You have a Solution for WAR and Poverty?

Your solution is like a Flaccid PENIS; Impotent.. Let me explain..

I bet no one really knows the truth of what’s happening in global wars and poverty right now including our cowardly world leaders and You..

By the way, we on social media have no clue what’s going on either which makes it impossible to make an informed opinion about it except for the obvious horrible human suffering.

These things exist because of how we willfully spend our money every day without any conscious thought about where our money is going.

We can stop this kind of human suffering by spending our money differently.

Question ANY and EVERY place you spend your money.

Whos pockets are you lining with your spending habits?

What are those people doing with your money you willfully gave them?

How would the world change if you stopped willfully lining the pockets of evil and wickedly VILE businesses and instead lined the pockets of companies and people who are profiting by adding value and benefits to peoples lives?

Every war and other instances of mass human suffering is fueled by how we collectively spend our money.

We have more blood on our hands than all vile leaders combined through our worlds history because of our boring resentful relationship with money.

Everyone thinks they have a solution.

No you don’t.

Your solution is more IMPOTENT than a flaccid penis.

Re directing our MONEY is the solution.

Please feel free to share this. With any luck it will go viral and enough people will spend their money differently to make a global difference.


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