Michelle Metcalf on Shakeology

Michelle Metcalf says, “I am amazed, that after 3 days of Shakeology the amount of energy I have! I normally would have a pepsi as my pick me up in the am to make it through work, now I dont even need it! The shakeology does it for me!!!! Its so nice to not have the sluggishness and grogginess I — USED to have!!!!

Also, because this shake makes sooooooo much, I have been splitting it up into half scoop in the morning and half scoop at night. I have been splitting that with my mom because its almost toooo much for me to drink. She suffers from RA pretty bad, well since I have been sharing with her, she has been cleaning and rearranging things like a mad woman and is still going strong!! Normally after 2 days she would be in so much pan and wanting to sleep all the time. Its so nice to have my mom back!!! :)”

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