The Fountain of YOUTH is fat Burning Muscle

We love beauty & youthfulness.

Many of us believe that dieting and aerobic exercise will increase our metabolism and make us beautiful.

Why are so many starving themselves “trying” to be skinny? The most beautiful bodies are ones that are lean, strong, Firm and in perfect symmetry.

There has been too much focus placed on cardio and dieting and not nearly enough on strength conditioning the body and eating nutritiously to fuel a meaningful workout.

Strength conditioning is how you shape your body, trim the fat, feel better, feel healthier, age more gracefully and raise your metabolism.

Muscle burns fat while you sleep and relax!

The more muscle you have on your body the more fat your body will burn.

Lift some weights!

Build STRONG active muscles.

Those active muscles will burn off the fat from your body because muscle burns fat!

At age 25 your muscles start to deteriorate.

Women, you have it worse because you begin muscle deterioration right after puberty.

Right up to that point your body is still growing.

Muscle is still being built on your frame but after puberty your essential muscle growth is over and your muscles begin deteriorating through every stage of life till death.

The ONLY way to stop this, and even reverse this, is to regularly lift weights.

Long Lean Muscle!

If you don’t use your muscles you WILL loose them.

Neglect is a form of Auto Cannibalism (gross!!)

Weight training will actually re build your lost muscles making you strong again and more youthful!

Lean muscle burns fat AND lean muscle IS the bodies natural fountain of youth!

Many women in our society believe that if they lift weights they will bulk up and look scary.

This entirely false belief adds to the epidemic like lack of knowledge in our society.

Men have a much higher propensity to keep building muscle than women largely because of testosterone production differences.

Ladies, You cannot bulk like a man.

Lifting weights will not increase your muscle size much, just your muscular density and strength.

Forget about your fears of bulking and lift some weights instead of eating less and focusing on aerobic exercise.

Adding lean muscle is how women get smaller, not bulky.

Dieting and aerobic exercise without strength conditioning causes muscle loss, making it easier to gain fat and exacerbates the affects of aging.

On a very personal and sad note: I have taken my father to physical rehab many times.

The rehab facility here is used mostly by older people who have lived an inactive sedentary like life and it finally caught up to them.

Combine an inactive life with the passing of time (aging), the inevitable is certain to happen.

There is a saying, “Exercise now before you have to” and “For those who think they have not time for exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness”.

All of us know and even associate aging with growing old and frail.

For those of us who do not strength train this process literally begins right after puberty.

For those of us who diet and exercise without any strength training, we have the added insult of an even weaker metabolism with screaming bones and joints as we age.

I do not believe anyone chooses to grow frail and ill.

I believe we all would like to live a life we can fully enjoy and one day pass on peacefully in our sleep.

Maybe some of us believe we will spend half of life frail like, worsening till death and just accept it because that’s what we see in so many others who grow old.

Is it just a lack of knowledge?

That is exactly why I am so saddened by good people around me that I see aging, growing frail, and dying in not so pleasant ways.

Maybe no one told them about strength training and the enormous benefits to a higher quality of living?

Maybe they, like so many others, were fatally miss guided to dieting and aerobic exercise without adequate strength training.

According to a source in the American Council on Exercise %80 of deaths in western civilizations is a result of chronic illness largely due to lifestyle choices.

This is alarming but also serves as exciting news that if we want too we can live healthier lives and enormously increase the odds of escaping chronic illness forever.

Here are some FACTS about Shaping your body and burning fat the natural way

* Muscle shapes the body
* Muscle is the largest drive behind your metabolism
* Muscle is a MAJOR contributor to the over all higher quality of life and feeling of wellness
* Muscle is a MAJOR factor in enabling you to do more in your day to day functions before feeling Fatigued
* The primary fuels for muscle are FAT and oxygen

The more muscle your body has to support its systems and its frame the more calories from FAT you will burn and the better you will perform your day to day living.

failing to use your muscles post puberty will allow your body to weaken progressively and over time you will be able to do less and less without feeling fatigued.

If you give your body what it innately wants, strength and good health, you can be handsomely rewarded with a beautiful shapely body, a happier outlook mentally and the ability to enjoy very satisfying meals without it ending up on your gut and butt.

We know for a fact that extra muscle requires an ear mark of nutrients just to sustain itself because active muscles are constantly rebuilding themselves.

This is WONDERFUL news for us food lovers because this means that if you have a certain amount of muscle supporting your body then you will be able to enjoy more satisfying food without gaining weight.

Granted some elements of metabolism are purely genetic but its ultimately the life choices we make that has the largest affect on metabolism.

We know this because Muscle Burns fat, there is no way around that fact.

There are no loop holes in that beautiful physiological fact whatsoever.

When is the best time to get started?


That cannot be emphasized enough.

The bodies muscles start to deteriorate right after puberty but even if you are forty, fifty, sixty years old there is enormous amounts of scientific evidence that shows a metabolism, bone density and muscle density can be built back up.

At this later stage in the game it may never be what it was when your strength peaked in your younger years but enough SIGNIFICANT gains can be made to significantly improve your over all quality of life and feeling of wellness, even youthfulness.

Unless you consciously choose to grow weaker and more ill by the day Don’t put it off another day.

The longer you wait the further you will have to go to get from point A to point B.

The longer you wait the more difficult it will be to rebuild your metabolism because you will have less and less muscle to work with.

If you were to live the rest of your life inactive then the strongest you will always be is right NOW, therefore; get started TODAY while it is still easier than it will be tomorrow.

If you have no medical reason why you shouldn’t start today and are still on the fence about putting it off another day after that profound true reasoning not to wait then think about this and you may get to know yourself just a little bit better.

Some will read the information, it will resonate, and they will act TODAY.

Others will read the same exact information, it may or may not resonate, but for whatever reason they decide to keep putting it off.

There is a very profound reason why some people, not just in fitness but in anything, seem to excel in life and become successful in many areas and some people seem to never excel in anything except in making excuses which only serve to put to death any dreams and goals forever.

TODAY is the day to affirm the truth so that you may learn from the past and make some simple changes to change everything for the future.

The three points I made that are of the most paramount importance:
1. Muscle burns Fat
2. Get started TODAY
3. Thirst for knowledge always

What is the Value of having a great body & MIND?

The key to my motivation in my own fitness is to encourage YOU.

Helping YOU change your life is the key ingredient to my own success and feeling of accomplishment.

Reach out for help and accountability!

Those who “go it alone” usually quit.

As impact creatures we are far less likely to quit on someone else than we are to quit on ourselves.

Harness that powerful human attribute for your own advantage!

If you love health and wellness like I do and you’re sincerely interested in making money by spreading Health and Wealth instead of Sickness and Poverty feel free to privately connect with me in messenger.


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follow your heart

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