What a Difference a Year Makes

Cool things that have happened over the last 12 months from just a “few” of my friends.;

*Lost 50# (and kept it off)
*Grabbed control of my depression and it’s gone
* Off ALL Medications, including High Blood Pressure meds
*I regained full range of motion in my right shoulder
*I can see my shoes again!
*I can tie my own shoes again and no longer need to wear slip ons
*I sleep so much better
*I have better concentration
*Much more flexible
*I went from a tight 22W pants to a 12/14 pants (size depends on brand)
*I went from a XXXL Shirt to a L-XL shirt depending on brand
*I have a neck again!
*I lost 14 inches off my waist
*I am comfortable wearing shorts and tank tops again
*I donated 7 very large trash bags stuff full of clothes that are now to big on me to St. Vincent D’Pauls
*I learned that working out for 10 minutes a day DOES make a difference
*I learned that by repeating my actions daily I was able to create a habit
*I learned that working out is not as bad as it sounds and is quite fun
*I learned that I was using food as a comfort, stress reliever, buddy, boredom
*I was an emotional snacker
*I no longer get cravings for McDonalds, Taco Bell, Jimmy Johns, Culvers, etc
*I learned Shakeology is real yummy and is a great start to my day
*I learned that Kale Chips and Quinoa are real good!
*I learned how to pronounce Quinoa
*I’ve switched over to Himalayan Salt
*I have learned how to cook many new foods I never thought I’d eat
*The constant headaches are gone
*I leave the house more often now
*Gaining confidence daily
*I have more energy
*I no longer feel it important to please my “foodie friends”
*I learned I am important
*I learned I can do anything I set my mind too


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