A big F.U. to an Industries that Profit from Managing Sickness and Poverty

The biggest F.U. you could give to industries that profit from managing your sickness is to evolve into an independently healthy and free human being.

Plant based delicious whole foods..

Blood circulating Physical activities..

Mental stimulation..

No stress responses to ANYTHING..

Wonderful rejuvenating deep sound sleep..

I personally have had No flu shot, no vaccines, no PhRMA drugs of any kind in over 10 years and I never get really sick anymore.

I’m not writing this to diagnose or treat ANYONE so take responsibility for yourself and include your Doctor as part of your team for which you personally have to make decisions for and live with the rewards or consequences of your decisions.

A Lifestyle of a daily natural defense building is the only faithful way to live otherwise you devolve into a cash cow sucker for PhRMA industries who’s goal is to help you die as slowly as possible.

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Tom 🙂

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