MEDICAL BILLS DISAPPEAR Never to be seen again, EVER =)

Here is how it’s s0000 simple..

Corporate welfare ranges from 2 TRILLION to 5 trillion dollars per year (Does that Make sense to ANYONE?).

Medicare for EVERYONE would cost less than 1 Trillion a year.

I know I just threw you a big ole SOFT BALL Down the Middle but I’ll ask anyway…

Is it obvious how MEDICARE FOR ALL is paid for with over a Trillion Dollars Left on the table for other things?

Do the top .1 percent really need a welfare program? Really?

Does insurance for our Health need to be for profit anymore?

How do we make this a reality that medical bills are never a thing for anyone ever again?

1.) Never vote for a politician who supports corporate welfare and does not support medicare for everyone (non negotiable).

2.) Call your current congress people and POLITELY but CLEARLY tell them to VOTE for medicare for all paid for by corporate welfare or Im getting all my friends together and we are voting you out next election cycle.

3.) spend your money differently so that profits are made by people who are working to spread health and wealth instead of sickness and poverty (i.e. Local organic farmers, made in USA whenever possible, fair trade, GMO free etc)

4. Start learning how to create opportunities for yourself instead of waiting on government to do it for you.

Please Share these Great Ideas.

If we don’t take Bold Consistent Action we will continue to have a government that acts against the interests of it’s own people to which we the people are to blame so let’s be the new blame for a new government that represents us instead of the donors.

Doesn’t that sound like more fun than supporting a system that’s rigged against us? =)



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