We Bleed the Same Color Blood but we have Different Skin Colors How Cool is that?

We bleed same color blood. So what???????? We have different skin colors!!!!!!!

How cool is that? =)

In a WELL INTENDED effort to bring people together we are focused on our similarities.


We have different color skin, different eyes, different mental thoughts, different sex preferences, different beliefs etc..

Lets put the focus back on our Differences and CELEBRATE that sh*t =)


If we are dependent on our similarities to come together then we cannot learn a god blessed thing from one another.

Immaturity uses our differences as a divide and we shrink from obnoxious stupidity.

Maturity uses our differences as a reason to celebrate, come together, learn, grow, be awesome people ‘n cool sh*t like that.

So do you still want to just focus on bleeding the same color blood?


You’re different than me.. Hooray!!!!! Let’s be friends and learn from each other to be better people =)

That’s what I’m about.

Eff our same blood color.

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follow your heart

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