Jane Doe

Dear Tom,

How are you doing? As always, I thought I would share what week 2 on Shakeology was like. Week two is during PMS week. PMS has been a LOT easier this week.

Normally, I would have reeeely bad body swelling, cramps, explosive pain in the ovarian cysts, irritability, depression and joint/back pain. Oh, and bad migraines.

So far, all I have experienced during PMS week was a little bit of anxiety.

I have been able to think very clearly. Ok, except for the morning after that night that hubby kept me up talking drunk in his sleep. My back is usually fine with Shakeology, but again, I have so much energy that I forget I’m not superwoman yet and last weekend I strained my joints digging that garden bed. I can’t help but think if it were not for Shakeology that I would have been so sore that I could not have made it to work Monday.

I have had no major arguments with the spouse this PMS week. Since I can think clearly, it is much easier to communicate without freaking out or going off. Also, it is easier to shrug it off when he does dumbass things. haha.

No small towns have burned this week (lol).

Although, I am waiting for the red deluge to hit me, I am not having any heart palpitations nor major mental delusions of any kind.

Oh and the biggest thing? I have absolutely no desire to drink alcohol. I tried a beer on Sunday. There was no euphoric high as usual and it just kind of tasted boring. It made me tired. Most weeks, I have about 14 beers in a week. In the past week I had TWO and they were blah. My new “addiction” for whatever reason is carbonated water. It tastes soooo good. I have been drinking so much water that the water weight is shrinking. My joints are getting better and my back is easier to “pop” back into alignment on my own.

Tomorrow I am taking off work so I can see my ex-bro-in law play guitar tonight with this fun, weirdo band. Maybe I will dance because drinking isn’t really that fun anymore 🙂 Then I can sleep late and garden during the day. Wish me luck that I remember to take it in stride so I can get my onion bed and tomato bed planted before my seedlings kick it. haha.

Thanks again and Have a Great Weekend!
Jane Doe

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