Severe COPD and Sleep Apnea Relieved

My dad had SEVERE COPD and sleep apnea and almost died from it. My dad went in for a sleep study before I got him on this Health shake and before getting fixed with an appropriate cpap machine. They found he woke from sleep an average of once every 50 seconds. He virtually never got any meaningful sleep.

The COPD nearly killed him because it would inflame in his lungs with bronchitis with only had one third of his lungs left. We literally almost lost him in the Emergency Room from his very last bronchitis episode.

Immediately after that I got my dad on this Health Shake and ever since then he has not experienced one single bout of pneumonia or bronchitis.

The oxygen is also back in his blood and great lively color back to his face instead of pale from bad blood. His doctor tells us he has no right to expect to be alive today or to be doing as well as he is doing. That was a couple years ago now. And most recently my dad had me take down the Ramps to the house because he no longer needs his scooter! BAM!!!!!!!!!

Thank you Healthy Shake and Life style change.

No Matter how DARK it may get for you, if you or someone you LOVE is still alive, it’s NOT too late no matter what anyone tries to sell you on. Skip them. Get sold on getting out of the darkness friend!

Get This Healthy Shake called Shakeology and reach out to me so I may help.

– Tom

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