How do you KILL a person with love and kindness?

You give them sugar and cream…

Gifts are commonly given by well intended people of sugar and cream.

It’s made the PhRMA industry a mega fortune.

Hospitals never dry up of sick patients.

It’s rare anyone ever dies of something other than Chronic Illness brought on by sugar and cream.

We are desperate to cure cancer but we fuel it with sugar and cream.

Our bodies are on fire with diseases that end in “itis” but we stoke the fires with sugar and cream.

Diabetes AND AMPUTATIONS are an epidemic but we perpetuate it with sugar and cream.

Casket makers number one spike in demand is for the short and wide caskets because our kids are being killed by sugar and cream.

Your brain has been re wired as a marketing scam by the sugar and cream you’ve been eating to find natural whole foods bland and boring so you buy more sugar and cream.

They are getting rich off of your destruction.

They are getting rich off giving your kids diabetes who will need life long medications.

The real tragedy is when you die because they lose a customer but not before they’ve mastered the art of dragging out a human life as long as possible with no meaningful nutrition to come off those money making medications.

Their number one marketing tool is willful consumer ignorance.

The last thing they want is for you to become educated because you might decide to become an independently healthy human being free of all meds.

Sugar and Cream is over simplified but sugar and dairy are the two biggest catalysts of all chronic diseases.

Rewire your brain back to nature so natural whole foods naturally contain all the sugar you need to enjoy real food again.

Eat plant based whole foods.






You can do it.


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follow your heart

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