washed it and combed it out. While drinking my shake this morning it hit me, I wasn’t getting the proper nutrition that my body was used to since I wasn’t drinking my shakes! I noticed this week after a week back on the shakes that I’m barely losing hair. It’s an amazing product and I got a very visual reminder of that. By the way, Tropical is fantastic!” – Amy Taylor. Don’t worry friends I always get permission before sharing something that was shared with me in private.


But wait! There is more! haha… “I’m a chocolate girl at heart. This is what’s so awesome about this, I get to drink what tastes like a dessert every morning and it’s GOOD FOR ME! Can it get any better?” – Amy Taylor lovin her Chocolate and experiencing a personal health epidemic


My hairdresser couldn’t get over how shiny my hair was and had to call the others over to look at it, lol … I said credit goes to Shakeology – Kelly foote and her illuminating healthy hair! I know it sounds so trivial if youre not into great hair but having significantly healthier hair skin and nails is some pretty awesome validation that you are eating good. Just imagine how healthy kellys vital organs are!!


Bragging rights to muh friend Shelly! One less money thing to worry about as she literally sings, – “I got to pay off my car! I got to pay off my car!”.  Her Beachbody income is growing, growing, growing!


Lisa Johnson gets total bragging rights. Check out what she is achieving, – “Thank you Shakeology.. Because of you and all my workouts my cholesterol dropped 8 points and is good, my triglycerides are outstanding, my HDL is outstanding.. Sweet…”


I think Marina Martini is totally Blaming me for this because I got her into this opportunity to totally change her health. In her words – I sleep like I am dead! I use to wake up about every 2-3 hours every single night but not now ever. It has also completely eliminated all estrogen replacements meds for me! HaPpY DaNcE!!! Yep! Meds are in the garbage man! – Marina Martini my friend!


Its not just for breakfast anymore… You can correct Erectile Dysfunction with it to. Dont believe me? This from a client, “Its ON in our bedroom again!” Married couple. Married for years and years. Id say the tent is risen again all NATURAL and the wife is a happy “camper”…haha!!


Gayle from my Team passion group says, I’ve lost 19 lbs, and 12.5 inches so far. Loving this workout and the shakeology is the best!


Today has been an awesome day so far. got to hang with my friend Tom Birkenmeyer who i havnt seen in years and I tryed shakeology for my first time and I actually liked it alot. cant wait to get my own bag of it. – Jes Graziano lovin Shakeology already shes doin awesome!


I want to thank you Tom. At first I was scared, because nothing worked in my past,,,I swear by this workout and shake. People who really knows me will tell you I had a hard time with my weight these last 8 yrs., I was a size 6 in my 20’s, and I will get down to that size again. I’m very motivated about feeling and looking great in my 40’s. I have lost over 22 pounds and by summer I will reach my goal. Thank you again Tom Birkenmeyer you ROCK!!! – Teresa Powers. Go Teresa!!


I used to sit back and watch the kids play, wondering where they got all that energy. Now, Im rolling around on the floor with them, throwing them around in the pool, running up the hills and sledding down, again and again. priceless. – Dana Schumacher. She drinks Shakeology and does her BB program.


I got very ill for many years it took me a long time to get my immune system back on track. It was years and years of trying everything and finding some good things but having to take forty to fifty different things. It made me emotionally depressed because my whole day was about what can I do, what can I take, and it was about focussing on my disease. Shakeology is VERY special. You get the things that you need in ONE place and it’s deelicious. That’s the great thing about Shakeology it makes it fun to be healthy. – Isabelle Daikeler, co creator of Shakeology and my hero


Since using Shakeology I noticed my nightly heartburn has gone away. Except when I eat greasy food llike pizza or hotdogs. My body is changing for the better – david Grabarkiewicz. He just shared that with my team this morning it’s new news and its AWESOME for david and the way he is feeling in a healthier body


Just wanted to share, i have not taken my acid reflux meds for one more heartburn, no pills, love my shake..also have notice my memory is improving..another great note, my kidneys feel soo much better, i have modular sponge kidneys, takin my meds every 3rd day..starting to ween myself off them too..Love this new, healthy feeling..hate taking medication..

also my blood pressure is back to normal,no more meds~~~Anita started shakeology Dec28,2011


I talked to my friend Kimberly Savage-Pittman over the phone, yeah we still talk on the phone old school!!… Anyway shes telling me her shakeology tastes better than starbucks!! And its cheaper… and shes getting a hundred times the nutrition. Win win win win win


One of my friends told me she no longer craves sweets and no longer wants to binge eat! Another friend told me she just lost some weight along with dropping her high blood pressure she’s so excited she can do squats now!!! Another friend is fitting into a pair of jeans she hasnt been in in FIVE years! Another told me she’s able to afford Food AND Gas AND has some money left over! I’m hearing more and more along the lines of, “Tom I could not have done this if not for these groups they work I didnt relapse on reclaiming my health like in the past”. Want info about a group? PM me or click like Ill inform you so you can decide if it’s for you to.


Only in her SECOND WEEK and already she’s added MORE resistance Twice! This is one of my friends in my les mills PUMP group. Shes getting stronger FAST 🙂 My goal is to keep up! I just started les mills pump yesterday.


Hi Tom, just checking in, I have lost 22 pounds thanks to Shakeology! – my friend Cindy communicating with me. Go Cindy!!


Hey Coach, Stopping by to share my personal success with you… I KEEP DOING!!! Been pushing play everyday on P90X. Amazing the the things I can do now that I hadnt been able to do since I was a kid!!! The energy, the cordination, balance, endurance, and strength have all gone up considerably these past 10 weeks. I could have given up when I fell down with all those Yoga poses or when I couldnt make it all the way through the workouts. But, NO!!! Keep on pressing on!!! – Denise Pearson. Shes also drinking Shakeology


I never even Heard of diverticulitis til just this past quarter. Suddenly I meet a few people with diverticulitis and for the first time in their lives since theyve been diagnosed with it theyve found relief from all the discomfiture of it in a real, natual, holistic way. DRUG FREE. That’s flippin awesome. I’m really interested to know how many others have diverticulitis that we don’t even know about? IF you want to keep that info priviate, PM me. I’d love to be able to help.


Tom Birkenmeyer you will like this…after my first sip, I had a SHAKE-GASM !!!! OMG ! My body must have been craving that shake all night long !!! I LOVE IT !!!! Getting ready for my workout and then I have errands to run – Tracy Ramirez Brasseaux just had one..haha Are you reading this thinking you’re not a shake person? You’ve never tried shakeology, punk!!


Ok Goosebump time……………………….. I met today with one of my coaches. Jerome Hunter….played for Chicago Bears in the 70’s. He used to suffer from Colitis. His doctors had him on so many meds….and to the tune of 800.00 a month, he paid it. 2 years Jerome has been drinking Shakeology, and is Colitis free!! No MEDS!!!!!! His personal testimonal to follow. – My Happy with Goose Bumps Kelly Burris. Sharing is caring!!!


My friend Wanda Olinger McCue wrote me to let me know she has lost 7 pounds in two weeks since I introduced her to Shakeology! In her words “I’m so happy you got me on this stuff!”


Gary Salazar deserves some bragging rights. He went down THREE pants sizes since he started shakeology and working out. He says the only drawback is having to buy a new wardrobe. Go Gary!!!


Katie Peavy has not had a migraine since she started using Shakeology in March of 2009.  She use to get migraines All the Time especially with weather and hormonal changes.  Katie has a lot of other victories over her health struggles to but that’s bragging rights for another post!!


My friend Bettyann Matthews check her out shes in my friend list! – These last 2 yrs have been a roller coaster for me with having my 3rd major back surgery, put on an Insulin pump for my type 1 Diabetes 2 yrs ago, to loosing my job because of all my health issues. I had no idea that my life would soon change as of Nov 2011. I wanted to start “Living” instead of just ‘existing” and I was introduced to Shakeology, a nutritional shake that has helped me in so many ways and changed my life and has stabilized my Diabetes that I now am off the pump. I decided to join the business and share with others as it has helped me so much. At 48 I have more energy now then I ever have. I no longer suffer migraines, bloating, anxiety, heart burn. I feel ‘ALIVE” again and even though I am currently on Disability my long term goal is to get back to life and help others as well.


Got new jeans and work clothes, size 36, was wearing 38 before I started the challenge. Tried them on and holy crap I wear 34 NOT 36. Dropped 4 sizes!!!! – Ryan Mcnew Committed to a challenge group!


My friend Gayle Lifsey, check her out shes on my facebook friends, is a happy lady today! In her words – So down another 5 lbs. 🙂 Went to old navy to use a gift card and was able to buy smaller sizes than I have in years. I am loving this feeling!!! Doing really great with my shakes and workouts.


Got new jeans and work clothes, size 36, was wearing 38 before I started the challenge. Tried them on and holy crap I wear 34 NOT 36. Dropped 4 sizes!!!! – Ryan Mcnew Committed to a challenge group!


Surgery no longer needed! One of my friends told me her roommate needed to have his gall bladder surgically removed from complicaitons with gall bladder disease. He startd to sneak shakeology into his daily diet from his my friends stash and two weeks later his doctor does an ultra sound &  confirms the nutritional changes has allowed him to keep his gall bladder! He also says hes sleeping MUCH better, feels much better, &  is no longer constipated he has normal bowl movements now. He use to drink some CHEAPER GNC stuff. As soon as he swapped out the GNC stuff with Shakeology the difference was made in his health and how he FEELS Day to Day. Click LIKE & I will send you more info about Shakeology


My man didnt believe in me buying this Shake. But 2 weeks into it, he saw my blood sugars dropping, my headaches gone, being regular and more energy..So HE started sneaking my Shake and OMG..Last week his Dr said Now no reason to take out your gallbladder, it’s doing better. I am happy for him and mad I am out of my shake, BUT now I have him hooked and he is going to buy it as it has helped his health so much. He was a huge sugar eater, and high fat foods that ruined his gallbladder till NOW. AMEN for this Shake and GOD BLESS that I met TOM to get me on this and help others that I had no idea would happen!! Things happen for a reason!! – My friend Bettyann Matthews!


I’ve had neck and back surgery (Still have 2 blown disks in my neck), a stroke, full hysterectomy because of a tumor the size of 2 grapefruits, gall bladder removed because of improper dieting before Beachbody, severe migraines which lasted 5 to 7 days 2 – 3 times per month and arthritis. Since Shakeology, I haven’t had a migraine in 9 months!!, my joints feel better, my spine is stronger and I’m not in a wheelchair, which my neurologist predicted! If I can do it…ANYONE can do it! I love paying it forward to the next person who needs help! Just concentrate on helping others’, do your daily activities and that’s all you need to do. – Jacqueline Koepfer


This is pretty nice to wake up to from my friend Teresa Powers in one of my Groups sharing this on my wall – Hi Tom,,,20 pounds down,,,15 more to go,,,with no exercise due to my shoulder. Thanks to Shakololgy,,,I’m loosing the weight, and feeling better. Thank you!


modifying was my gateway – d00d who lost 180 pounds got STRONG and feels AMAZING now! He could barely move when he first started! If he neglected to modify and just out right quit only becuase he couldnt keep up then he’d rob himself of his own life!!! I seriously hope all of you take on a new challenge with the, modifying was my gateway, mentality. The alternative is to rob yourself of something important!


I had a very pleasant phone conversation with my friend Cheryl Greer who was never able to lose any weight at all until she tried Shakeology. Her energy is also up so shes more physically active and just feels so good now. What a nice phone call to get fresh from my trip back from Chicago! Ya know the “blues” you feel when you get back home from a FUN trip? Got the cure for those blues right here 🙂 THANK YOU Cheryl 🙂


Day Two: I want to say THANK YOU soo much Tom for getting me on Shakeology. I am in real shock on how “for me” how quickly my blood sugars are actually running from normal to low since I started this drink & being a type 1 Diabetic. I gave up the 6hr sugar free energy drinks and only got 3 hrs of sleep last night, drank my chocolate shake this AM and I am awake now and ready for today:) I start my new Turbo Jam today and am guessing I have to start eating more, since this drink really fills me up and working out will also drop my blood sugars!~!~ Diabetics really NEED to order this drink.  YOU ARE GREAT FOR THIS WORLD AND OUR HEALTH – Bettyann Matthews


I know I really liked my shakeology that came today. Had it for dinner and have not been hungry since and my blood sugar was 136 2 hrs ago:) AND it tasted so good, just like a Herseys Chocolate bar – BettyAnn


My Friend Bettyann having a happy HAPPY birthday today check it out 🙂 – What a great Birthday for me today. My shakeology and DVD came today instead of Dec 2nd. I just drank it, WOW tasted like a chocolate candy bar!~! I am such a happy camper today. I am so stoked and can’t wait to look at the DVD tomorrow and get moving. I love the hand weights it came with. Now When I get my Resistance Bands I am all set and good to go..”Life is Good” Thanks so much for all your help. You are Dabomb


“I am sleeping better then I have in over 10 years!” – my friend marina martini I plugged into one of my groups


Success! My friend BettyAnn Matthews is very happy. In her worrds – Sometimes we make the right decision, Sometimes we have to make the decision right:) 🙂 LOVING my new program my Shakeology and TurboJam. My blood sugars are more stable and now instead of the 200’s as a type 1 Diabetic ( not good) they have NOT been over 160 since ONLY 3 days now on shake:) You are the best Tom, and I am proud to call you my friend and Coach..You have changed my world and for that I love you


Amy Taylers mom posted this earlier today. She forgot to mention her cholesterol meds were reduced as well. “Thank you, Shakeology! My doctor’s appointment was a success! He took me off of one of my diabetes meds because my sugar was TOO LOW!!!! And all other levels were so much better! I have to attribute this to the good stuff in Shakeology shakes and also that it forces me to eat fruit every day!”


“Went for my check up today. High triglycerides and cholesterol run in my family something terrible. ALL MY NUMBERS are down and within healthy range for the first time in probably five years. My good went up and bad went down. Thank you Shakeology! Thank you Belinda Nadeau for introducing me to this wonderful product!” – I shared shakeology with my friend Belinda and she shared shakeology with her friend Amy. Amy is no doubt sharing shakeology with others and all the health benefits that go with it. See how this works? PM if you’d like to try Shakeology to, and all the health benefits that go with it.


It’s true, my nails looked like crap for years….. Two weeks of shakeology and I noticed I had nails. And most importantly good nails. I’ve actually had to cut or file them back cause they were too long. I’ve NEVER done that, the would always break or rip and tear. I’ve had 8 good looking nails now for 3 solid months. Totally amazes me every time I look at them. – Michelle Kreuz


I lost 6lbs. in a week. Ever since its been coming off slowly but, surely. I still need to improve my eating habits. Shakeology is 1 of the best things I ever did. I recommend it to everyone that’d like to be healthier. – my friend pam Lawbaugh well past the initial weight loss phase 🙂 How cool is that?!?! No plateaus


I went to get my hair colored again the other day. My hair dresser was like OMG,,,my hair grew over an inch in 3 weeks,,,she said that is good. I have to say,,I have a under-active thyroid and my hair gets dry,,and breaks,,,but she said it felt soft, and she could not believe how fast it grew. I have dark brown hair,,,and keeping it blonde is hard,,,and I use to go every 4 to 5 weeks,,,I do believe this shake has not only help my hair grow,,,but also my skin looks better. I have more of a glow,,,and I use to spray tan all the time,,,but I haven’t lately, because I like the glow I have, I mix my shake with Almond milk,,,and it is so awesome,,,my nails,,,well they are fake,,but I will say,,this shake really helps my hair and skin,,,:) – teresa powers really happy with her shakeology!!


I just met two people this evening who no longer suffer from acid reflux since they started drinking shakeology, eating better, and working out to a beachbody program. It’s really cool most people just do this to get healthy, maybe lose some weight, gain energy, and befor eyou know it all these “side affects” take place like no more migraines, no more acid reflux, nails of diamonds, skin glowing and looking beautiful and it just keeps going on and on…


Man I love putting on clothes to discover they are too big!!! Another 10,lbs gone! Thank you Shakeology!!! 🙂 – Linda Spencer gettin an all nataural organic DNA removal 🙂


Erika Brown says its like drinking cake batter! She loves eating cake batter more than eating the finished product 🙂 She told me she was VERY pleasantly surprised at how good this is and felt guilty immediately! She got her first bag of Chocolate Shakeology. I told her now she knows what I mean when I call it the Chocoholic liberation front 🙂 The Healthiest meal of the day tastes like Cake batter! We’ve got this 😉


After a few weeks of drinking Shakeology, I noticed that all of my menopause symptoms went away….no hot flashes, no major mood swings — nothing!! That alone, was good enough reason to continue drinking Shakeology!!! …what also made me continue was the increase in energy, weight loss, reduced cravings & poor blood test results move into normal ranges in just 2 months!! Shakeology just really helps to heal the body! ~Joyce Wingate Boyden – very thankful!!


Angela Gee Bray all happy like – “I’ve said it from the start that my hot flashes I had for a year before Shakeology disappeared after starting on it! Mood swing decreased, too. It’s well worth the price to get rid of THOSE symptoms!”


I broke my back in 2002. My doctors were more than willing to prescribe me all sorts of narcotics for the pain over the last 9 1/2 years. It wasn’t until I started lifting weights with ChaLEAN Extreme that I found actual relief from the pain. I’ve been off of ALL prescription pain meds for almost 3 years. Doctors would rather mask the symptoms with prescriptions that to deal with the actual issue causing the symptoms. – katie peavy


Day 4 with no caffeine and I feel like I have more energy without it by far! So excited to start my workout challenge soon with Tom and the others in the group. 🙂 – Gayle Lifsey initial Shakeology success! She’s got her husband drinking it now to and he loves it. Coffee drinkers, you may not be as dependent on Caffeine as you think. Try Shakeology you will live, perform, FEEL better.


My friend Kim Pittman helped one of her friends rid her of her painful migraines, kick her soda addiction, and squash her food cravings. I’d say it made a BIG difference check this out this is sooooooooooooooo sweet! – KIM!!! Shakeology helped me lose 4-1/2 pounds in a week, kick my diet soda addiction without ANY complications (in the past I’d have a debilitating migraine for 3 days!) and have NO food cravings, especially for sugar! Thanks for being a great friend and coach! Can’t wait to start burnin’ it up with TurboJam again and 10 minute trainer


Allison Mingo and family sounds very happy! In her words: I was excited to try Shakeology for the first time, but my husband beat me to it! He’s a vitamin and supplement nut and he’s never seen anything that even comes close to Shakeology for the combination of vitamins, nutrients and superfoods. He’s hooked, too! We love it! The fact that it’s really YUMMY is a major bonus, too!


Post Surgery inspiration from my friend Deejay Lana she shared with me today. She graciously gave me permissionto share – all is well so far. Surgery went well. Relaxing with IV meds. A month of Shakeology definitely helped. Feeling better very quickly. All my pre op labs showed I was in excellent shape. Once I was on Shakeology for a week my pain dropped 85% – deejay lana


I’m over 200lbs down now, and loving it!! Life is so much brighter from here. 🙂 – my friend Elizabeth Reithemeyer with some pretty massive success!!!


My friend Pamela just shared this with me. Enjoy being inspired everyone! DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!!!!!! Kathy shared: Week #5 and I’m feeling better every day. I’ve lost a total of 9 lbs and not sure on inchces since I didn’t take my measurements right away 🙁 but I know I have lost some because things just fit better. Yes, the weight loss is great but it’s just 1 of many things that are changing. My attitude/mood is better, headaches gone, skin even feels smoother. I was a bit of a sketic when I signed up for this but am so glad that I went for it. Thanks Shakeology.


OKay!!!! I DID IT!!!!!! I did TurboFire Week 1/Day 1.. Wow I feel amazing! but I worked hard! I must add, Thank you to Shakeology, after almost 1 year on it, I have no more low blood sugar attacks, and i can actually do a hour workout, you have no idea how huge of an accomplishment that is for me! Thank you Chalene Johnson for making the workouts so awesome with the music, and for the food tips, I think I finally get it! – a very happy pamela swan 🙂


Jim Barron just achieved his first big weight loss goal check it out! “I weighed in today at 230.0 lbs. My first goal has been achieved. I have dropped from 286 lbs. That’s 56 lbs. now and still dropping. Thank you Shakeology,Rev Abs,Insanity,Beachbody,and Team Passion.”


“I was in a wheelchair 4 years ago. I now do jump tucks to the hardest fitness programs out there. My goal every day is to inspire at least one person. I put myself out there because I want to give people hope. I want to help them believe that they don’t have to be trapped inside this layer of unhealthy anymore. I’m getting my community involved in our mission.. to End the Trend of Obesity” – Cheri Hill. Wow… Shes a fellow BB coach using Beachbody products like shakeology and Insanity.


Nora – Shakeology tastes wayyyyyyyyyyyy better than I thought it would. I was like… duh 🙂 I’m learning lots of new stories of good ole fashion taking care. People coming off meds, healthier hair skin and nails, one lady was losing her hair its growing back thicker than ever now and her former weak nails are made of “diamonds” now she says… wow…. Its good to live inspired


I just had the pleasure of listening to a lady very enthusiastically shout outloud, “I’m off ALL my digestive Enzyme Medication!!!” She went on to thank Shakeology 🙂 Man that is cool!!


Marina Martini is feeling so good drinking Chocolate Awesomeness every day that shes decided to harness her new energy and put action into her dreams to bring them into fruition. Sounds like a re birth to me. Tis a Beautiful thing 🙂 Sharing is caring


When asking someone how the 3 day Cleanse is going I get this back, “Honestly, going through my day sipping chocolate…..not too shabby.” LoL I LOVE that!!!


My friend Jacqueline Koepfer shared this SWEET victory – just got off the phone with my friend Vicki, who also suffered a stroke at a very young age, like myself. Depression, memory loss and extreme nerve damage in her arm have been major struggles for her to deal with. After only 2 days on Shakeology, I’m extremely happy to report, she is feeling more energy, her thoughts are clearer and her arm has less pain!! ONLY 2 DAYS!!! I can not wait to see how much she improves drinking her Shakeology for a month!!


My friend Jacqueline Koepfer shared this SWEET triumph on her wall today – just got off the phone with my friend Vicki, who also suffered a stroke at a very young age, like myself. Depression, memory loss and extreme nerve damage in her arm have been major struggles for her to deal with. After only 2 days on Shakeology, I’m extremely happy to report, she is feeling more energy, her thoughts are clearer and her arm has less pain!! ONLY 2 DAYS!!! I can not wait to see how much she improves drinking her Shakeology for a month!!


My friend Marina Martini invested in her health in Shakeology Chocolate. Mental clarity and energy is up! She called me on the phone she feels really great! How’s it taste I asked? Her words, “Nothing has ever crossed my lips as delish as shakeology”


Jim Barron says, I was very skeptical of shakeology but desperation drove me to try it so I could get off the painkillers as I was getting addicted to them. Shakeology did the trick. I am very grateful for being introduced to it. Shakeology helped me to avoid a serious drug addiction


Buddy I went to high school with Check Vena getting results!! – “I lost 6 pounds so far!! Thanks for the motivation Tom!!”


Give your Kids an Example of Success to Aspire to

Because of investing in my health (instead of material STUFF) I’ve spent the last 5 months sick free, I used to be sick every week. – Melanie Dickinsons Beautiful testimonial of SELF Investment 🙂

Jen Deane says her daughter wont drink chocolate milk anymore! She will only drink Shakeology! I love it! As a parent it makes her job EASY to make sure her child is getting all her nutrients so she grows into adulthood READY and HEALTHY to make a beautiful life as she becomes more independent 🙂

Hey you….I got my shakeology in today…..soooo happy..had one this morning..was soo good..made with blueberry’s and bananas …was ooooo sooo goood.. loved it . thank you for giving me information of this product…..:) – Sherri Ashford makin me feel all good for sharing shakeology with her 🙂

I have to say I was surprised after having my greenberry shake for dinner last night that I wasn’t hungry. I even turned down the ice cream that my son couldn’t finish. I woke up this morning no more hungry than usual. Very promising!! – Bridgette Grace trying out her first bag of Shakeology for the first time. Very promising she shared with me:)

Hey! What I wanted to tell you is that after drink 1 shake of Shakeology, the pain from my periods completely quit!!! It’s awesome!!! =) – April Dolphin-Girl Goodman just tried Shakeology for the first time at my personal recommendation 🙂 GUYS how much easier would home life be for you if your other drank shakeology? Think about THAT!

I have lost 3 pants sizes since starting to drink Shakeology! It makes living a healthy life styla SO much easier!!! – Denise Pearson

“I just got done showing Shakeology to my Doctor. He’s a Vegan/raw foodist and he flipped when he saw it. Other than the whey, it’s everything he already makes on his own. Said it was the absolute best thing I can put in my body. We did a test of my cellular health and I was in the top percentile! yeah, I’m sold.” – Markus Zimmerman

My friend Tina Pfeiffer is pure awesome made me feel good just now with these words, “Thank~you Tom,if it wasn’t for you my husband would probably still be puking up blood and I would be feeling miserable,crampy and looking 9 months pregnant..You are awesome 🙂 (((((hugs))))”

chronic lyme disease fibromyalgia and spinal meningitis NO MORE PAIN thanks to Shakeology. This is my friend Tracy and I shared Shakeology with her 🙂

Poem my dad wrote for my 34th Birthday

I think I’m still in shock that I’ve had no pain for over one month now. Especially for having suffered for so many years. My only regret was waiting. HUGE thank you to you for introducing me to this and helping me live my life again. I hope I can help to change the lives of others suffering from the same disease! 🙂 – Tracy Christensen

Everyday I have a CHOCOLATE SHAKE!!! I LOST OVER 50lbs with a CHOCOLATE SHAKE EVERYDAY! The chocolate was the easy part. The p90x is for the Warrior in you!! BRING IT!! – Dan C. Lenegar lovin how hes feeling from Shakeology and P90X!!!

Down 5 pounds!!! I think I’m in love!!! – Denise Tennyson Ebler

Make that 57 pounds and 4 pant sizes!!! – Morgan Burian happy with her health results from shakeology!

I’ve only got one mom & dad. I’m going to keep them around with the highest quality of life for as long as I can. That’s why I MADE THEM try Shakeology. I almost lost both of them a couple years ago. Now their doctors are saying their blood panels are beautiful & have no right to expect to be living as well as they are today from where they were 2 years ago. I told the doctor I gave them Shakeology.

My mom told me again earlier today how beautiful her blood sugars are. Dramatically reduced her insulin. Sometimes she doesnt even need her insulin. I’m glad I made my mom try shakeology a year and a half ago

My Happy buddy Kimberly Savage-Pittman drinks Shakeology and she says, “I have been oppressed for ten years and I’m so happy and energetic with weight loss and improved health! EVeRyOnE needs to know about this shake! IT ROX! Yeah baby!”

My friend kim lost 85 lbs and got off her blood pressure medication doing the same stuff I’m doing. Amazing.

I find inspiration week by week. When I stay true to working out with Beachbody workout programs, I see the results. With my dedication to improving my fitness and health, I am seeing real results! I have so much more muscle tone, I am getting more firm beautiful curves, and I am able to recover from cardio exertion much more quickly. For a life long asthmatic that is saying a lot!!! – Denise Pearson

Cherokee Schill simply compared the cost to the Benefits and decided she was worth the cost for these benefits – I have been drinking shakeology faithfully since January. Down 45 pounds, dont catch cold. Allergies are not bothering me. Hair is shiny, skin soft and eye’s sparkly.

Becky Grisham Pohlmeyer says “fit in some clothes that didn’t previously fit” She’s doing BB stuff to 🙂

I replaced i meal with shakeology..followed the eating suggestions…and lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks. 🙂 – Kathy jason Brady lovin her Shakeology and her new smaller jeans 🙂

My fasting number this morning was no longer in the “diabetes” range but in the “pre-diabetes” range…with NO meds! I am so amazed. – Kristie Moe. She shared this tid bit of info with me on my facebook Like Page. This is her feed back ONLY 1 WEEK into it. I’m so glad she joined our Team Passion

You can’t make this stuff up; after only 3 days drinking Shakeology, my fasting blood sugar was 75 points below my avg. Rock on! I have more energy. It is amazing. I am sleeping at night! I replace my breakfast with Shakeology. It comes with over 60 recipes for different shakes & smoothies. I am still eating regular food, too. It is easy & I don’t feel hungry. I am completely impressed. – Kristie Moe

We’ve been independent from foreign tyranny for a long time. Today it’s the tyranny of our minds that keeps us broke, unhealthy, under the rule of a boss, and the thief in our minds stealing our promises. Conquer your mind this independence and begin a brand new Liberation from a more interpersonal tyranny so you can live the life of your own dreams in the land of opportunity 🙂

after my third daughter was born (my three girls were born between May 2005 and August 2008) I started P90X in June 2009 – then started Shakeology early last year. I am in better shape and weigh less now than I did before having children. I LOVE BEACHBODY!!!! – Debi Rogers Mikolowsky

My booty is serously getting in shape with BBL…I love the program..50 min of Rio Extreme is like over 2 hrs of gym time..cardio, toning, abs, back..everything in 50 it.. – Becky Grisham Pohlmeyer

Very happy to announce…took this long to really sink in…I verified SIX times lol….I lost 27 lbs! Started June 21 🙂 A couple of people have shown interest too 🙂 BUT I LOST 27 pounds! (still in a bit of a shock lol) – Lee Campbell. Another day another hour another success story in my Team of people helping people 🙂

Week 2: Day 6–BBL Cardio Axe & High and Tight. Tomorrow is a REST Day! So happy about that! I am already seeing changes in how I look. Love these fast results with Beachbody products. – cherokee schill

all together i have lost 6 off of Chest 6 off of Waist 6 off of hips and 4 off of arms and 4 off of Legs and a total of 25 lb since Feb – my friend Peggy M Kirk very succesfully getting healthy setting herself up for real long term success with Shakeology and turbofire 🙂 Go peggy!!!!! Not just losing weight but changing her body composition to!

My fasting blood sugar this morning is 148 – down from 295 just last Friday (5 days ago). Unbelievable! With each day that passes, the results are more remarkable. I have only been using Shakeology and working out with Power 90 for 5 days! I can’t wait to see the results after a year! I am weighing in again on Thursday morning. We will see how much weight I lost this week. I have NEVER been excited to step on a scale – Kristie Moe

I have fibromyalgia from chronic Lyme Disease and have 2 really bad knees from it and I just had back surgery in September. But since Shakeology I’ve had next to NO pain!! 🙂 – Tracy Christensen. Tracy made me very glad I introduced her to Shakeology with her testimonial!

After only 2 weeks and 2 days on P90X I can see everything on my body moving to where it’s supposed to be!!! – Jacqueline Koepfer. She’s also drinking her shakeology every day 🙂 Go Jackie!

after my third daughter was born (my three girls were born between May 2005 and August 2008) I started P90X in June 2009 – then started Shakeology early last year. I am in better shape and weigh less now than I did before having children. I LOVE BEACHBODY!!!! – Debi Rogers Mikolowsky

I don’t need my pills for indigestion & irregularity anymore. Shakeology is taking care of that. This is really amazing Tom I’m saving in groceries and pills – My Mom!!! Go mom go!!!! Shakeology really is perfect for broke people who want to get healthy and feel better.

My friend Tracy Christensen has late stage chronic lyme disease and fibromyalgia. She’s only been using shakeology for about a week now and already her symptoms are lessoning 🙂 And she loves the way shakeology tastes she really looks forward to drinking it every day she says “man this stuff is awesome!”

I have noticed more energy and better digestion on shakeology, plus losing weight and I haven’t started a P90X or Chalean extreme or turbo fire yet! Amazing shakeology! – Kimberly Savage-Pittman

I have now lost 10 pounds in less than a month with Skakeology and exercising. Yeah, I hit my goal early:) – Vicky Schroder

I noticed my abs protruding a little this morning!! 🙂 – Tracy Christensen doing P90X and Shakeology! That’s right ladies you to can get a tight toned tummy if you do the right thing. Some activities are just better than others. P90X is better than others 🙂

My mom lost another four pounds this week 🙂 Shakeology is the difference she’s been loosing weight for MANY consecutive weeks now this is a set up for long term success and a life style change 🙂 Go mom!!!

I wanted to let the whole team know that with being on Shakeology for 9 full days now I’ve lost 16lbs!!!!!!!! How can you beat that! And I’m still going and going like the little energizer bunny! – Cara M. Naylor Experiencing some pretty awesome initial weight loss!

That stuff is just awesome! I’ve only been on it for two days – my friend Tracy Christensen called me to tell me how she’s enjoying Shakeology this morning 🙂

I have noticed more energy and better digestion on shakeology, plus losing weight and I haven’t started a P90X or Chalean extreme or turbo fire yet! Amazing shakeology! – Kimberly Savage-Pittman

My wifes type 2 diabetes was reversed thanks to Shakeology. – sean Knowles

Ok third day on shakeology and I have a lot of energy. I usually have to take a nap after lunch because I am so tired ,but that hasn’t happened in the last 3 days! I love the taste of the chocolate! I actually feel guilty drinking it cause it tastes so good! I want to share this with everyone this stuff is great!!!!! ~ Renee Blecke-Kantner. This is beautiful. Lifes getting better!

My daughter experienced the awesome benefits of Shakeology. She has suffered for years with RA and a few days worth of shakes and she has more mobility than she has had in years. And I just received my first beachbody check in the mail. I have had a great week!!!! – Belinda Nadeau

I am at roughly a weight loss of 45 pounds and 2 pants sizes. It’s been roughly 7 months of weight loss and it hasn’t rebounded. – Morgan Burian. My friend Morgan accomplished this with Shakeology and physical activity and a beautiful set up for long term success 🙂

Hi Tom! Yes, I am enjoying the Shakeology very much. As if the taste of it is not enough, the energy I feel when I use it is phenomenal! PLUS, I can tell that my digestive system is becoming more regular and it feels wonderful! – Rikki Lee See

You had mentioned something about how much energy one can get just from using Shakeology and I said something about needing coffee…well, today, I used ABSOLUTELY NO COFFEE and the energy I have despite that, is more than any pot of coffee ever offered me! It is unlike anything i’ve ever experienced before! My body literally buzzez and hums with this…RAW energy! Is this normal??? – Rikki Lee See

A week ago Sunday I broke seven ribs, had two liters of blood in my lung, walked around like that for three days before going to the hospital and needed surgery. Yesterday the surgeon was blown away by how fast I’m healing up. I just think it’s amazing what our bodies can do when you give it everything it could possible need. Shakeology every single day 🙂 – Steve Lantagne

P90X allowed me to do 40 push ups. (military) I thought the kids were going to die..they couldn’t do 12…and I am girl and I am over 40 so there!! Get off the couch and do something – Christine Gialamas

My friend Jackie Koepfer has a friend who suffers terribly from acid reflux & heartburn. Jackie introduced her to Shakeology 🙂 The other day she was able to enjoy one of her fave cheat snacks, a Nachos and cheese, & was not accompanied with any heart burn or discomfort whatsoever!!! She’s a very happy shakeology drinker 🙂

My digestive problems were never diagnosed as such but after surgeries and alot of doctors left scratching their heads, Shakeology was my cure also!! – Belinda Nadeau

The only thing that has ever been able to blast me past my weight loss plateau is shakeology – melissa mysinger

I met my original weight and size goal and I owe it all to Shakeology due to my crazy work schedule and inconsistent workouts. 🙂 – Shelly Larson

I’m a diabetic who was injecting insulin twice a day. I started drinking Shakeology, and now my tests show my blood sugar levels are normal. – Dean L from my state of Wisconsin

As far as I’m concerned, 6 weeks of only a minor headache as opposed to 2-6 full blown migraines is reason enough to believe in this product. – Sandra Becker

“Pure energy like I had when I was a kid.” This comes from a fellow shakeology drinker. She aint lyin I hear this a lot from my users and this is not the result of caffeine or any stimulants of any kind. It’s a calming kind of energy and mental focus. Could you use that? Sick of being sluggish and feeling like poo

So my husband Shawn and I started p90x this week! Loving it!! Also I’ve already noticed a drastic change in how I’m feeling from the shakes!!! It’s crazy!!! Its been two mornings in a row now that I’ve felt normal!!! ( I have IBS ) I cannot tell you the last time that happened;) ! YEAH!! Thank you all so much!!! I’m so excited to keep kicking! – Andi Barber

Check out this for inspiration. Michelle Kolpiens first month on Shakeology, she is down TWO sizes and well on her way to being down THREE sizes. She also had a difficult time getting to the end of her day without being tired. Now, she doesn’t have that problem! A special thanks to her success partner,Jacqueline Koepfer,for introducing her to a program that allows her to help people advance on their healthy journeys!

Can’t Express Enough how Wonderful Shakeology is My Husband who has suffered with Gout in his knees for years has been drinking Shakeology for 4 months now and doesn’t suffer any more !! and doesn’t have to take Medicine for it !!! – Peggy M Kirk

“ever since I’m on Shakeology I wake up in the morning and I can’t wait to get my day started now I feel great in the morning!” – Vicky Schroder

My friend vickie lost 7 1/2 pounds in a week and a half. I’m glad she joined this team she’s kickin some butt with her weight loss and health!

My son has aspergers as well and it has absolutely helped him!! Focus, patience and control of his urges are just a few of the ways. He is 12 now and for the lst three months we have been drinking the shakes daily. His grades have improved, his behaviors and most importantly his attitude. I love this stuff!!!! – Ilene Knopf Weinstein

A soldier, Mike Mullaly, from a combat zone in Iraq talks about how he’s staying healthy, building his beachbody business, & providing for his family back home under very difficult environmental variables. Some of us think we’ve got it bad. You don’t have half the REAL dangers & logistical problems this soldier has & most people procrastinate anyway. This soldier is my hero nothing is going to stop him from building his dreams and paying it forward even from one of the most dangerous & hostile locations on the planet.

There are stories like this all over the place from skeptics who have discovered Shakeology! I have seen a big increase in energy, a much better weight maintenance, faster healing (from cuts, blisters), never get sick anymore, hot flashes are gone… it’s just amazing! I never go a day without Shakeology because it’s the best thing for my body! – My buddyAngela Gee Bray Living better 🙂

After only a week, the shocking results started: the colitis flare-up I was experiencing was almost completely gone! – Brooks from Oklahoma

I’m a diabetic who was injecting insulin twice a day. I started drinking Shakeology, and now my tests show my blood sugar levels are normal. – Dean from Wisconsin

Linda Abshear tried Shakeology, was so impressed at how much better she feels after just 3 DAYS, and how she’s never slept better, that she decided to sign up for the coach discounts with her coach Lyndia Horton Wagner. This is also lyndias first person shes brought into this blessing! My Fave thing is to see people live better 🙂 Way to go!

People are afraid of being scammed – or afraid of change. If they would just try a couple of days with Shakeology, they would know this is the real deal. I haven’t had this much energy in a long time….or slept so good! – My friend Linda Abshear livin goooooood

Since I started drinking Shakeology I have only had to use my inhaler once and that was when I decided to start jogging. Before I would have random asthma attacks and would panic if I didnt have my inhaler with me at all times. It took about a month before I noticed a difference. – Cherokee Schill

I’m saving $45 co payment for migraine pills that I spent bimonthly now that I’m on Shakeology – Sandra becker proving Shakeology pays for itself with extra free spending money left over for whatever

My friend Tabbatha shares with me on my wall, “My iron is normal because of Shakeology for the first time since I was a child… & several other levels as well… When I have gone off of Shakeology I can tell… after a week off I feel totally whooped & I have caught slight colds.. Cure.. go back on”

i lost 9 more lbs Tom so proud of myself….down 74 lbs…***BIG SMILE**** – Beth Marsh! Beth is not losing initial water weight that 9 more lbs is pure FAT she is releasing from her body 🙂

62days in….36lb loss…..went from a 40in waist to a 34. Was 236lbs…now 200lbs!!! SAWEEEEET!!! – A very enthused Daniel C. Lenegar. Well of course he’s enthused! Wouldn’t you be with that kind of hard work and stellar results? 😉 Let Dan inspire you!

Today for the first time I did all of the Hip Hop Abs extreme exercises with NO breaks and NO modifications. I am wearing shorts that a year ago I would be ashamed to be seen in! Ashamed of my body NO MORE! 🙂 – Cherokee Schill started where she was, stayed in it, and now she’s getting LOTS better 🙂 Proud of you Cherokee!!!!

My mom lost another 4 1/2 pounds it’s not initial water weight! It’s shakeology 🙂 And my Brother who was on the virge of a heart attack just had his blood checked again today after ONE MONTH on shakeology… Dr says his triglycerides , BP, and cholesterol are all WAY DOWN. THANK GOD FOR THAT. My skeptics, come off the fence and try Shakeology MESSAGE ME for yourself and your family

Shakeology is by far, the best product I’ve ever purchased. The biggest skeptic in the world is sold on a product I now believe in. – Sandra Becker

this is cool…I think I’m out of my slump….I’ve been losing about a pound a day since Friday! – bud phillips. Hes a shakeology user. Oh yes he is!

Finally found some jeans I like.. and guess what.. down 4 jean sizes over last summer.. YIPPEE for me,, just saying!!!!! haaaaaaa Love it.. and what is still to come! Next year, who knows!!!!!! – Pamela Holloway Swan

Ryan Benedict lost over a hundred pounds using P90X and Insanity. Now hes on our team as a Beachbody coach bringing it to the people. Ryan gets to share this GIFT along with us and with a 100 pound weight loss story he’s gonna inspire others to step up and LIVE better

The nerve endings in William P Woodling back are regenerating in only 7 – 9 months where BEFORE Shakeology they would take 10 – 12 months. This is a big deal to him of a back injury sustained. But it goes to show that Shakeology is a POWERFUL tool that feeds your body the nutrients it needs to keep you healthy and feeling really good. It also helps the body regenerate new cells more efficiently 🙂

Sandy Lacey lost SIX POUNDS in the 3 day Shakeology Cleanse and Jacqueline Koepfer shares with me that it’s the only cleanse she’s ever done that she doesn’t feel hungry on. So why again are some of you on torture diets that don’t really set you up for LONG TERM success anyway? Shakeology baby every other meal shake that I know of kinda Sucks with a capitol S

Fellow Beachbody coach Sarah Murphy was on the Oprah show because she lost over a hundred pounds using shakeology! This is shortly after Oprahs O zine published a very flattering ten page article on shakeology. This is the best opportunithy to solve health and income problems simultaneously in the world, period. Who wants to play?

Aaron Burgess Lsw just did the 3 day shakeology cleanse and what’s he doing now? He’s drinking another shakeology he says He’s LOVING it. I know the feeling every day I drink it which is ever day 🙂 Why are some of you on torture diets?

i was the number one skeptic about Shakeology but just had to see for myself how it would work. i never even thought it would help with my migraines, but turns out that it did. im sure it hasnt cured them but i have been hospitalized and on SEVERAL medications for migraines with numerous side effects including dizziness, numbness of hands and feet, loss of memory etc… – Sandra Becker

this is my first summer not being over 200 pounds and I’m loving it! Still got about 20 to go to reach 150! I’m so much stronger too! – Carmin Perdue Harris she’s a product of these awesome beachbody tools and over 60 years old!

I can attest to this myself. I haven’t had a full-blown migraine in almost a year and a half since I’ve drinking Shakeology! – Lyndia Horton Wagner.

And another migraine sufferer, Ilene Knopf Weinstein, “I suffer from migraines also, i just never realized…until now…that they have definately subsided since I started drinking Shakeology. I am going to have to take note…and see if I get anymore….interesting phenomenon!!!! This stuff is pretty powerful!!!”

Migraines sufferers? You NEED to know about this. Sandra Becker, “Before drinking Shakeology, I kid you not, I was averaging 2, 4 or even 6 migraines a month. Three weeks on Shakeology—ZERO migraines. If I make it through 1 more week without one, that’s ONE MONTH migraine free! All i can say is WOW.”

I’m seeing weight loss I haven’t in years, energy levels, etc. I’m going to share with anyone and everyone who will listen! I’ve seen so many benefits myself that I couldn’t be happier – Sandy Lacey talking about Shakeology and sharing this GIFT with others

“Woohooo! I got my first check this week :)” – Monique Bailey And she just started her beachbody business a couple weeks ago part time!! And this is all profit not wages. Profits are better than wages 🙂 It’s the begining of Moniques fortune that she’s building in her spare time how exciting is this?!?!

A VERY excited Melissa Wedel texted me from her new iPhone that she was able to pay for with her increasing BB checks. She also just paid for her girls private school bill in full, nothing structured, for the next YEAR! It came to $11,800. THANK YOU BEACHBODY BIZ OPPORTUNITY!

my earnings are moving on up….I am happy to say : ) – Christine Gialamas

Josef Koelbl III – As a Team Beachbody Coach I make enough to pay for one of my cars!

Melanie Bolen – I bought the car I’ve been dreaming of for myself for my birthday this year.

Just wanted to say thank you cher! Thanks for turning me onto shakeology! Week 1 down with a loss of 6.5lbs! Woah baby! – ryan reese thanking cherokee schill for introducing him to shakeology! And I introduced cherokee to shakeology. See how significants and creating waves of positve impact works? It’s sooooo powerful 🙂

My friend Pam just called me and told me her friend becky had been stuck at a frustrating weight loss plateau on weight watchers…But wait there is more!!! Pam introduced Becky to shakeology, cause thats’ what friends do, becky blasted past that stupid plateau with shakeology and still doing weight watchers to 🙂 Becky is so excited about what shakeology has done for her that she enrolled for the coach opportunity!

My house guest from australia wakes up from sleeping this afternoon and the first thing she says to me is , “Tommy you’re going to make me my shakeology now right?” I think I’ve got another hooked! To try shakeology is to love shakeology 🙂

Lisa varela says~I love what Shakeology has done for me in regards to my FMS. I have had Fibro for almost twenty years and I haven’t felt this good since before I got it. Shakeology is a God send for sure. I can workout, clean my house and spend time with my kids without getting sick. I love it and wouldn’t give it up for anything!

This just in from my friend Pam Lawbaugh! “When I went to put my black dress slacks on Sunday for the bridal shower they were loose. I had to get a belt to hold them up. Shakeology is truly wonderful!:)”

“tastes like a Mudslide!” my friend vanessa trying shakeology for the first time 😉 Oh how I loooooove mudslides I havent had one of those in a while gee I wonder why 🙂

The kids LOOOOOOVED their sample of chocolate Shakeology. A mother of two brought her two babies out the other evening to my shakeology tasting and they were caught licking the bottom of the cup trying to get every last drop out 🙂 It makes it easy for their mom to get her kids the best nutrition possible. Blessing!!

Angie Perrault says, “Let me tell you, after 3 weeks of using it consistently you will have so much energy!! Every day I am getting more and more pumped about the possibility of helping others feel better too, which in turn makes me feel even better! Funny how that works? :-)” She’s talking about Shakeology the business opp 🙂

Been using shakeology for er two months now.Have lost over 14 pounds,regained lost energy,Had a very bad case of heartburn and acid reflux to the point of throwing up blood and losing hours of sleep.Haven’t had a single case of it since using shakeology.~Paul Pfeiffer

I have had digestive problems for years. Been on shakeology for a month now. Am able to enjoy foods I haven’t had in years. Just put that on my page yesterday. – Belinda Nadeau

My friend Jessica Frank told me she has had fewer colds, and less physical ailments because of Shakeology. And her man Zach lost 25 pounds!! It’s Shakeology as prevention it’s beautiful!!!

Daniel Kauppinen – I use to have issues all the time also and have never felt so good either. I can actually sleep laying all the way down now to. I can’t tell you many things that I have been freed from.

Belinda Nadeau has an inspiring story of unintended side affects 🙂 “I must say when I started Shakeology, my goal was to lose weight. I have suffered for years with stomach issues…not being able to eat ALOT of different foods. I can’t eat Italian food, mexican food, thai food, or anything with spices or acidic qualities. I had BBQ sauce on my chicken tonight!! Thank you Shakeology!!”

Belinda Nadeau I am so shocked with this awesome “side effect” of Shakeology. I don’t know if others have noticed any difference in their eating patterns, but it’s so nice to eat something that use to cause the worst pain imaginable. The doctors have no idea whats wrong with me, but I think I may have found the cure that they couldn’t. 🙂

Since I started P90X about 2-3 weeks ago I have tightened my belt a notch so my pants don’t fall :), I have increased muscle in my arms shoulders chest (I can feel the difference in my clothes), my flexibility has increased, and very best of all, my back feels so much better and the sciatica is almost gone and I can feel my left leg gaining strength. You have no idea how much that means to me. – Greg Dubois

Tricia O’Neill writes to me, “Just wanted to keep you updated considering you helped me find shakeology. Today I went down a pants size. I’m so excited. The pounds keep coming off. I should have no problem reaching my goal weight by my wedding day in August of 2012. Thanks again!!!”

It is delicious!!! You weren’t fibbing!!!! – Lori Leibold VanNatta

Monique Bailey had some exciting news to share with me today, “*drumroll please*… down a little over 10 lbs!” She is drinking Shakeology and doing P90X… She’s so impressed with it and the people she has met that she just enrolled for the Beachbody Coaching opportunity to. Wow what a bright future!!! Puts an extra spring in your step when you get out of bed every morning

it took me weeks to get even my parents to drink it….It wasnt until I showed them my blood work and the changes in my sugars and cholesterol that they decided to “try” it. Now my mom is a coach and my dad begs me every day to make him a shake. – Ilene Knopf Weinstein

My parents have been drinking shakeology for a little over a month now. My mothers sugars are almost normal! and she was suffering from major diabetes headaches when she ate badly and we were getting ready to increase her insulin!!! she is now coming off her meds all together and is exercising and losing weight! Dads sugars are now under control and he is getting ready to cut out his meds as well! Shakeology has changed the blood chemistry in my household and family for the better! – Ilene Knopf Weinstein

Tom just thought I would check in and tell you that I am down two…Count ’em TWO pant sizes. Pants that I could not even lay down and squeeze closed are now loose on me. So all that stuff you said way back when I was still skeptical…Well it is all true. 🙂 – My friend @Cherokee Schill coming clean and shrinking 😉

I lost 18 inches doing shakes and Turbo Jam…now I am doing “gulp” Asylum…what am I going to be when this is done?! – Ilene Knopf Weinstein. She’s a Lean Mean Ilene Machine! LoL

This is interesting from Ginny Ulch, “Noticed a really cool thing on the Shakeology. When I developed my health issues, my pinky fingernail was curling down (someone told me it was heart problems-scary!). I would have to file it to keep it from looking weird. Was doing my nails the other day and it is growing in straight and strong! After only 7 weeks!”

Leah Burlington shares on my wall, I went from a 13 to a 10 in a month of Shakeology!! Woohoo! It makes your tummy flatter fast,cleans out your system, and gives you energy…I Shakeology!

Pamela Holloway Swan is on the phone with me right now she’s gloating about having to shop for new SMALLER jeans she is shrinking and getting leaner 🙂 Shes drinking Shakeology and doing her Beachbody workouts

Holy crap that’s really good! Tastes like desert and that’s awesome because I love desert!! Two thumbs up! – Angie Perrault FIRST time Experience with Shakeology. She recorded her first experience on video check it out: The chocolate banana Nutter recipe 😉

Lovin’ that I am comfortable in my lean body to wear a dress today! -These arent my words I dont wear dresses this is Laura Henry!

It tastes like chocolate only better it’s DEElicious – I was just told this five seconds ago by a 7 year old little boy who is a chocolate fiend his mom informs me. Parents… GET YOUR KIDS SHAKEOLOGY AND WORRY FREE ABOUT THEIR NUTRITION

Angie Perdomo gave a shake to her mom on Tuesday to try. She was very hesitant at first to try it but she actually ended up LOVING IT!! Her mom is going to dramatically increase her health and feel good. I’ve also got my parents on it and their blood panels are ten times better than they use to be.

my kids just came home from a weekend at their fathers and the first thing that they asked for was a Shakeology!!! Gotta love that!!!! – Ilene Knopf Weinstein.

My new friend Lorae was told she would never walk again without spinal fusion surgery and even then she was told she’d only have a 25% chance. After the the surgery she began doing Power 90 and P90X to make sure she was in that 25%. Not only is she no longer bound to the confines of a wheel chair but she is training for triathlons because she simply made the decision and she used P90X. How inspiring!!!

you will be pleased to know i hit my first weight loss goal of losing 10 lbs and lost 14! next goal is ten more pounds=) and im drinking shakeology every damn day – my texas friend Char!

Amazing! So glad I joined. Just a week in and I have already lost 3 1/2 lbs and my energy level is up – My friend whom I introduced to Shakeology and Beachbody Belinda Nadeau. This makes me very happy 🙂

Hip Hop Abs really works! I have lost HALF AN INCH off my waist and it has not even been a whole week!!! – Cherokee Schill

I’m on day 3 of the Shakeology 3 Day Cleanse. I’m down 5 pounds, my pants fit better and I have NO cravings. 🙂 – Katie peavey

Shakeology makes my clothes fall off 😀 It could do it for you too!!! – Pamela swan

Would like to give a big thanks for my friend Tom Birkenmeyer for introducing me to shakeology which made it possible for me to lose about 21 pounds so far – Tricia O’Neill look her up she is doing great with her weight loss and fitness!

I got good news. I lost 15 lbs. so far. I’m very happy about it. 🙂 Go Shakeology! I especially like it for breakfast – My friend Pam 🙂

two days w/o shakecology and my hands are back to shaking and fainting spells. I am Vit. D deficient and shakeology helped SO much. I haven’t felt like this since before I started drinking it. but i’m going to make a shake RIGHT now. I really can’t believe how much it helped me till now. – teah davids tellin me about the difference shakeology makes for her

After my coma I could barely move my hands( fingers/ toes still numb 6.5 yrs later) p90 from my wheelchair, then turbojam when i could stand again.. music moves the heart… and the feet, i could not thank them drs were amazed – My friend Ellen Wilson. Amazing story people are showing doctors up with TEAM BEACHBODY products

Emiko M – YUM! I got the choc shakeology last night and tried it this morning…VERY pleasantly surprised! I blended it with 1/2 banana, 1 T of natural PB, and ice/water.

Arlene Paraiso – Shakeology is like no other

Michelle Habada Bruenig – this is my 4th day having my Chocolate O’s! 4 days, down 3 lbs! Just wanted to share! I hope you are having a WONDERFUL TIME on your cruise! xoxo

Michelle Habada Bruenig – since I have started Shakology last Monday I am down 5lbs now. xo

i was a procrastinator too but when i finally tried it, it was everything Tom said it was and more! – Kimberly Williams

Cherokee Schill says, “I was pushing 215 when I started this. Im now down to 195. I still have 45 pounds to go. Drinking my Shakeology right now.”

I have hip dysplasia and arthritis in my knees and my husband has degenerative arthrits in his spine and all his joints. He also does P90X and is pain free. – Lisa And Dan Drinking Shakeology and doing their workouts living pain free. You’d think their story is a miracle it’s really amazing

Lisa Barron Kauppinen just called me to tell me the pain in her hips from her arthritis is gone! It’s a combination of Shakeology, Joint support formula, good over all nutrition, and exercise. She’s doing a combo of p90x, insanity and power half hour

Nicole Jones – I too had terrible migraines at least 4 times a month, now, NO MORE! woot!

I too had terrible migraines at least 4 times a month, now, NO MORE! woot! – Nicole Jones talking about Shakeology and the much needed relief it’s given her

Peggy M Kirk had a really AWESOME 1st experience. She says to me, “Got my Shakeology yesterday in the mail and this morning I tried chocolate covered strawberries… WOW is all I can say. Can’t wait to try all the recipes. I just got done with my workout and I can tell a huge difference by just drinking Shakeology one time. I am speechless it felt like I had extra fuel inside me I am completely amazed.”

Brent Towle told me that his problem knees are 90% better after only four days of Shakeology

“the plateau has been breached!!!! After 3 days on the Shakeology cleanse I am down 7 pounds!!! and I feel GREAT! Stuck in a rut? Need to get things moving get you some Shakeology and bring it on!!” – Jennifer Chubb

This isn’t that initial weight loss phase from starting something new. Anyone can do that. Jacqueline Koepfer enthusiastically shared with me she dropped yet another five pounds as she stepped on the scale this morning 🙂 And get this.. She’s doing it drinking something she looks forward to every day because it tastes so good and fills her up. Shakeology BABY! Way to go Jackie I’m proud of you 🙂

My friend pam very enthusiastically told me everyone around her is telling her she’s looking thinner and healthier all over including in her face and in her body. Pam is feelin pretty good about that! She can’t thank me enough for introducing her to Shakeology!

Down another 8 lbs. in the past 9 days! Creepin into the 270’s!!!! Feelin good and glad I decided to do this…total weight loss so far is 33 lbs! – BB coach Dan Siltala movin in the right direction with Shakeology and his BB workouts!

I find that when i skip a day without one i don’t feel as well, and my energy level drops – my friend Kimberly Williams talking about… You know 🙂

Elizabeth Karmenzind called me on the phone this morning and told me she has lost 60 pounds since being on Shakeology and she feels Healthy 🙂 That’s important! She’s not just loosing weight but she’s drastically increasing her health

Melissa Carney Mysinger shares on my wall with me – Four…Four….Yes 4 days on Shakeology and down…wait for it…wait for it…THREE pounds! Shakeology Rocks!

Daniel C. Lenegar called me on the phone today to tell me his skin looks and feels younger since he’s been drinking shakeology. Masculine men take care of their skin! He also said digestion is better, workouts are better, everything is better. My response to him was, “Dan that’s so cool your a dood and you noticed what Shakeology is doing for your skin!” LoL

My friend Lisa Barron Kauppinen VERY enthusiastically shares this morning – For the first time in 7 years, when I stand up straight and look down I can see my feet. WOOOHOOOO. Thank you to me for doing all the work, to Beachbody for P90X, Insanity, and Power Half Hour, and to Tom Birkenmeyer for introducing me to Beachbody. – You’re VERY welcome Lisa 🙂 *high five!!!*

Thank you Tom! I have to tell you, I was getting so frustrated at that stinkin’ plateau….NOT ANY MORE!! hehehe BRING IT ON! =) The only downfall to the Shakeology is that it is soooooo good I want more, but it fills me up so that I can’t even finish one serving!! Hahaha Gotta love that! I was at a plateau for 3 weeks and didn’t lose anything. The frustration is gone! =) – Jacqueline Koepfer

“I’m down 1.5 pounds after only one day on Shakeology!! AMAZING!! Especially since I plateaued and have stayed the same weight for 3 weeks! I’ll reach my first goal in NO TIME! I am going to get some rum extract tonight so I can try the Chocolate Bananas Foster recipe tomorrow! Woohoo!! I LOVE THIS STUFF!!!” – Jacqueline Koepfer

OH MY GOD!!! YUM!! way better than slimfast!!!! can’t wait to actually try some of the recipes!!! — this is soooooo good!! 🙂 – Danielle Renee Birmingham

I made a chocolate shakeology with a 2 shots of coffee and a tsp. of pure vanilla extract. It was fantastic as I knew it would be. My surprise was when my husband, who’s so not into healthy shakes tried it and said, “Wow I’m shocked. That’s really good. I don’t suppose you have time to make yourself one now?” – Melissa Mysinger

Jacqueline Koepfer remarks to me right after her first time trying Shakeology, “OMG! This shake is amazing!! Yum!! I did it with just almond milk 1st and loved it. Then I added pb and banana! Wow!” ©

“IT’S HERE! IT’S HERE! I just used almond milk and banana. Oh my gawd NOMNOMNOM. I may need another bag. I wish I taped my kids reactions when they tasted it. Unreal! I’ve never seen them react like that to drink/food, not even to candy/ice cream.” – Jeni Bellows and kids Day one of Shakeology

Denise Pearson Says, “The most effective baby step I have EVER encountered is drinking Shakeology. It makes other things fall into line for me… Whole food nutrition → sustained energy → more energy to workout → improved cardiovascular health → more effective workouts → weight loss and toning.” I like how you put that so sequentially Denise VERY cool

I’ve been drinking Shakeology for months, the taste and consistency is fabulous! I feel fantastic and I’ve noticed that since I’ve been drinking Shakeology every day since my surgery (my surgery consists of ALL my bottom teeth removed and bone shaved!) I have incredible energy and really minimal pain. I’m going back to the Gym tonight,the surgery was done on Monday of this week. I’ll be 55 March 6th. – Penny Tomei.

A friend of mine, Catherine Patin with A neuro disorder called Autonomic Dysfunction tossed her walking cane aside only TWO DAYS into drinking Shakeology. Told her doctor who is now VERY interested in Shakeology because of what it’s done for her. Smart doctor. Everyone with a similar condition as Catherine should try Shakeology for the same reason diabetics, over weight, migraine sufferers, Kidney stone sufferers, acne sufferers etc should all be trying to Shakeology. IT WORKS. You WILL live better and feel better

My Stella Awesome friend Char, “Whenever i am on i feel loads better! thank you again for recommending them for me with my busy schedule they rock! oh and hiiiii i miss your face!” – she misses my face 🙂 Sweet! Ohhhhh yes.. I shouldnt neglect to mention she’s talkin about Shakeology that I introduced her to. There is crack in it.

Only 1 week into it, “people tell me I look thin in the face I think I’m loosing weight too and its been a week” – This comes from Candice Adams who was brought in by my friend and coach Trisha Hanson. Wow only a week into Shakeology?!?! Proud of you both!

Tammy Sawyer very enthusiastically says, “I was eating raw and vegetarian, very active and kept gaining weight Shakeology took it off :-)” Well, wouldn’t you be enthusiastic to? Yes 🙂

Patricia Nazzal shares with my coach Stacie miller, “Thank you Stacey!!!! Finally I tried it!!! I actually was worried it would be like all the other nasty protein shakes out there….? However I drank it this am and absoutely loved it!!!! Its so yummy!!! Tasted just like a chocolate milk shake and better ;)” She’s talkin about Shakeology. Little does she know it’s not a protein shake but a full Meal shake 🙂

I’ve been using Shakeology for about 6 days now. I’ve got Chocolate and my wife has the Green Berry. I absolutely love it. – Ron Barnhart

Other “meal replacement” shakes that I’ve tried didn’t taste very good and I’d get hungry real quick. Shakeology has a great taste and what really surprised me was how well it fills me up. It actually fills me up more than the breakfast that I used to eat. – Ron Barnhart

I agree with Tom…the math is just too obvious to miss for those who really want to improve their health. Even beyond the money you can save, it would be so easy to make a healthy switch that would easily cover the cost. – Ron Barnhart

For example, how many people are buying 2 or more 20-oz sodas per day (I know I used to about 10 years ago)? Or, how many people go to starbucks once a day? Replace just one unhealthy item like this and all your doing is redirecting dollars you already spend. No additional output required and you replace a health-draining item with a health building item. For me, this is a very easy decision. – Ron Barnhart

I feel a huge difference when I miss making it in the morning…people that say they don’t need it should try it even for a week, then ask themselves that question again. As far as the money? If you add up the cost of all the food that a lot of people eat through out the day on the go (in a lot of cases fast food) they would save money in their lunch expenses alone, not to mention feel a thousand times better! 🙂 – Lilly Prinn

“You have to make changes in your lifestyle if you want to get healthy…. Shakeology makes it EASY to do that” – Kara Phillips. Kara started drinking Shakeology a while back she has a Beautiful and simple philosophy that supports her increased feelings of health and wellness. ANYONE can adopt a more supportive philosophy for a healthier life to LIVE better. Thank you Kara!

Went without it for a few days….just wanted to see how I felt without it…so here are the results: TIRED….YUKKY….ICKY….feel great now.hehehe! – Christine Gialamas contrasting a NON Shakeology life to a Shakeology life. Try Shakeology friends you’re in the dark without experiencing it if for anything else just to see if it’s a fit for you or not. 30 days to get a full refund. It’s 29 more days than you’ll need. That means you have no risk except the mental barriers in your mind. Get over them they block opportunity

“I’ve replaced my breakfast every morning with Shakeology so I know I’m saving money every morning. I have great results with Shakeology as well. I lost ten lbs with it so far and it does keep you satisfied for a long time” – Pami Rib!

we are adding the cost of vitamins we now take and wont have to take if we regularly use shakeology. It may end up saving us money. – Brent T. Brent is right! Going by the plenty of feedback I’ve gotten from my Shakeology users who are swapping other supplements Brent will save so much money he will actually come out AHEAD between $300 and $500 each month while drastically increasing his health. It’s pretty incredible

“I don’t need Shakeology” – EVERYONE who hasn’t tried Shakeology making statements in the dark without foundation

This Just in from My buddy Brent – “tried my first day on shakeology this morning. Went almost eight hours with out needing a meal. Normally I go into a carb crave when I go more than four or five hours with out eating. Lots of good stuff in Shakeology. Very balanced. Brain food, cancer fighting, circulation improving, vision enhancing, cholesterol lowering and more. All in one mix.”

I am constantly amazed at what people will put in front of their kids. Chicken nuggets? (Watch Food, Inc.) Multi-Grain Cheerios? (More sugar than regular cheerios) Juice boxes which are mostly sugar and dyes? I’ll take the Shakeology for my kid, thank you – Carl Daikeler

I am writing to tell you that I went to a girlfriends house out in Lake Tahoe and saw choc. shakeology in the fridge. I asked if I could taste it and so she made me a shake and I have to say that it was truly yummy!!!! She had baby twin girls 7 months ago and has been drinking shakeology and has lost all her weight and then some and feels absolutley terrific. Even her facial blemishes she has had since childhood have magically cleared up. I am sold, so when I get back, lets order me some up. I’m looking forward to all the health benefits that it has to offer. – Traci Placko Larson

My friend Jessica texted me, “I’ve been drinking Shakeology daily for the past month and I’ve noticed even on the days I don’t have it I can’t eat barely as much as I used to. It seems like I get filled up and satisfied much quicker and with a lot less food than I used to. I noticed that on my mini vacation this past weekend”

My friend Letitia just got her first bag of Shakeology in the mail. She raved to me about how already her energy is up, she feels less bloated, her workouts are more invigorating, her pants already feel better and she is IN LOVE with the taste 🙂 Anyone who feels the cost isnt worth it is loosing their mind on some self torture style diet. That’s stupid! Letitia is a genius 🙂 Way to go Letitia!

My friend crystal came out to the shakeology tasting tonight. Just one eighth of a serving of Shakeology and the heart burn she was in the midst of rapidly went away. A few hours later, still gone! 1/8th of shakeology! And the taste of the chocolate shakeology she agreed was BLISS 🙂

Cherokee Schill says – “I am another pound lighter and feel stronger thanks to P90X and Shakeology. That makes 13 lbs. lost in 40 days”

My friend Lisa Barron Kauppinen told me she lost ten pounds last week. She cut out a lot of cheese and unnecessary fatty food from her nutrition AND she’s drinking Shakeology. Way to go Lisa!

“I feel better, look thinner, but most importantly I’m healthier. One of the best things I ever did for myself was start Shakeology. 🙂 I’ll talk to you soon.” – Pam Lawbaugh

“Tom, is 9 lbs in 3 weeks post worthy?” – Lilly Prinn. She’s talking about shakeology… But of course she is 🙂 And last week she told me her migraines are gone

My friend and fellow BB coach Stacie Storm Miller is getting ready for her first figure competition in April. Stacie is in her forties! She drinks shakeology and does her BB fitness programs. I’m so proud of her!

“Ever since I started drinking Shakeology I no longer have panic attacks so I no longer need to take Valium anymore!!! Valium causes weight gain because it makes me crave sweet stuff – Elizabeth Karmenzind

Cramps are way easier to deal with, Migraines are GONE, and skin is purging producing the healthiest most beautiful skin ever. – Elizabeth Karmenzind

I have to agree the cost hits u in the face until you look at the money you do spend on food and on junk thats no good for your body. Will be trying Shakeology – Karin Earhart

“I lost 6 without doing anything..I’m feeling great!! I never cared for exercising before and I am even feeling more motivation to do that!! It’s awesome :)” – Tina Quardokus

“Hi tom just wanted to say thanks again. after 1 week on shakeology I lost 7 pounds. that’s without working out. hopefully I can start that by the end of the week if I heal fast enough. thanks again.” – Jarame Baldwin

“Ok, so, I tried shakeology today with Lizzy. She made it with skim milk and nothing added. She knows how much I am into chocolate, so she decided to let it stand on its own. It really tastes great. I was expecting more along the lines of a slimfast taste only less chalky. I was not expecting it to taste as good as it does 🙂 keeping this in mind, I have a story to share with you… My daughter is 16 and has an aversion to anything remotely healthy for you. I walked out of the kitchen with my shake in hand and before I knew it, she sucked down over half of it and I had to make another…later we were talking about working a plan out for me until I can afford it on my own and Kaytie says “Why you wanna drink nasty health dinks for anyway?” to which I said “That nasty health drink sure didn’t seem to bother you when you drank most of it earlier…” Wide-eyed and shocked she turns to me and says “Oh…” – Lilly Prinn

Before I fell asleep tonight the kids were all excited about making Shakes!! Yep, Shakeology is a hit here.. Not sure if they’ve noticed yet but I haven’t heard any complaints about soda and junk food gone from the house. I’m loving it!! – Tina Quardrokus

I am astounded at how good I feel today after 1 workout and 1 4 oz Shake that Daniel Kauppinen and Lisa Barron Kauppinen shared with me last night after fit club I had an amazing time so happy I finally just did it so good to meet u in personn your awesome – Carolyn M Gorsuch

“I think there is something magical in Shakeology. I’ve been devoted to one shake every day for a few weeks now. Regardless of my circumstances I feel so alive and so full of ideas for my life. And it all seems within reach which is so awesome to think about!” – Andrea Howard

“Since starting Shakeology the number of sugary sweets requested by my kid’s as dropped significantly. Elena used to tell me that she had soda cravings. I remember having those as a kid too. With Shakeology our blood sugar has stabilized and those weird cravings have totally ceased.” – Cherokee Schill

Guess what got my son out of bed this morning? not the bribe of mcd’s after dropping auntie lilly off, but of a shake!!!! Thats so awesome. Has’t been spazzy at all today either. Total calmness and focus. – Lizzy Bellsmith talking about Shakeoilogy.

The differences I saw surprised me. My hair was growing faster, looked healthier, my skin was not as dry as it had been in the past, I had increased energy, I was not as irritable I lost my craving for junk food, and it contributed to my 25 lb weight loss 🙂 It is a staple of my diet that I cannot go without. It tastes amazing and is good for me. Does it get any better? – Stephanie Stafford Barry on SHAKEOLOGY!

“I can get my daily chores done with ease and still have energy left over for all the other things I enjoy.” – Audrey who lost FIFTY POUNDS, has more energy and feels so good. Way to go Audrey

I was telling my friend about shakeology and how I have not had soda or chocolate craving’s since being on it. I like the “it really fricken works!” bit. 🙂 That should be the official slogan. – Cherokee Schill

I am loosing weight and love the shake it really fricken works! – Ashlee Rosko tellin me about shakeolog

“A liberated,healthy chocoholic. I like that! :)” – Pam Lawbaugh … I introduced my friend Pam to shakeology a few weeks ago. I wonder if she’s liking this weight loss and getting healthy plan 🙂

“My hair/nails grow like crazy. I heal faster. I rarely get sick anymore- and if I do- it only last half as long. I have ENERGY all day!! Lowered my cholesterol! Do I look like I’m about to turn 46??” – Angela Gee Bray

“started Shakeology on Sat. and lost 6lbs already…and still working out!!!! Thanks again dude!!” – Dan siltala. He told me he’s down 10 pounds since he started a short time ago

I just talked to my friend Catherine Patin over the phone she told me she just started drinking her shakeology yesterday and today, 1 day later, she had so much energy she didn’t need to walk with her cane 🙂 This is why I’m a team beachbody coach!!!! And now she wants to help all her freinds get healthier and feel better. That’s a pretty sweet deal right there to pay it forward

“I myself lost 6 pounds the first week too. I feel better, I have more energy and I have not had any cravings since starting shakeology. I was able to pass up the xmas candy clearance isle. A before unheard of feat. :)” – Cherokee Schill dropping weight from fat and getting healthy the EASY way and setting herself up for LONG TERM success 🙂

I’m psyched! I got on the scale this morning and I lost 6lbs! And its only the 1st week. I have a Shakeology for breakfast or lunch. Tom you’re probably sick of hearing me say it but, I can’t sing Shakeoloy’s praises enough. I was 1 of the worst eaters on the planet but, you got me on the right path. – Pam Lawbaugh

“I did not require a meal/snack for several hours. and bonus MONGO NOT GASSY!” – My friend Laura F. Talking about Shakeology

“My G/F dragged me to one of her meetings.I was impressed with the product and info that was shared.I could see myself seriously replacing my indulgence of mountain dew and chocolate for this product.I googled this product and it is not a scam.I like it!” – Tina Quadrakus

“After about a month of drinking Shakeology I no longer have to administer insulin with my shakeology. This is really amazing” – My Mom. All of you need to realize how powerful this testimonial is from my mom. She is over 60, she is morbidly obese, and she’s been administering insulin for the past 20 years. This is Unheard of. Shakeology made the drastic difference for my mom

“Hi Tom! The Shakeology is delicious! I can’t say it enough. I agree 100%. Weight loss is easy and fun now. :)” – Pam Lawbaugh

“Oh. my. god. This is damn good. I think I’m likin this! Another really kool thing is that it didn’t have that icky after taste which most meal shakes have. Huge factor.” – my friend Kim Folta talking about her first Shakeology experience just this morning

“OH man that’s good! I wouldnt have believed it myself if I didnt try it. And I am VERY picky when it comes to chocolate” – My friend Laura who just tried chocolate shakeology for the first time. She just experiended a chocolate “O” and I witnessed it 🙂

“You’re 100% right Tom. Chocolate “O”. I’m gonna like this weight loss plan. :)” – Pam L. talking about Chocolate Shakeology 🙂

“I’ve been in SO MANY MLM and direct sales companies and people from different lines with all the others are SO cut-throat! It’s so awesome to be part of a company where people HELP each other no matter WHO’s line they’re in! Thank you so much! ” – Katie Peavy

“You’re 100% right Tom. Chocolate “O”. I’m gonna like this weight loss plan. :)” – Pam Lawbaugh

“I’ve been in SO MANY MLM and direct sales companies and people from different lines with all the others are SO cut-throat! It’s so awesome to be part of a company where people HELP each other no matter WHO’s line they’re in! Thank you so much!” – Katie Peavy

“Hey Tom!! I am lovin’ my Shakeology!! I have been on it since the 22nd of Dec, and have lost 5 pounds! I fit in a pair of pants that havent fit me in over 6 months! Cant wait to get exercising tomorrow and ready to lose more and more! Thanks again for your help!!” – Leah Burlington

My friend Jessica came into shakeology with me a couple months ago and now she is at her goal weight!!

“Tom, Oh My.. I just tried, Silk Almond Milk original, with a scoop of Shakeology, and then a full cup of frozen strawberries.. OH MY.. that is delicious!!!!! drinking it through a straw.. but oh my it is soooooo yummy!” – Pamela Holloway Swan

“Hey Tom! I made some of those no bake chocolate/peanut butter Shakeology cookies and they ROCK!! I have about one a day. I am addicted to them…hehe! Having one now….yummy!!” – Leah Burlington

“Dont want to get too excited but I have been on Shakeology for one week and the eczema on my hands that was really bad is starting to go completely away. I am feeling great, maybe only lost a few pounds but I feel lighter. I am sure when I start the workout program it will start to drop off! Cant wait to have my Chocolate O today with banana and peanut butter. Yum!” – Leah Burlington

“Alright! Another person who has had their eczema fade thanks to Shakeology. Shakeology took mine away!” – Drew Weyenberg

“So I started Shakeology about 5 days ago and it looks like I have lost 4 pounds and my tummy feels a bit flatter. I am feeling more energy already and I wake up energetic. This is the most nutritional food replacement out there” – Leah Burlington, Message therapist

“thanks tom. shakeology has given me my energy back. My dad says his love handles disappeared within a week. I love this stuff!” – Jessica Frank

“6 days into Shakeology and feeling GREAT! Tummy is even flattening out as I write this…not that hungry and getting ready to get my ass kicked next monday with my new trainer…hows that for goals?? Getting fit and trim and healthy in 2011! A lot of thanks to Tom!! Hugs!” – Leah Burlington

“I met with Mr. Scale and I am down 4 pounds!!!! The only thing I did differently this week was drink Shakeology..I even worked out less!” – Jennifer Chubb

“Hey Tom! Just got my Skakeology today delivered to my door!! Had my first shake and YUM, loved it! Made it with a half scoop powder, cup bluberries(frozen) 8 oz of fat free milk and some ice. It was so frozen it was like ice cream so had to wait a bit to drink it but it is tasty! This was a nice present to myself for a healthier me! Thank you again” – Leah Burlington

“Several things about doing the P90X workouts have gotten me really exited about them. Not only am I noticing that I am better able to do the workouts each time but I am noticing the long lasting effects as well. The best effect is that I am experiencing better mental clarity and an enhanced ability to focus” – My friend Denise Pearson 🙂

“There was such a difference in my energy, mood, and alertness a few days after starting them and I felt the difference a couple of days after not having one – withdrawals? YES! I think so!!! lol!! I want to feel that way EVERY day!!!!!” – Helen Becker talking about Shakeology

“I’ve dropped some weight in the short period of time I’ve been on it already but I feel satiated all day long” – Dr. Bill Morgan orthopedic surgery.

“my coworker is now a coach under me and her blood sugars went down and her cholestrol dropped by 30, she now has her hubbie taken it too….awe the wonders of the shake : )” – My friend and fellow coach christine paying it forward and getting people she loves and cares about HEALTHY in REAL measurable ways with Shakeology 🙂

“Shakeology is really getting the job done. I’m diabetic and my blood sugars are Absolutely BEAUTIFUL I don’t even have to take insulin with it. I’m craving junk food a lot less to and I just feel really good” – Joyce Birkenmeyer. Hey that’s my own mom!

Shakeology gave me the digestive health to be able to go off my colitis medications. I am off my medication and don’t have a future appointment scheduled with my GI doctor because I’m doing great! – Kristin H. She’s from Lincoln Nebraska. I love her story

“Tom I haven’t broken a nail since I’ve been on Shakeology. My hair is also growing faster and my skin looks beautiful I’m getting compliments now! I only wanted this for health reasons these are nice bonuses” – user insisted on anonymity but look through my monstrously growing journal of feedback this is VERY regular feedback from my Shakeology users

“Turbo,P90X,Chalene Extreme have sculpted my body from a flabby, fat, depressed, unhealthy TIGHT size 14 to a toned, healthy, strong, glorious size 6 jean, which BTW is now loose!!!!!!! That’s 8 sizes!!!– Shevaun Williams

“So far this year I have lost 25 and 13 inches and with that, by the end of this year I have people donating to the SPCA for every inch and/or pound I lose! I’m very excited. I just started my own hybrid which is mainly P90x and INSANITY with some Turbo Fire in there. – Meg Johnson

“Check this out: I started at 232 pounds (give or take a couple of 10!) Couldn’t figure out WTH was going on! Found out I had Hypothyroidism. I got educated on the disease and the body, became a CPT, bought TurboJam, and became a Beachbody Coach. Although its a constant battle, my mind is at ease knowing that I have all the tools I need! How’s THAT for cheering u up? It sure worked for me!;-)” – Karen Williams

“I Had my entire colon removed, inside parts reconstructed (illeal pouch to anal anastomosis – or j-pouch…look it up!) and thru Beachbody, Turbo Jam, P90X , I am probably in the best shape ever. Had my doctor tell me last year I’m probably the healthiest patient he’ll see all day!” – Josef Koelbl III

“My legs hurt less, I loose weight, and I feel all around better when I’m drinking Shakeology Tom” – Elizabeth Karmenzind

“Tom, I have only been drinking them for a week and I can tell a difference in my energy levels and I have lost 5 pounds!!!!!!” – Darlene Crutchley

“chocolate Shakeology, banana and fat free plain Chiobani yogurt. MMMmmmmmm!!! 11 pounds and counting!!” – Maria caravati

“After drinking Shakeology I didn’t get hungry again until suppertime. I didn’t eat any snacks at all” – Pam Lawbaugh

“It was either a weight watchers bar or a Shakeology. Shakeology is so much more satisfying so I went for the Shakeology instead of the weight watchers” – Joyce B.

“I feel much better in the morning after that shake than I normally do after eating a regular meal. The regular meal thing is too heavy to eat at night, and the shake was filling, but not too heavy. Cool!” – Greg Debois

“Hey Tom, having my first Shakeology shake. Delicious!” – Greg Debois

My friend Megan told me shes been loosing a bunch of weight and has more energy so she’s lovin her workouts to. Megan is drinking Shakeology

fibromyalgia & Lupus… A fellow coaches mom has both of those working against her. Shakeology has been a godsend for there family. She hasnt worked out in the past twenty years and now she and her son are in there 3rd week of P90X!

My moms friend Jonnie, she’s 70 years old and just started drinking shakeology one week ago, is suddenly being asked by all her friends what she’s doing to loose weight and look so great! She enthusiastically tells them, “I’m drinking shakeology!”. She’s 70 years old and still doing what she can to be healthy 🙂 I’m so proud of her! She says she thinner than ever and feels wonderful

“Since starting on Shakeology, my hot flashes have completely stopped!” – Angela Gee Bray

“Since being on Shakeology I can look back and see that my overall mood IS better. I’m more positive, I have more energy… never fatigued. I no longer get times when I have that “I wish I was elsewhere” kind of feelings where I want to escape out my own skin. I ENJOY being who I am now” – Angela Gee Bray

Russ started drinking Shakeology for lunch 10 days ago. He has lost 6 pounds as of this morning. Way to go Russ!!! – Denise Pearson (Russes Wife who’s also loosing weight drinking a tall glass or two of Chocolate Awesomeness every day = shakeology)

“People are already noticing the weight loss and I am already feeling the improvement in my energy, sleep, and GI activity levels” – Kashmir A. Jackson

“By the way, I’ve got everybody elses shake (Arbon, Isogenix, herbalife, etc) I have ALL of them and SHAKEOLOYG IS THE ONLY STUFF THAT FILLS ME UP, Gives me GREAT energy, and satiates me so I don’t eat more. It’s an AWESOME product ” – Mj Durkins talking aboutshakeolgy and how every other shake kinda sucks. That’s many of you, TRY SHAKEOLOGY You may think you already know but you don’t know JACK 🙂 Just sayin

My blood labs came back fabulous last month! I have to take over 30 vitamins a month and everything was always low. This past draw almost everything was spot on and the only change I made was the Shakeology. It is awesome. – Lyndia Horton Wagner

“Hey Tom, My Dad has taken Shakeology for several months now and has sustained good BP readings without his high blood pressure meds!” – Tom Nord

“Wow, this is really good the taste is amazing. I’m already starting to feel better to.” – Candice Joseph

TOSS OUT THE MEDS….. Joe Tostanoski wrote: P90X day 64: great news! The Dr. just called and I am now officially off ALL meds! No more Blood pressure and no more cholesterol! WOO HOO! If I can do it then YOU can do it! And it only took 60 days! Now I just have to simply maintain this life style and keep pushing play! Thanks to my wife and my coach, Troy and everyone who inspires in this challenge! Thanks guys!

Two of my TurboFire users, Stephanie and her husband, (only 3 weeks in) just told me that she and her husband are sleeping better, clothes are too big pants are falling down, fitting in there new clothes much better, feeling much better throughout the day… They can’t believe how great they feel after just three weeks 🙂 I recommend that you should get TurboFire

“My wife does p90x and I can hardly keep up with her! – President Obama talking to our founder carl daikeler! The first family does p90x 😉

Shakeology – It makes ya poop! If my grandfather were still around he’d be first in line for this awesome stuff because he use to always say, “there is nothing that a good sh*t can’t take care of” LoL I miss you grandpa

“I feel better than I’ve ever felt before in my life. Not even when I was in my teens I felt this good” – Teri Thomsen

Got my first shipment of Shakeology! oh yeah here we go. Tom Birkenmeyer was right it really is heaven in a glass! – Teri Thomsen

“In just 3 days I’m feeling better, less hungry and more energy along with tasting fabulous! I blend it on aerate with fatfree milk and ice. The chocolate is just great and I’d suggest it to anyone contemplating a healthy change in lifestyle. I’m looking forward to more progress! Absolutely,be my guest! I’m a Diabetic and I drink it for breakfast and lunch then a regular dinner. I’ve also noticed that I don’t NEED to eat so often because of all the nutrients that are in the ingredients. Like I said it’s only been three days…and wow! To top it off, I’m 54 years old and a die hard skeptic.”- Penny Tomei

“Team BeachBody has changed my life …. I have lost 20 pounds and close to 10% of bodyfat on P90X, P90X Plus and Shakeology” – Diana MacCargar

My buddy Dan Kauppinen told me he use to pass a kidney stone every day till he started drinking Shakeology and working the P90X home fitness program. Just one week into it most of his chronic joint pains are also gone to. In the first week and a half of Shakeology and P90X he lost 15 pounds AND he’s already gaining some really nice shoulders and arms definition!

My friend Jen called me on my cell phone a few minutes ago to tell me for the first time in her life her Iron Levels in her blood are Normal. She and her doctor are very happy 🙂 She’s attributing that to Shakeology

“Team BeachBody has changed my life …. i have lost 20 pounds and close to 10% of bodyfat on P90X, P90X Plus and Shakeology” – Diana MacCargar

“I went from A1C of 6.5 (diabetic) to 5.6 (not diabetic) due to Shakeology, and my chiropractor went from 6.7 to 5.5 in just one month. She is loving the results! Became a coach after 2 months of such good results and weight loss. Good stuff!” – Gwyn Morasko

“My endocrinologist shook my hand and wrote in my file to stop eating morning oatmeal and just drink Shakeology instead since it is the magic bullet for me! (Oatmeal can be healthy for some people, but not if you battle diabetes or grain allergies! Thank goodness for Shakeology!)” – Gwyn Morasko

“Shakeology helped me get off Diet Mountain Dew. Thank you Shakeology.” – Lisa Kauppinen

“Hardly any cramps for me either ~ I thought it was because I was eating right also ~ no junk, sodas, caffeine etc.” – Paula Woody

“Its only been a month but I hardly cramped this month!” – Denise Forte

“Since I gave up soda and started on shakeology I’m able to fall asleep and wake up at a normal time now” – Lisa Kauppinen

“Got the results from my very first blood test today! The Doc said, “Everything looks great, Excellent in fact!” I’m so thankful I have Shakeology to keep me on track.” – Stephanie Snider Hale

“I am surprised by the fact that I can feel allergies and they make me sleepy but that is all I am getting from them. thank you Shakeology” – Lisa Barron Kauppinen is a very happy Shakeology user. Look her up she is on my friend list 🙂

“I was on a lot of medication all the time for depression, pain, etc… and I just don’t need it now. I didn’t need it after about 2 months” – my friend Esther Bush talking about Team Beachbody products and how positively impactful they are

“One week of Shakeology, all the stress felt better and my body started feeling less ill. It’s amazing how healthy a silly little shake can really be” – Elizadeth Hetherington

I just returned from a 6 day 42 mile hike crossing 9 thousand vertical feet. Shakeology kept me going better than my co climber’s muscle milk and other supplements. I’m the only climber that didn’t “bonk” from exhaustion. I’m also the only first timer out on a difficult climb like this one. Shakeology is now field tested and PROVEN to yield the best results and nutrition. – Troy Cantrell

“Found a cure for that morning cigarette craving. After a shakeology my cig craving went away. It’s been four hours since I had my Shakeology and I still don’t want a cigarette!” – Lisa Barron Kauppinen

Ok I am a believer, I feel really good, can see my abs again and my hair probably grew another half inch in 3 days. I woke up thinking I wouldn’t want shakelogy for breakfast but in fact I did and I still enjoyed it. Great stuff. Seriously I am excited and think people should consider shakeology as an alternative to rogaine! – Kate Walker

“I’m back in my “skinny high school jeans” Haven’t worn these in awhile:) Thanks SHAKEOLOGY” – Tammy Sawyer

“My two & a half year old begs me for “mommy’s juice” (aka shakeology) every day” – Lindsey Ann

“my boys beg me and stephen for shakeology every time we have ours.” – Julie Thompson Barnes on Shakeology

“I quit smoking cigarettes and i quit drinking. I thought it would be really hard to quit but for some reason beings that I’m trying to get in better shape and the Shakeology and working out I have no craving to drink or smoke.” – Mitzi Serenity Harrelson

“So proud of myself. Thanks to my sister and Shakeology the weird old bird that everyone knows me as, or the crazy old lady that lives on the hill, has lost 18, yes I said 18 pounds!!!! Whoop,Whoop for Shakeology.” – Lisa Bush Dobbs

“I had 4 or 5 STUBBORN pounds a few months ago that would not go off of me! finally lost them with my Shakeology meals. It is true!” – Trisha Hanson

“I was stuck for over a year and my weight was slowly creeping back up. I added one shake a day plus my workouts and the weight is coming back off again =:) I am down 8 pounds in about 4 weeks and feeling great!!!!” – Cindy Smith Hale

“I thought about the cost of the dvds compared with the cost of buying a whole new wardrobe and that’s what made me realize it was a no-brainer” – My friend Ann who ordered P90X from me putting it in a way I’ve never heard it before. It’s a brilliant point to be made especially considering most people are really strapped financially

“Hey Tom, I got the shakeology yesterday and tried it out this morning. Wow! You were right about the taste. It’s much better than I was even expecting.” – My friend Jennifer Hard just got her first bag of Shakeology and loves it. Are you still on the fence? Just do it you’ll be glad you did. Call me / write me I’ll help you get the most for as little and any freebies available

“I feel SO great!! Energy and just… Everything! I feel alive. 🙂 Yesterday I worked out, worked all night, got home and still had tons of energy! It was great. I am already getting better. Best feeling ever! I feel… Addicted. Haha. I def want more!! :)” – Lindsey Ramey-Radakovich

“I finally got my Shakeology – chocolate. And yes, u were correct all along Tom, it’s very good. I make like a frappe` – like Starbucks with crushed ice.” – Patricia Raviolos

If you stop challenging your mind and body you will loose your freedom to varying debilitating problems. So then why must so many let their mind and body rot in the name of Freedom?

“My energy is up, my weight is down and I can’t say enough about the hair, skin, and nails. It’s Shakeology. It works.” – Susan herrold

“Before Shakeology, I was taking 2 meds for HTN. After just a couple of weeks, I began to notice my blood pressure was within normal range.. I thought my digital BP checker needed a new battery, so, I changed ’em.. That confirmed… SHAKEOLOGY really works! Now, I am off from the medicine/s and worry-free because of SHAKEOLOGY!! I never missed a day without taking a glass.” – Amyla Apostol-Tadios

” I’ve been using Shakeology since before my pregnancy and continue to use it (I’m due in 2 weeks) and unlike most pregnant women, my blood pressure is on the low side of normal. Each time I go in I’m around 100/60 or less. High blood pressure during pregnancy is life-threatening so my doctor couldn’t be happier.” – Katie Peavy

“My skin has never been more smooth and those little bumps that started growing on my nose for the past ten years are finally starting to heal! The only thing I changed is I’m not drinking SHAKEOLOGY every day” – Trisha Hanson

“I use considerably less make up now because of what SHAKEOLOGY is doing for my skin, even during that one week out of the month” – Jennifer Edwards

“For the first time in 5 years my blood-work is “normal”. The only change over the past 5 months has been drinking Shakeology consistently. Also when I’m a bit tired I’ll have one and it seems to help “pep” me up too :)” – Rich Taub

“My experience with Shakeology has been great…When I first started drinking it regularly I really wasn’t thinking about anything in particular that I needed to improve…I was already in the best shape of my life plus I was eating healthier than ever…taking my vitamins every day etc… Well after about 3 months or so…I realized that I was no longer suffering from MIGRAINES! WOW….the ONLY thing that I had changed was adding Shakeology to my nutrition plan! Since then I have not had one migraine…I know Shakeology is the reason! I love this stuff!” – Cindy Sellers Ward

“I have no scientific proof of course can’t claim to be off meds or have b/p or cholesterol down but I did not have a cold or the flu at all this past winter! That just doesn’t happen to me. Started Shakeology in the fall! I just know what I know.” – Michelle White

“I liked Shakeology from the first time I tried it. Started with chocolate and moved on to greenberry and love them both. But the body does need time to adjust to any change in diet. Especially if it’s not used to healthier foods.” – Michelle White

“I am on day 8 of Shakeology and I haven’t had such an energy packed week before in my LIFE!! I LOVE it!! I am coming home from work with ENERGY. I am getting done with a workout with ENERGY, and I can workout longer and harder because of all this ENERGY! I love it!! The motivation and my concentration are through the roof as well!! I LOVE THIS STUFF!!!” – Jen Bontrager

“Gives me more energy and I love the idea of starting my day by putting 70+ healthy vitamins and nutrients in my body. This is the only time it is GOOD to have a chocolate shake for breakfast!” – Doug Dergan

“Shakeology is not only delicious and gluten free (I have Celiac Disease), but I have found that I have more energy, my skin has become smoother and clearer, as well as loosing 4 stubborn lbs. I feel that it is filling in ‘blank spaces’ with nutrition in my body.” – Trisha Hanson

“the differences I saw surprised me. My hair was growing faster, looked healthier, my skin was not as dry as it had been in the past, I had increased energy, I was not as irritable I lost my craving for junk food, and it contributed to my 25 lb weight loss 🙂 It is a staple of my diet that I cannot go without. It tastes amazing and is good for me. Does it get any better?” – Stephanie Stafford Barry on SHAKEOLOGY!

“I have had more energy, lost 4 stubborn pounds, smoother skin, and have more energy” – Trisha Hanson Talking about Shakeology

“I had a friend try Shakeology the other day and she asked me “What’s in those shakes? I had so much energy”! Well, no stimulants of any kind…just good nutrition and LOTS of it!” – Judy Jarrett Zavislak

;)”2 inches off the waistline in 17 days while drinking SHAKEOLOGY:)” – Tammy Sawyer

“my total inches lost for May was 6.37 overall 🙂 how cool is that….and the total weight loss for May was 6.5 pounds I believe I am okay with that :)” – Jennifer Chubb

“I’m doing great! Almost done with week 2 and can already see changes. I’m really committing myself to the program and keeping the nutrition part up as well” – Brian J.

“I started my nutritional program and it is going very well. I really like the Brazil Butt lift program. When I do it, it really works and I see results” – Carla

“I am down 4 pounds so far on my 2nd Day of the 3 Day Cleanse. I even had to “cheat” a little and had a small steak with my salad last night instead of chicken. I feel great and I am not cranky or starving!!!” – Melissa Hudgens.

“I have Celiac Disease which means that Gluten destroys my digestive system. Shakeology is gluten free, and it has felt really wonderful! DELICIOUS on top of that!!” – Trisha Hanson

“In the last month I have lost those stubborn 4 lbs!! It keeps me full and I have also saved on groceries because I am not eating the same as I did. Another thing is that I feel more energy and my skin is really looking nice!” – Trisha Hanson Talking about SHAKEOLOGY

“Best part about Shakeology for me is the reduced cravings. Plus it tastes great. I have more energy too. No more 3 o’clock coffee for me!!” – Debra L.

“thinks it is an awesome thing when you put your jeans through the dryer and they still too big!” – Rebecca Huffman-Reiter

“I just got done showing Shakeology to my Doctor. He’s a Vegan/raw foodist and he flipped when he saw it. Other than the whey, it’s everything he already makes on his own. Said it was the absolute best thing I can put in my body. We did a test of my cellular health and I was in the top percentile! yeah, I’m sold.” – Markus Zimmerman

“I may have been without acne for the most part but I never glowed… now at almost 40 I have both clear skin & a healthy glow”- Tabbatha Hartig on SHAKEOLOGY

“Tom, Ever since I started drinking Shakeology I don’t feel bloated anymore and I’m slimming down” – Lynn Baker Kumm

“I really do like the shakeology. I am the most hungry when I wake up and it is actually very filling and gives me a nice boost for the morning. My favorite way to drink it is blended with ice and frozen strawberries.” – Kate W

“Life is too short for us to watch our friends die early. That’s the TRUTH.” – Mike Thompson on his ‘WHY’ for being an Independent Team Beachbody Coach

“My son did a lot of Core Synergistics with me yesterday then said “Hit me with the Results and Recovery Drink, Mom!” So I made him a half serving and he says he isn’t sore today. We teach best by example!” – Kaz Akers

At this point in my pregnancy, the baby is sitting so high that he’s really pushing on my stomach making it really difficult to eat anything and giving me horrible heartburn when I do eat anything. Shakeology is one of the ONLY foods I can eat right now that not only doesn’t give me heartburn, but I can finish it and know I’m giving my baby the right nutrition.

“10 days, 4 lbs, and full of energy too! Keeping my goal in sight and staying focused on what I need to do to get there. Starting every morning with a workout and Shakeology is the first thing on my list :)” – Erica Becker

“Okay – so this part-time Beachbody Coaching thing is paying off nicely. I’ve been really working it only a few months now and I’m averaging $500/mo. Honestly – I’m a beginner. The next 6 months I’m really going to ramp it up. If you want in – I can help you. Can you use an extra $500/mo???” – Mike Thompson

my kids did the fit kids club video by Shaun T tonight…they loved it so much, they did both 25 minute sessions….ROCK ON!!!!

“Slimfast; What a joke! It’s like drinking Nesquik, it’s not a meal! It sure doesn’t give me the energy I use, so I end up eating more! Shakeology was the perfect meal replacement, and dieting wasn’t quite so hard when I had it around” – Elizadeth H. on the Awesomeness of Shakeology

“Tastes like a Rich Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge Sickle” – Debbie Siebers on Shakeology

“My husband saw the Shakeology sample you sold me and drank it. I didn’t even get to taste it. He loved it! We are going to place an order for a bag of Shakeology” – Carmen, Des Plaines Illinois talking about Shakeology 🙂

“I have to admit that I refused to try Shakeology for so long because I thought it was way too expensive but it’s actually save my family a lot of money now that we are all using it! Even my teenager!” – Christina M Sears & Family

“My hubby who six months ago swore up and down that he would never drink Shakeology and called it “crap” just started drinking Shakeology a week ago and is totally hooked and says he feels GREAT! The last two days he drank TWO of them!! trust me, if my stubborn hubby got convince (and it aint easy convincing him of anything) then you KNOW Shakeology is GOOOOOOD stuff!!” – Christina M Sears

“If you mix up the Chocolate Shakeology well enough, it tastes better than brownies. Thanks again for showing my mom and I Shakeology!” – Trevor, Kenosha WI

“1 year into our Beachbody business and every aspect of our lives have improved. ” -Dan & Cammie Lusk , Fellow Independent Beachbody coaches

“Shakeology hands down. Good bye stomach ulcer” – Jamie from Raleigh, NC

“Ever since I started Shakeology I haven’t had any acne breakouts and I’ve been struggling with that since I was 12” – kara phillips

“A first for me… finishing a workout and feeling like I got some more. Plus all that tension from work today has dissolved entirely” –Kara Phillips

“Beachbody and P90X helped me lose 50+ pounds and get in the best shape of my life.” – Chris Sauer

“This morning something told me to try on this pair of jeans I had bought back in February that were 2 sizes smaller than my starting size and guess what…THEY FIT!!!! I didn’t even have to suck it in :)” – Jennifer Chub

“So, Tuesday I was doing my Cardio X and my pants were falling down! And today… my pants are huge! I’ve had to tighten the belt like 4 times!!! YAY! I Love my P90X and Shakeology:-) ” – Amy Harper on P90X and Shakeology!

“Tom, I’ve got a customer that lost 7lb in his first 5 days using Shakeology and another 4lbs this last 2 days so 11lbs in 7 days! That’s the only thing he has changed. Still doing P90X, still eating the same things otherwise…he’s just replaced one meal a day (usually lunch or dinner) with Shakeology mixed with either just skimmed milk or unsweetened Almond Breeze!” – Jude Voiles, Fellow Team BB coach!

“I honestly could not believe the difference in my energy level. I also could not believe that my sweet cravings were gone…I actually feel the difference if I miss a shake one day; my body craves it. It is delicious and satisfying, I feel full after I drink it…” – Paula, NV

“I use to be addicted to Red Bull but stopped once I was using Shakeology. I feel healthier and I no longer crash and burn. I made a commitment to never go back to Red Bull or those energy drinks.” —Joanne, CA

Drinking Shakeology “my cholesterol was cut in half on my last doctors visit this month and the blood pressure medicine that the doctor tried to put me on was thrown away under the direction of my doctor!!”. – David, Oklahoma

“MY GF’S DR (YES DOCTOR) said she should try the SHAKEOLOGY and she has DIABETES! SMART DR!” – Stacie Miller (Shakeology user and fellow Beachbody Coach)

“I was so impressed with Shakeology that I became a Beachbody Coach.” – Teresa Heaney.

“I feel healthier on the days I drink Shakeology, which has to be every day for me.” – Mary Ann Kobes.

“Shakeology is a necessity in my life now. It boosts my energy and my metabolism.” – Beth Young.

“I had a few stubborn pounds to lose, and thanks to Shakeology I was able to do that!” – Mindy Kinsella.

“Shakeology is a great way to fight junk food and sweet cravings, increase energy, get regular, and it tastes fabulous!” Dottie Wood.

“HOLY SUPER DELICIOUS, BATMAN!!! I just made my first chocolate-peanut butter Shakeology….. WOW!!! I can’t believe this stuff is healthy for you… it seriously tastes like a shake from coldstone!!! 😀 I’m so excited!!!!!!!!!!” – Colleen McCalip.

“I’m not getting my groceries for free so Shakeology was already paying for itself I just had to sign up for it to begin reaping the health benefits” – Shakeology user Kerry from Idaho who saves $150 + a month in groceries and is 20 times healthier for it. She went on to tell me over the phone that even if she had to put out extra money for it the health benefits are more than worth it

“I have to agree with her! I tried it today for the first time and I was full after just drinking half the glass! Thanks Tom for introducing me to it!!” My Very Long Time friend Lorna on Shakeology. She wouldn’t kid me we go wayyyyy back!

“My doctor told me I could do the P90X workouts. So I am thrilled. He also said a lot of his patients have lost weight and improved their physical fitness and health in a dramatic way using P90X. So much so that he investigates the product and purchased it himself.” – Charles Morris

“I thought I really did quite well for DAY 1.. I surprised myself… It’s definitely unlike any other workout program I have ever done…” – Daryl Peterson

“I haven’t been able to run in 4.5 years due to an injury, but due to P90X I’ve overcome that injury by strengthening my foot and stretching it – I never thought this was possible. 20+ years of working out and I’m only 32 – as you can imagine, working out has been an integral part of my life and thanks to P90X it is once again at the forefront of everything I do. Amen!” – Elvis A. P. Sheehan

“I feel good naked. That’s how I feel” A very general Shakeology testimonial that keeps pouring in from mostly people I know and some from people I don’t know.

“I just posted about how ever since I started drinking Shakeology(6mo ago) I have not been sick once…not even a cold! I have been keeping this info to myself for fear of saying it out loud as that would be bad luck:)” – Pria Elisabeth Orth

Sampled Shakeology this evening to a lady who preferred chocolate over Greenberry and get this… She only had a sample, about 1/4th of a serving, and she went from feeling hungry to feeling totally satisfied. If you have any question about this meal replacement shake actually filling you up… MYTH DEBUNKED 🙂

“It’s not something I ever thought I had a problem with, but just 3 days into drinking my Shakeology I noticed less bloating, less gas, and just more comfortable in general.” – Jamie, IL

“I weighed myself this morning. I lost 2 more lbs! It is such a great help seeing the results so soon. It is a great motivator to keep me on my routine. Thank you so much for the encouragement to try this great product. Not to mention it tastes really great!” – Kimberly Skittles on Shakeology

Just one month later Kimberly writes me again…

“Trust me Tom knows what he is talking about I started Shakeology a month ago and I have so much energy. I can work out now and have lost 18 lbs since I started it is fantastic and it tastes great to. Thanks Tom” – Kimberly Skittles

“In January 2009 I was told by my cardiologist that I would need a heart valve replacement at the age of 40. The only consistent change I made was weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight with Shakeology. In December 2009 my cardiologist was blown away with his findings of my heart starting to “repair” itself. I was told that if I keep doing what I am doing, then the replacement will be delayed until I am 50. Keep in mind that the medication that was prescribed to me, I never took.” – Chad, NE

On Shakeology “I don’t feel like I have to take a nap everyday when I get home from work. With my thyroid disease I have a severe issue with energy. Thank You for helping me improve my life Tom” – My Long Time Dear Friend Tabbatha from Wisconsin 🙂 I love my friends and family so I introduce them to Shakeology

“Got my sample bundle in the mail today! YUM! Made a chocolate shake

straight up SHAKING it baby with some almond milk! Really good &

choco-lovely! No weird chemical flavors or any aftertaste = deee-lish!

Thanks mucho!” – Barbara Brown

“MY GF’S DR (YES DOCTOR) said she should try the SHAKEOLOGY and she has DIABETES! SMART DR!” – Stacie Miller (Shakeology user and fellow Beachbody Coach)

“I was so impressed with Shakeology that I became a Beachbody Coach.” – Teresa Heaney. What she doesn’t say here is that she is getting a $30 discount off her monthly Shakeology order! A lot of you are drinking Shakeology already. Consider signing up for the 25% discounts, click the Coach link, and save an extra $360 per year.

“I feel healthier on the days I drink Shakeology, which has to be every day for me.” – Mary Ann Kobes. I share her sentiment! Just for kicks and giggles I “experimented” one day by not drinking my Shakeology just to see if I’d notice a difference. I did. It’s just foolish to not feel good every day.

“Shakeology is a necessity in my life now. It boosts my energy and my metabolism.” – Beth Young. I know what Beth is talking about. Shakeology not only helps an over weight person loose weight but it also makes it Easier for me to maintain my excellent body composition. It makes my workouts much more invigorating! If you struggle with getting into your workouts try Shakeology it will help get you in the mood 🙂

“I had a few stubborn pounds to lose, and thanks to Shakeology I was able to do that!” – Mindy Kinsella. I know hundreds and hundreds of people with the same gripe about those stubborn last few pounds that just won’t come off! Consequently, not coincidentally, they have not joined me in team Beachbody and they are certainly not drinking Shakeology. Quit wasting your time and money and get some Shakeology

“Shakeology is a great way to fight junk food and sweet cravings, increase energy, get regular, and it tastes fabulous!” Dottie Wood. This is sooooooo true I hear this regularly from my Shakeology users. It is MUCH easier to eat healthy the rest of the day if you have a Shakeology feeding your body from the start of your day. Do you struggle with saying no to junk food? Get on Shakeology

“HOLY SUPER DELICIOUS, BATMAN!!! i just made my first chocolate-peanutbutter shakeology….. WOW!!! i can’t believe this stuff is healthy for you… it seriously tastes like a shake from coldstone!!! 😀 i’m so excited!!!!!!!!!!” – Colleen McCalip. Sounds like love at first taste to me 🙂 Get some and select the Free… shipping for life option

Drinking Shakeology “my cholesterol was cut in half on my last doctors visit this month and the blood pressure medicine that the doctor tried to put me on was thrown away under the direction of my doctor!!”. – David, Oklahoma

Christina M Sears

“I cancelled my gym membership about one month into turbo jam! At first I thought I needed the gym membership for the equipment…you know, treadmill and stuff but I actually saw more results in my body after one month on Turbo Jam then I did in 20 years going to the gym! Turbo Jam shrunk inches off my abs that I had believed to be “genetic” and nothing could be done about it! HA…so I wrote a letter to the gym and told them to cancel my membership ASAP! That was last march of 2009 and ever regretting it!!!!”

Connie Alexander

“Hey Tom!!! I did the first Insanity disk last night!! I was able to do all the exercises even with my knee issues. In fact, I have made so much progress with my strength and flexion range of my knee! I can almost bend it all the way! I have been able to do more on my own than what my therapists were able to do for me thanks to these programs!!”

Janie Hamlin

“I couldn’t get an hour glass look without the weight lifting.”

On Shakeology –

“Addicting! I just tried it for the first time almost a month ago. It really is that little piece of heaven everyday! So Good!”

Jessica Espinoza

Expectant mothers of twins on Yoga Booty Ballet for Pregnancy:

“I tried the yoga booty ballet for pregnancy and I’m in love with it. It is SSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOO wonderful it really helps you connect with your baby or babies in my case and it’s a great little cardio session!”

Tracy Boyd

“Shakeology a thing that you just have to try yourself….IT IS LIKE NO OTHER DRINK on the market! The taste is AWESOMELY DELICIOUS!!!”

Jimmy Nelson

“My dad for the past year or so has been in and out of the hospital for for multiple heart issues so I got him Shakeology. Two weeks after that I got a message from my step mom saying they have both been taking Shakeology, their digestion and regularity is better, they feel better, dad is moving around more, they have more energy. A month into it my dad goes back to the doctor and his doctor takes him off two of his heart medications, his cholesterol is down, he lost thirty pounds, I get to have my dad around longer because of Shakeology.”


“I feel more energized & lighter when I work out. It satisfies me for 2 – 3 HOURS. After my shake I have to remind myself to eat I am not hungry….it helps to regulate my blood sugar & my craving for sweets & chocolate. I have used metrx, eas, slimfast, ensure, myoplex and other meal replacement shakes and they just do not compare. The satiety is truly amazing!”

“I’m bi-polar/OCD and I use yoga, Pilates & exercise to fight depression. Without it I would be on meds and a mess. Last year I started turbo because I was deeply depressed & fat, my mom was dying & my dad was hospitalized. It was either the hospital for me or take charge of my health, so I took charge. My doc tapered me off the meds & helped me to channel the negative emotional energy into positive exercise. I conquered the OCD by confronting it. Beach Body, exercise & health are my passion.”

Katie Peavy

“I prefer the chocolate blended with milk and frozen berries. Some mornings I like to blend it with brewed coffee (or espresso) and ice. YUM YUM! I’m totally addicted to Shakeology!”

Tina Drake

“Tom, I have been sick since Halloween, I stopped drinking my SHAKEOLOGY like a wk before I got sick, just ran out of OJ so didn’t drink it. I just started drinking it again this week, guess what, this week I’m BETTER!!! SHAKEOLOGY ROCKS!!! I’ll drink it everyday for the rest of my life!!! Just wanted to share that with you!”

Kathleen Anstrand

“Shakeology, yummy, day 3 of Shakeology religiously & my cough & sniffles are almost gone, my ears are totally unstuffed and I feel 95% better! Great considering Sunday I felt like death warmed over. You know what else I love about the shakeology shakes? I didn’t believe it until I’d had it several days in a row, it really does stave off hunger for hours unlike anything else I’ve ever tried, usually if I eat anything loaded w/ vitamins like this, about 2 or 3 hours later, I get super hungry, but 2 or 3 hours after my shakeology, I’m totally not hungry!”

*my friend swears by the Acai juice from GNC, so she talked me into wasting over $20 on a bottle of it, I took 2 ounces a day for a month and felt absolutely nothing.”

Michele Kline

“I had my first Shakeology this morning and it is so yummy!!! I just did it with the choc and skim milk!!!! I placed my order this morning with my coach!!!!”

Emily Simonson Bouma

“I had my first Shakeology this morning!! I don’t think I’ve ever tasted something so good for me that tastes so YUMMY!!! IF you think this shake is anything like slimfast or any other weightloss/protein shake you have tried I can tell you you’re wrong!! I have never tasted anything like this. It’s really amazing that it’s actually good for you. I’m not selling it, have nothing to gain by convincing anyone, other than I know it’s good for you and you will benefit from it in so many ways. If you are wondering at all, TRY IT!!”

“P90X Recovery Drink: I notice a marked difference if I don’t use the recovery drink. My muscles are practically not sore at all if I use it and it tastes GOOD!”

“I am just amazed by these products. I have watched what I eat for all of my adult life. I’m a boxing coach and nutrition is a big deal to us. But, honestly, between the nutrition and the p90x workouts, I have never felt better in my life!!”

Lora Cummins

“I think Shakeology does greatly reduce menopausal symptoms”

Angela Gee Bray

“In addition to loosing weight, saving a ton of money in groceries, and feeling better Shakeology eliminated my hot flashes! 🙂 I started Shakeology in July of ‘09 and no hot flashes since! But right now I wouldn’t mind a hot flash or two as it’s only 18 degrees outside…brrr *laugh*”

A few months later Angela adds:

“I haven’t been sick either!!! My allergies still make me eye-itchy and sniffly sometimes, but NEVER SICK!! No colds, no flu, no stomach viruses, no sinus infections- nothing!! It’s awesome. Still now more hot flashes since before Shakeology and I’m 45 now!”

Karen Marie Powell

“I have noticed huge improvements on my digestive health and even though I used to have just occasional heartburn, I haven’t had it as long as I have been using Shakeology every morning for breakfast. I make mine with skim milk and I believe that the milk also helps out.”

Austin Demary

“I’m Type I Diabetic and Shakeology has been great. Never felt better in my life!”

A few months later Austin writes me again… “Just had my check-up with my Doctor and my HbA1c level and Cholesterol levels were the best they have ever been. He actually told me to chill out because I’m pushing myself too hard…not!!! P90X + Shakeology!!! I’m a Type I Diabetic and I have never been this healthy…even before I was diagnosed. Beachbody products are the real deal!!!”

Samantha B

“You just don’t know how grateful I am that you introduced me to Shakeology! Feeling good is something so many people take for granted. I haven’t felt at 100% in over ten years, so this is the biggest blessing I’ve had in over a decade. I think that’s unbelievable!”

“I thought it was going to taste nasty, like the protein shakes. I stand corrected! It tasted better than I thought it would. I only used water, can imagine how nice it would taste with soy milk. I actually wanted another one right after but gotta wait till tomorrow 😛 I want it to last till next month when the next comes, so I’ll have to show some restraint!”

Cammie Lusk

“Shakeology brought my body back to life!”

Stricken with Multiple Scleroses 11 years ago at age 28 & a Cancer patient. MS confined her to a wheel chair. Chemotherapy rid her of her cancer but also left her digestive system unable to get the nutrients from food she needed to exercise or even feel good. Shakeology turned her digestive system back on! The hospitals did not! Shakeology saved her life, no hype, no exaggeration. This one success story alone makes so many powerful points regarding the problems that many of us have and use against our selves as reasons to keep from even trying to achieve. The “I don’t have what it takes to get in shape” holds no water with any of YOU 🙂 Just sayin 😉

Annette MacDougall

“I know I haven’t touched my migraine meds since I started using it!! Shakeology has helped so many people! The Chocolate Shakeology with a few drops of peppermint extract is just like a York Patty! Another is Greenberry Shakeology with Cinnamon and Coconut extract!” – Annette on Shakeology

“I’m 51 years old and proud of it! P90X & Shakeology have changed my life. I have never felt better! I can’t say enough good things about how Team Beachbody can help anyone!” – Kaz Akers

Jennifer Chub

“After Just one month of Rocken Body her measurements showed a loss of 11 3/4″ overall including 4 1/4″ off her waist”

Lorna Walmsley

“I tried Shakeology today for the first time and I was full after just drinking half the glass! Thanks Tom for introducing me to it!!”

Pria Elisabeth Orth

“I just posted about how ever since I started drinking Shakeology (6mo ago) I have not been sick once…not even a cold! I have been keeping this info to myself for fear of saying it out loud as that would be bad luck :)”

Dave Prochaska

“I have not been sick at all since Shakeology in November! Usually get 1 bad cold from the kids in the winter sometime. Everyone else was sick but me :)”

Joyce Birkenmeyer (My Mom!)

“I use to get nauseated every morning and it was terrible. Only a few days into Shakeology I woke up without feeling nauseous for the first time in a long time! I have not had a nauseous morning since then and that was over 6 months ago!”

Amy Harper

“I just could not get the pounds off! P90X and Shakeology has changed that!”

Samantha B – on Shakeology

“For me personally, I am saving well over $200 a month from not having to buy the tons of produce every week. I am new to Shakeology, but I love it and already my friends are wanting to jump on the bandwagon. It seems like a lot of money to pay out for Shakeology at first, but when you’re able to cut out your produce if you are already eating healthy, you are going to save a LOT of money! And for the people who are eating junk food and hardly spending any money, even if you have more out of pocket expense, think of it as paying a little to have a few years added on to your life. How priceless is that? It’s so true, I really am. If I were to buy all the fresh food I would require on a daily basis, my grocery bill would amount to nearly 400 per month just for me alone. I know this because I have done it. I have had to skimp on nutrients and try to make it up by taking vitamins to save money but I ALWAYS physically felt like crap. Now all I spend on food for myself a week is around $30-$40, and I get everything I need! Add Shakeology in for about another $30 and even with those two combined, I have still cut my grocery bill in half. And I’m not missing out on any foods I love. That is with me buying everything I wanted to eat. (Non-healthy items excluded of course!) Now add in all my Dr. visits for health problems like high cholesterol, blood pressure, heart problems, general sicknesses which I will no longer have to worry about. Co-pays are around $20 a pop. I was having to visit the Dr. at least once a month, so drinking Shakeology is saving me another 240 a year in Dr. visits plus medicines are expensive. It gives me the energy I need to complete a workout, which gives my mood a real boost! So you can even potentially save on mood herbs and medicines like antidepressants. I’m sorry this is such a long post, I’m just so grateful for what good things Shakeology is doing in my life, and if you cut out one day a week of going out to eat, you’ve pretty much paid for it, even without all the other savings.”

Hey Tom,

I started the Shakeology about 6 weeks ago and within the first three weeks lost a total of 18 lbs. I have so much more energy and as you’ve seen last night I am now able to fit into clothes I couldn’t just a couple of months ago. I have higher self-esteem and it shows.

I decided to start my 14 yr old daughter on it who has a lot of medical problems one of which is failure to thrive and polytheistic kidney disease. My daughter was going to the doctor about 6 times a month due to her kidney stones and the doctor needing to keep an eye on them. I am happy to report that she is no longer considered at risk for the failure to thrive and is healthier then ever after 6 weeks on the program. But the most spectacular thing is she is now seeing the doctor only a few times a month and has had no sign of stones in two weeks. That is amazing. For the first time in years she is feeling like a kid and able to do the things a kid should be able to do without the pain and frustration of constant issues. Thanks for the information on the Shakeology it has been a blessing in so many ways.

– Kimberly S. Kenosha, WI

I have osteoarthritis in my hips & spine & my mom suffered so many broken bones.. She fell & fractured her pelvis, was unable to walk & died 8 weeks later… both ChaLEAN Extreme & P90X~ have contributed to a 37% bone density increase over the last 18 months!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lift ladies lift!!!!! I’m completely off the Fosamax & all pain meds because of TEAM BEACHBODY!!!!!

I rarely talk about my “stuff” cause it’s personal & painful.. but it needed to be told.. We watched her suffer needlessly…every time I have a dexa scan the tech & my doc are so amazed at how my skeletal has improved.. I still have small fractures and always will, but I’m building new bone! I don’t need to wear the posture bra anymore!! When I started ChaLEAN Extreme I could only do 12.5 in shoulder presses. Now I’m pushing up 22.5! Every time I want to give up I picture my mom cheering me on! She refused to do strength because it was too hard…if only…. my hips are stronger because I power walk 7-9 miles daily & do squats & lunges.. I will not give up or in! Keep moving it ladies!!! I owe it all to TEAM BEACHBODY!!!!!!!!!!! – Shevaun Williams

Team Beachbody (more specifically ChaLEAN Extreme) changed my life too. I broke my back in 2002 and suffered 7 years of excruciating pain, physical therapy that did nothing, and pain meds that barely took the edge off. I started ChaLEAN Extreme in Feb 2009 (today is May 7th 2010) and within the first week I was pain-free. I got my life back. My physical therapist couldn’t believe the difference in my range of motion in just one week. I went from barely able to lean back to being able to do a back-bend. For the first time in 7 years I was able to stand straight up out of bed instead of hobbling for 10 minutes first. – Katie Peavy

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