My nutrition shake is saving me money against grocery inflation.

My grocery cost has increased all the while my nutrition shake has not.

I saved $180 per month in groceries when I kept track of this back in 2009. That was 13 years ago. No doubt my savings are much greater today. Here is a very brief rundown of my nutrition shake. So you know upfront, If you buy a bag I will get referral money.

Each nutrition shake costs $4.30. I buy 30 of them per bag at a cost of $129 per bag. The savings in groceries pays for each bag with a surplus. What saved me $180 per month in groceries 13 years ago saves me significantly more today. As the cost of groceries rises I’m able to save more money because my nutrition shakes cost remain the same.

As far as the other benefits of the nutrition shake goes.. Better health, energy, digestion, regularity, blood panels, and it’s conveniently simple to whip up a shake real quick with the health benefits of plant based whole food super-food densely packed nutrition that I’ve been consuming for 13 consecutive years and counting. As an added pleasure, they taste orgasmic in my opinion. I intrinsically look forward to them every day. The general idea is I replace a meal, or two, per day with these and eat a well balanced diet the rest of the day.

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