Your Own Nerve Center

A Nerve Center is a central hub of operations for your business.

This whole website ( is a nerve center that ties all of my social media pages, web pages, campaigns, causes, missions, and blogs together into one central Hub of operations for my business and over all online presence.  You’re here because I have a Nerve Center and I promoted it with some simple strategies that are working 24/7  even when I’m sleeping or vacationing.  You don’t have to be a web developer or understand code to have your own nerve center.  Ordering a nerve center through a 3rd party, such as myself, is like buying a new home and then all you have to do is move your own furniture and decor inside to make it your own.

I charge $250 for nerve Center installation and pay out $50 per referral.  This includes my one on one help in creating your first blog and first webpage. Use any of my social media links in the upper right to contact me about getting your own Nerve Center.

A Host for your Nerve Center:

Before you can have your own Nerve Center you need a host for it.  I use Host Gator and I can personally walk you through ordering your host services.  Host Gator offers unlimited services with the business package for only $4.95. I can have unlimited bandwidth, storage, sub domain and email accounts. I have also been very pleased with Host Gators abilities to track the traffic to and from my Nerve Center giving me a better ability to see where my traffic is coming from and what that traffic is interested with on my site. Host Gator also is Word Press Friendly. Click the link below to get additional information and to sign up for your domain service with Host Gator.

– Tom

I use AWEBER for my auto responder service

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