They leave in their wake a trail of tears because other people loved them so much and miss them

I’m tired of the funerals of life style deaths.

Over 80% of deaths are a result of chronic disease brought on by daily life style CHOICE; the most common being obesity with drug overdoses creeping up there.

Obese, and other unhealthy people, need to start thinking about those who love and care about them who are forced to watch their long term demise like a lobster settling in for a warm bath.

I wish society would hold at least TWO thoughts in their minds at the same time instead of only one.

1. love and respect everyone and 2. say to a loved one, “lets make some changes and get healthier together because the best GIFT we can give to everyone around us is to be LIVING and feeling well”.

“Skinny” people commonly have abnormal amounts of visceral fat poisoning their vital organs to death but they don’t see the fat because it’s not superficial fat like it is with an obese person.

Someones skin, odor, and eyes can give clues too.

There are more people than you realize in your life who are not going to be living ten years from now. Not because of old age and passing peacefully in their sleep. Because they are making choices daily that will kill them prematurely after spending the second half of their life slowly breaking down abnormally too soon.

I actively travel to amazing places and learn from the smartest people in the world about natural health, natural healing, and happiness live and person while taking copious notes.

Everything I learn I freely share with you from my tom birkenmeyer dot com website and some on facebook.

I don’t need to make a sale here.

I share it freely so you can use it, share it, practice it, and live a more healthy and fulfilling life style so fewer people will have to emotionally suffer watching a loved one slowly break down abnormally soon and die from self destructive life style choices.

Please Share and feel free to comment below about your own experiences with loved ones.


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follow your heart

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