Business Invitation Process

1. Ask a Pique Interest Question 1 on 1 phone, email, pm etc..
<First Name> Jan 1st I’m starting my next 30 days to Profit Training sequence in my Private Facebook Group. Do you have any openness to that?


Or another variation:Jan 1st I’m starting my next 30 days to Profit Training Sequence in my Private Facebook Group. Would you like to learn about it to see if it’s something you wanna participate in?


Or if this is your first round Craft Your Invitation From This to fit your Situation & Keep it Truthful: <First Name> Jan 1st I’m starting my first 30 days to Profit Training Sequence in my friend Toms Private Facebook Group. Would you like to learn about it to see if it’s something you wanna participate in with me? Tom is a real bad ass i’ve been watching him do this long enough so i’m gonna do his January round with him and you’re one of the first people I thought of to at least look at it to see if you wanna do it with us too. Lemme know.


Or you can use this simple short curiosity inducing pique interest question:
<First Name> I’m gonna get healthy and I’m going to create some extra money doing it. I’d really like you to do it with me. It would be GREAT accountability for both of us. Can I shoot you over a Video about what I’m doing?


  1. Establish Expectations before Sharing Video
    I have a video for you about it. It probably won’t be for you but you’ll love the product everyone does. Worst case scenario you’ll be looking for something else that’s right for you. Best case scenario you’re gonna see something that you like a lot and we can talk more. You’ll Win either way. Do you have a few minutes that you can watch a video about it today?

Or use this variation depending on the energy you feel from your prospect:

I have a video for you about it. The author created his first 100k on facebook that he bought his house in cash with and back tracked what he did so he could teach it. It probably won’t be for you but you’ll love the product everyone does. Worst case scenario you’re gonna get exposed to some fantastic products and be on the road to looking for the plan that’s right for you and that’s a good thing. Best case scenario you’re gonna see something that resonates with you and we can talk more. You’ll win either way. And you’ll help me out which is great for you and I. Do you have twenty minutes you can carve out of your day to watch the video and get back to me all in the same day?


  1. Share Video After they’ve agreed to watch within 24 hours
    Wonderful.. After you watch, what do you like most?


Or another Variation: Wonderful… After you watch, I’d love to hear if anything in it is worthwhile for you or relevant to anything really important to you. Write me right after you watch today..


*** The original Profit Group Video I made is here. You can use either or:


***If they cannot watch today or tomorrow by noon at the latest you can say: Let’s wait till it’s a better time for you. It sounds like you’ve got a lot going on right now, totally cool, but I want to wait til you’re sure you have twenty minutes. When you’re ready I’m ready for you I’d love to do this with you.


  1. Ask for a Decision after they share what resonated from the video
    That’s awesome! My next one starts January 1st. Would you like to catch that one so you can start creating extra money in your spare time before next month rolls around?


***if you are someone that everyone you seem to talk to tells you that they don’t have the money you can try this AFTER they tell you they like what they see. This can also be used after step 5if they come back saying they don’t have the money. “Do you want to enroll now or do you need some time to raise the money needed to make the investment into yourself?” This prevents them from thinking about scarcity and it tells them that some people join after raising money. It makes it ok for them to be broke so when they have the funds you will be their logical choice.

5. Offer Two Options For Enrollment
Ok, Great! I can either send you the Step by Step typed out direction to enroll, or we can get on the phone and walk you through the process so you can <REPEAT THEIR WHY>. Which is best for you, the typed out step by step direction or getting on the phone?

** Always give them 2 options for an appointment (2 times to get on phone, or 2 ways either by phone or by message. It’s BEST TO GET THEM ON THE PHONE SO A STRONGER HUMAN CONNECTION CAN BE MADE)

**** Make sure you swap out my Team Beachbody screen name for your own.


1) Go to

2) Click Coach Button – then click Yes I want to be a coach on pop up screen

3) Fill out Coach Information page, check couple boxes at bottom and sign, click “continue enrollment”

4) Pick Challenge Pack (Don’t Checkout without a Challenge Pack)

5) Checkout

6) Let me know what your Screen Name is as soon as you complete enrollment so I can check it out on my end and take the next step with you.   I am going to give you something easy to do right away that you will be able to do now that will move you closer to your goals. Can you enroll today?

Prospect asks, hows it all work / whats involved in getting started? Etc
We teach this in a private group on facebook. We opened up the group for jan a few days ago and adding everyone now. It starts the first day of jan. A small digestible homework assignment is posted each day for everyone to do in their spare time in succession for thirty days. The idea is to be in profit mode before thirty days. Many do it in their first two weeks, some on the very first day which is really cool. Some start before the round even begins and go into it already in profit mode toward their financial freedom. Would you like to catch my jan round?

After prospect watches video they ask if it costs something:
Our students get in and take the training for free. The materials to make it all work so you can create new money in the Free Trainings is $140 – $305 and what’s cool about this is the materials go toward your health and can be 100% self-funded in addition to a complete tax write off so you will save money on your tax bill even before anything else. Well tie your health ambitions into creating you some new money and some nice tax savings. How’s that sound?

Prospects asks What are we actually doing though to create financial freedom?
Sharing information with people and letting them decide which way they wanna go. Scroll up in our private message convo through this invitation process. If you like the way I invited you and feel like you could do that and totally honor everyone whatever they decide, that’s how you create financial freedom. Would you like to catch my upcoming round?

Prospect says, “I have no money”
Don’t worry about money. I recommend watching the video first and if it resonates we can talk more after the video. If you have no money whatsoever we will construct a way to come up with the funds. Where ever you’re at, there you are, well build from there even if its flat broke. How’s that sound?

Prospects Misses in the presentation that it requires an investment and brings up cost once in the enrollment process:
No problem. The 39.95 is waived with the purchase of a challenge pack. I require a pack to participate because it covers all the materials to take all the Free training so that you can create some really nice money. The most inexpensive challenge pack is $140 ranging to $305 and whats cool about this is the materials go toward your health and can be 100% self funded in addition to a complete tax write off so you will save money on your tax bill even before anything else. If you have any questions freely ask me I’m an open book.

Prospect says “no Thank You”: You’re welcome. If you like the way I invited you and know someone who’d like to know what I’m doing for people I’ll invite them the same way I invited you.

Prospect says “Not right now”
You’re welcome. When you’re ready in your own time I’m ready for you. I’d love to do this with you. If you like the way I invited you and know someone who might like to know what I’m doing in jan I heart Referrals.

Prospect says, Let me think about it..
Sure. Find the thing that’s right for you. If you make it to the top in this or in something else I’ll be front center cheering you on anyway. If you decide you wanna do awesome things with me then that will just be a really cool bonus that I get to enjoy doing awesome things with you.

You Send Enrollment directions sent to prospect and they respond by saying they will later today:
You’re welcome =) Talk to ya later today. We have 30 something people enrolled for our jan profit training sequence already. Lots of students and teachers to do some awesome things this month and make it work for real. You’ll be able to start meeting people right away once you’re enrolled.

Prospect doesn’t respond and it’s been 24 to 48 hours: Hey <First Name>, I wrote you back the other day. Are you ok?

Another 24 to 48 hours go by without a response this is the LAST follow up they are crossed off the list at this point:
Hey <First name>, I wrote you back a couple of times over the past several days. You’re either super busy or I’ve said something that terribly upset or offended you. Can you let me know it’s not the latter?

Prospect doesn’t watch video or just watches part way through, cites negative feedback from others about how these “things” don’t work, poses more questions and concerns without watching the video ALL the way through first etc.. I recommend watching the rest of the video and then if you still want to chat with me about this I think at that time it would be great to talk on the phone so I can freely answer all your questions, address your concerns, and if this turns out not to be a fit or make any sense for you it’s totally cool. How’s that sound?

When it’s more effective to get your prospect on the phone
Let’s get on the phone so I can freely answer your questions, address your concerns, and give you anything you wanna know about without having to wait on facebook. My number is ____. What’s yours and what time zone are you in? <Wait> Great, pick at least a couple different days and times that you have a free few minutes so I can pick one that works for both of us… <Wait> Cool, let’ talk <pick a day and time they gave you that works for you>. Mark it in your calendar. If something comes up and you need to reschedule let me know as soon as you know so I have enough time in advance to fill that spot helping another person. Sound cool? <wait> Awesome, talk to ya <repeat day and time>.


Prospect offers up excuses. Honor, Build up, and truly SERVE them by helping them over their excuses they’ve used probably their whole lives to devastate their lives.
I hear you. <SHARE A RELATABLE SUCCESS STORY IN ONE or TWO SENTENCES>.   Would that help you to duplicate that?

What if the prospect didn’t watch the video at the agreed upon time and you’re following up with them to find out what they liked most from the video that they haven’t watched yet?
“Hey there this is Tom I’m just calling you back to see if you’ve watched the presentation. I know we were scheduled to talk right now. Oh you didn’t? Alright cool well Tell you what, I’ve just got to prioritize my time. I’ve got 11 other people that did watch it. I’ll come back to ya here in a couple weeks, or something.”

**Note: This kind of leverage depends upon YOU being faithful with the daily core activities. If you’re not doing them then you probably don’t have anywhere near 11 other people and a hundred more on your list to follow up with. When you leverage it for posturing with a prospect who just broke a promise with you to watch a video by an agreed upon time it needs to be true. Don’t make up false facts, ever.

What if a prospect doesn’t show up to an event?
“Listen, I just want to apologize for not doing a better job of explaining the meeting. We had a ton of people here and a bunch of people jumped on board. But hey I’ve gotta prioritize my time. I’ll catch up with you here in the next couple weeks, or something.”

**Note: This isn’t you tap dancing for someone asking you a stupid objection. This is you maintaining your power, you maintaining the posture. Your time is valuable. You should not be begging because your time is valuable. Spend precious time with the right quality people who deserve your time. When someone tells you no or breaks a promise they may have just done you a very big favor. You do not want to waste your time that you can’t ever get back training negative Nell. You want to invest your time training positive Paul.

How to Follow up with someone who flat out said “No” in the past?
“Hey, remember that thing I was telling you about a few weeks ago? Listen, I know it’s not a fit for you, but hey I just had my first thousand dollar check and won a Caribbean vacation. I thought maybe you knew people that like to travel and create money outside of what they’re already doing. Who do you know like that who I could talk to?”


**Note: Disarm (I know it’s not a fit for you, but..) and go for the referral in a way that you’re also very subtly asking them if they are interested, too, by describing what interests them in the kind of person you are looking for to be connected to. We have a natural tendency to want to re pitch and they are totally expecting another pitch when you ask them if they remember that thing you were telling them about a few weeks ago. So throw them off by disarming them instead of being predictable. You can also use updates that take place as leverage to reach back out to someone who said “no” or “maybe” in the past.


“Hey, remember that thing I was telling you about a few weeks ago? Listen, I know it’s not a fit for you, but hey I just sponsored this huge realtor, she’s super bright and really looking forward to creating a lot of money here outside of her real estate business. I was wondering, do you know any other realtors who might be open to creating some extra money?”


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