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It’s important you know this isn’t just positive affirmations and ‘feel good’ mumbo jumbo.ย  This is about getting real results and changing lives.ย  Read from a few people who got started and are getting real results beyond just feel good ‘pep’ talks..

Kelly Burris is creating success here.ย  This part time Thing she’s doing paid her car payment in just one week her mortgage is next! In her words exactly – “Thank you Beachbody… one week of november I earned my car payment…..4 weeks to go!!!! Lets see if we can earn mortgage too!”

Ya know what’s cool if you’re a parent? To be able to put all SIX of your kids through college fully paid for so they don’t have that HUGE massive Debt on their backs after they get out and can actually begin getting ahead instead of becoming an indentured student the rest of their lives. My friend and fellow Coach Traci Morrow did that. She is pure awesome. Too many parents say they “can’t” because they are too busy raising their kids. YES YOU CAN! It’s not a law it’s opportunity and it’s available to you if you want it badly enough its’ there!

“Mortgage, done!!! That was just in one week! 4 1/2 weeks left of the month let’s see how big I can build my savings acct now.” – that was my friend Alice earning a big extra income with this lil thing on the side she still has her full time day job and she got physically healthy simultaneously!! NO ONE needs to be living paycheck to paycheck or broke in this economy.

Lorri Randle experienced two years of nothing.ย ย  She finally plugged in consistently.ย  Less than one month later she is already in profit mode!ย  You need to plug in and invest in yourself its far more costly not to.

Lyenne kemp ran her Home Business for three years with nothing to show for. After financially INVESTING in herself and plugging in consistently she finally broke out of that rutt and is a Diamond coach getting paid and getting out of debt.

My coach Melanie was selling personal belongings on Ebay a few years ago just to make ends meet. She made some changes and five years later she has officially grown her income by a million dollars.

I have a friend whose goal is to build a $1 million a year passive income while holding down a day job & Family at the same time just to prove a point about the “I have no time” excuse we tell ourselves. He’s doing it! God bless him man because when I became independently wealthy I FIRED my boss. I’m sharing this story because the biggest lie we tell ourselves is “I’m too busy”. Friends, time will never stop you from achieving success. Only YOU will stop yourself. With Love, Tom ๐Ÿ™‚

Marina Martini – “I am dedicating this to my incredible Coach Tom Birkenmeyer. He is such a clear human being filled with passion and belief! This is how I feel every single time we talk about life~ An end result, imagined clearly and acted upon with expectation will always force the circumstances necessary to bring about its own manifestation, no matter how unpredictable, unlikely, or even impossible those circumstances may have previously seemed…Like clockwork! At which point the one who did the imagining and expecting will be said to have “lucked out royally” by all those who don’t yet know how life really works….If it is time for a change in your life and you want some of this? ”

The Success Continues For Marina..
“What an unbelievable experience and opportunity! Shakeology where have you been all my life? I LOVE you!!!! Plus I have the most fantastic Coach on the planet!!!!! You can not fail if you listen to him and take action. I am telling you peeps if you are thinking about this from a health stand point there is nothing, absolutely nothing to think about. If it is $$ holding you back check your cart next time your at the store and I bet you can find $20 a week of crap that belongs in nobody cart or belly for that matter! This stuff will KNOCK your socks off! Then, as far a a business opportunity? I have been involved in MANY product marketing companies over the last 30 years and this Company stands on it’s own alone at the top by far! Who is not interested in better health? hotter bod (ohhhh yeah!!) and a support system that will rock your freakin world! Come on and jump on this party train with us. You will go place you never thought were possible! You can’t afford not to ๐Ÿ™‚ Oh! two weeks in and I am getting a pay check!! WOOOOHOOO! BRING IT!!!!!” – Marina Martini

One of my friends and fellow BB coaches hillary kelly is a stay at home mom with two young kids started up her own BB biz while her and her hubby were living pay check to pay check. Just wanted to get healthy and make enough to help pay the groceries. A year into this BB opp she makes more in a week than her hubby makes in a month so she retired her husband and reversed their roles!!! Hillary makes cheap youtube vids with her kids climbing all over her just to keep it real and show people what’s possible even if you have kids and not much money. Perhaps the Biggest LIE some parents tell themselves is, “I can’t start a biz because I have kids to take care of and don’t have much money”

I have another outstanding individual I just talked to over the phone Id like to Brag about. Jacqueline Koepfer Gets lots of financial help from the government because of her disability. Most people dont want to mess with that “help” and refuse to step up and break out of that government low bar. By her third month she was making $4-$500 /month. A few months later she now makes in a week what she use to make in a month. A year from now her goal is $2K a week. Shes doing it to LIVE FREE FROM HELP FROM ANYONE NOT FOR MONEY. Shes also in the best shape of her life now AND for the first time in 15 years shes taking a REAL vacation to an actual vacation destination this March. The Bahamas!!!

More Success For Jackie..
One of the ladies I’m mentoring, Jacqueline Koepfer, has literally doubled her income every month for the past 3 months. She is headed toward financial freedom. No more help from the government, no job, a totally self sufficient human being living a free life to spend her time how she wants no longer weighed down my time or money constraints. This is AWESOME. There were no special deals made. She just stepped up and started doing things most people are not willing to do, period.

“I gotta tell you, Tom…my life is amazing right now, just as it is…and it is so exciting imagining where this business will take me. I get giddy and giggly thinking about it. I can sleep again. I wake up excited to start my day. There are still struggles, but I trust I am on the right path…and the bridges leading back to my “old self” I have been systematically and ritualistically burning to the ground. There is NO WAY except forward and up, up, up!!!” – Mary Beth Freckmann Beachbody Coach extraordinaire making a difference!!

One of the individuals I mentor just told me she’s earned just shy of $500 in the past two weeks part time. Shes got a lot of other stuff going on just like all of you do and shes building a passive income that she OWNS which will eventually set her free!!!!!!! She’s also on disability soon to free herself of all government help and subsidies. Most people on disabilities don’t want to mess with that and would rather not own their own destiny but rather let the government own their own destiny. I’m so proud of the people who let me serve them to help them change their lives!!!!!!!!!!!!

Someone I’m helping, Pamela Holloway Swan, just opened up a vacation savings account cause she wants to travel more, a COLLEGE SAVINGS FUND for her daugters futures, an extra several hundreds of dollars per WEEK PART TIME from her home. Its not getting in the way of anything else shes got going on. She is so excited about Life & her daughters futures!!

Later from Pamela..
Pamela Holloway Swan, a lady in my team, has had a trip to the Bahamas in her bucket list for YEARS. Shes finally going! She says, “I’m having a blast making regular deposits into my bahamas acct and my kids college accts, from BB money! I love love love love love it! Plus treating me to some Silpada jewlery along the way!” Wow not just the trip but her Kids COLLEGE funds at the same time. I tell everyone they should start their own BB business it’s recession proof we’re proving it every day.

More success from Pamela..
โ€œIโ€™ve never had this much fun in any job/company, and been able to do so much in such little time! It only takes consistent small amounts of timeโ€ โ€“ Pamela Holloway Swan

Pardon me while I BRAG about another person again ๐Ÿ™‚ My friend Kimberly Savage-Pittman lost her job along with her main income. How’d she respond to that blow? She’s decided she MUST build her own home based business and guess what? She’s already getting paid ๐Ÿ™‚ Kim is doing what most people are not willing to do, that is, own there own income. Kim is gaining more than most people gain because shes willing to do what most will not do. I’m proud of you Kim!!!!! Cream rises ๐Ÿ™‚

My friend Jessica was interested in making some extra money on the side without getting in the way of her Full time job. Ummm… She’s accomplishing that Part Time in her Spare time an extra $500 for One Week. Jessica Frank you are an inspiration to EVERYONE struggling to make ends meet your story will ignite some fires in some people to go from struggling to Thriving with new Daily ACTIONS that line up with their big goals!

“For me personally as a Broke Jobless person I would have been Stoopid not to invest $39.95 into a new Beachbody business. That’s EXACTLY what I did when I was broke and JOBLESS. Fellow Broke people thought I was nuts. Maybe I was nuts. But they are still broke and I just declared my financial independence because I philosophically walked away from most people and ACTED on something they would not act on.” – tom birkenmeyer

“My Baby…all done with school:) All Beachbody now she is old enough to be a coach. No 9 to 5 for her. Then off to film school. So proud! 2 more to go!” โ€“ Doug Couch

“I cannot imagine keeping this wonderful opportunity for a healthier lifestyle to myself. I was thinking about the awesomeness of how I was feeling yesterday(only day 2!) and it came to me….I gave myself a gift, and that gift is a chance to become better from the inside out in every way, physically….Thank you, Tom.” – This comes from my friend & fellow Beachbody coach Rikki Lee See

“The whole idea of being able to be financially supportive of your family WHILE being there for your family is just amazing. The fact that so many have succeeded and have made themselves become healthier is just one of the best things that you could hear. And with the same system that has them getting healthier make money for it is the best perk of a job that you can have.” – This comes from my friend Morgan

Fellow BB coach Melissa Wedel says, “My check or next week is TRIPLE what it was this week” Money can’t buy happiness or make a person whole but it sure does solve a lot of problems. JOIN OUR TEAM and solve two huge problems for yourself…. Health and Income. We are proving this is the answer because we are actually doing it ๐Ÿ™‚

A little later from Melissa..
“My children will never have to endure not having their mother at home with them and for them ever again” – My friend Melissa Wedel. She gets to earn a lively hood for her home and family without being away from her home and family.

“Got my biggest check yet from Beachbody this week!” – Ilene Knopf Weinstein and it’s just going to keep going up, and up, and up, and HELLO FREEDOM. Join our Team Friends we are the 200 mph bullet train ๐Ÿ™‚

A client who wishes to remain private can keep her phone turned on because of this weeks beachbody check ๐Ÿ™‚ If she did not join TBB she’d be SOL! She left a very enthused message in my voice mail ๐Ÿ™‚ And guess what? Her weekly checks are going to grow much, MUCH larger she is going to move past merely surviing into THRIVING ๐Ÿ™‚

“Yay!!! My first Beachbody check came in today’s mail!! How awesome is that? I love mailbox money!! Thanks to my sponsor Tom Birkenmeyer for hooking me up with this awesome opportunity!!!” – user insisted on remaining private

Yes!!!!!! Another Triumph over the Stoopid Economy ๐Ÿ™‚ Be INSPIRED to Live INSPIRED friends ๐Ÿ™‚ “I’m a 5th grade teacher, but I’ve always wanted to be a ‘stay-at-home-Mom.’ Now, because of Beachbody, this is my last year teaching because I’ll be able to retire and be home with my family.” – client requested to remain private

“Now here is something BEAUTIFUL and Liberating, “I’m out of a Just Over Broke (J.O.B.) this year thanks to Beachbody! :)” – Client requested to remain private

One of the people in my Team just called me to say that by working her new Beachbody Biz PART TIME she was able to make just shy of $700 last month. This is an extra $700 in her SPARE TIME she is a very busy lady and is still building something that is growing and will eventually set her free. You CANNOT afford not to do this if you lack time, money, personal freedom… Perfect reasons to get started. Client requested to remain private.

“Finally! I’m not broke anymore :)”ย  She did the smart thing and joined my team now her financial burdens are beginning to completely disappear ๐Ÿ™‚ย  – client requested to remain private

– Tom
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Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coachโ€™s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill.

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