New Music

Blueberry Jam – An Improv jam piece Co-written, performed, and recorded by myself and Janet Schabow Stearns!  This marks the first and so far the only time I’ve co-created music with another human <3

Beauty in Dissonance

Watering Rainbows – Studio Version
Watering Rainbows – First take Live Video Recording!!!
“Ok THAT song is stunning. I was getting a Hawaiian Luau vibe and then Steve Vai showed up to the party” – Dawn Merrill giving me some of the most awesome colorful feedback ever.

Dystopian Nirvana

Nightcap Jazz

Pipe Organs From Hell

Two Clowns Fucking

Pipe Organs with Guitars From Hell

Elizabeth Bathory Wake Up and Die!

Fornication Under the Christian King (F.U.C.K.)

Cannon in the Key of T

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