100% NO without exception, literally.

Here is why with a different point of view than you’re use to hearing bouncing around inside tiny echo chambers of common thinking.

Outwardly on the surface someone seemingly doing all the right things gets cancer.

Beyond the surface and beyond what the eyes can see there is something empirical going on that is not understood or uncovered, yet.

Cancer is proof positive that you are not healthy, even if you thought you were.

If you have cancer you have to forget what you think you know and instead learn from your results.

If I received a cancer diagnosis I’d forget what I thought I knew about healthy living because obviously I’m not healthy if cancer just took over.

Cancer, or any disease, is the empirical good evidence we need to learn and make new discoveries.

Subscribing to this idea of a “healthy body getting cancer” makes it impossible to embark on a new journey of finding answers that solves cancer.

Being wrong about what you thought about healthy living and CONSCIOUSLY recognizing you were wrong unleashes the power of your brain to search for answers and heal from what ails you.

The BLISS that cancer offers you is the feedback from your body you need to make corrections and figure out what those corrections need to be.

I have a friend who got cancer despite eating squeaky clean and exercising.

She discovered through the BLISS of cancer that her problem was STRESS.

Stress negated the healthy benefits of clean eating and exercise.

Others have found it to be the toxic air, or perfumes and oils they were absorbing into their skin etc..

We only pay attention to what we eat and how we exercise when it comes to Healthy Living.

Healthy Living is more than food and exercise.

What you think is the least observed while it has the most affect even more so than food and physical activity but we need it all.

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The more people know about ALL the facets of healthy living BEYOND what we can see and what we can hear the fewer cancer and other disease diagnoses there will be.

Fewer diagnosis is good for everyone except big PhRMA corporations =)

If you only operate inside of what you already think you know you cannot grow and find new solutions.

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