Multiple Cancers throughout her entire body and her doctors told her it was just going to get worse from there.

A passenger this morning told me this.

I wrote down gerson on a card and gave it to her to check out.

I hate her doctors with a passion. If they were moral doctors they would have at least referred her to someone outside of their medical box who could offer her something better than “its going to get worse from here”

Some doctors are awesome so I’m not grouping all doctors as the same.

People need to start standing up for themselves.

If these particular doctors were honest, moral, and just decent people they would have said something along the lines of “You’re not terminal and you’re not going to get worse. Our ability to help you is terminal. Let me refer you to gerson or something like gerson who can help you because we are impotent here”

PhRMA the only way we can fix you is to decapitate your leadership to be replaced by all new people who care about the value of other people.


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follow your heart

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