August 25, 2011

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Me and Desert Sage

Desert Sage

As far as I’m concerned, 6 weeks of only a minor headache as opposed to 2-6 full blown migraines is reason enough to believe in this product. I was the number one skeptic about Shakeology but just had to see for myself how it would work. I never even thought it would help with my migraines, but turns out that it did. I’m sure it hasn’t cured them but I have been hospitalized and on SEVERAL medications for migraines with numerous side effects including dizziness, numbness of hands and feet, loss of memory etc… – Sandra B.

“Before drinking Shakeology, I kid you not, I was averaging 2, 4 or even 6 migraines a month. Three weeks on Shakeology—ZERO migraines. If I make it through 1 more week without one, that’s ONE MONTH migraine free! All i can say is WOW.”   -Sandra B.

Catherine, with a neurological disorder called Autonomic Dysfunction, tossed her walking cane aside only TWO DAYS into drinking Shakeology. Told her doctor who is now VERY interested in Shakeology because of what it’s done for her. Smart doctor. Everyone with a similar condition as Catherine should try Shakeology for the same reason diabetics, overweight, migraine sufferers, Kidney stone sufferers, acne sufferers etc. should all be trying to Shakeology. IT WORKS. You WILL live better and feel better.

“I know I haven’t touched my migraine meds since I started using it!! Shakeology has helped so many people! The Chocolate Shakeology with a few drops of peppermint extract is just like a York Patty! Another is Greenberry Shakeology with Cinnamon and Coconut extract!” – Annette on Shakeology

I’m saving $45 co-payment for migraine pills that I spent bi-monthly now that I’m on Shakeology – Sandra B. proving Shakeology pays for itself with extra free spending money left over for whatever.

I can attest to this myself. I haven’t had a full-blown migraine in almost a year and a half since I’ve been drinking Shakeology! –Lyndia

I used to get Migraines once or twice a month-about every 2-3 weeks and I suddenly realized it’s been November since I had one. Exactly the same time I started using Shakeology every day. That’s all the proof I need!  –Michelle V  (August 2011 – 10 months)

My migraines and regular headaches have disappeared since I started taking Shakeology every day!  -Evan L.

I used to suffer from daily headaches & frequent migraines. I’ve been using Shakeology for 8 months, and have been HEADACHE FREE for those 8 months!! –Brian L.

I used to get headaches every day and my right knee used to hurt; but since I started using Shakeology, all that has gone away…thank you Shakeology!! –Yolanda A.

No more monthly migraines!!! Thank you Shakeology!  -Stephanie C.

I used to get migraines approx. 2-3 times a week, now? Very rare.  –Alison

I’ve had one migraine since I started Shakeology in May. I usually get several a week with at least one trip to the Emergency Room for shots. Love Shakeology.  –Patty K (August)

No migraines for me since i started it about 7 months ago!! I used to get several a month! –Aimee

Last migraine was in December. I started eating right and have had my Greenberry EVERY DAY since I started in January. The migraines, the nausea, the auras….vanished and I know it’s because I decided to add Shakeology to my diet! –Lacy S. (August)

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