My Homemade Guitar Videos

Want more Free METAL?  Check out my youtube Video Playlist of Every album I’ve ever written and recorded:

Blackmoores Night Ghost of a Rose

My silly faces with my silly guitar slingin! Fun!

Elizabeth Bathory Wake UP and Die!

Fornication Under Consent of a King

Insanity for Guitar

5 and 3 String Arpeggio Sweeps

Metronome Eyes back by popular demand..haha

An Excerpt from a piece I wrote

Echo Etude Inspired my Yngwie J. Malmsteen

Pieces of Still of the Night by Whitesnake

Guitar Jam METAL style! \m/\m/ It’s still fun to pick up the guitar and play once and a great while without being afraid to sound really bad in some spots and really good in other spots. Enjoy =) Visit my Musical Orgasms Website and Download all the Free METAL I wrote and recording ~ and Subscribe to my Youtube Channel.

– Tom
>^..^< \m/\m/
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King Diamond Sleepless Nights

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