A Very Special Mothers Day and a Celebration of FREEDOM

2014 was a special Mothers Day among Special Mothers Days. READ THIS THROUGH…

On the Surprise

On our way to Surprise our Birth Mom for Mothers Day! Shhh..

I flew in to Colorado from Wisconsin under SECRECY on a TOP SECRET Mission to surprise my Birth Mother for Mothers Day at the Encouragement of my Adoptive Mother. My two birth sisters and I arranged it all and it worked perfectly! My birth mom was totally surprised! She did not see THAT coming! A year ago this time my birth mother was sharing the news with my birth sisters that I even exist because we had just found each other after 35 1/2 years from my Birth.  This year we get to spend time together in person.  POWERFUL!!!

Life can be so good because I’ve made it so good by earning more Freedom and so can you. Read on..

I’m visiting my birth family and just talked to my adoptive mom and dad over the phone. I fly back home to my adoptive family later today.  This trip originally was just a surprise mothers day visit for my birth mom at my adoptive moms encouragement but it’s turned into so much more than that in a cool NINE DAY trip. Thank god I started a home business in 2007 so I could retire from the job racket in 2010 and set myself free from money or time constraints to be able to do really cool things like this.  As of 2010 because of a decision I made in 2007 I no longer have to live under the thumb of anyone who can tell me what to do.  I don’t have to check my bank to make sure I have enough money. I don’t have to keep stealing time from myself and family to make sure money keeps coming in.  This is FREEDOM and LIBERTY. The opposite of Tyranny. Most people are more concerned with protecting their self image and their ego from getting hurt by others than to build a business of impact that helps people.  My recommendation for you is to RUN away from how most people think and take big leaping steps toward your own freedom from dependency on a paycheck from a job or any kind of money slavery for that matter. Life is so much better living in freedom.

Why am I sharing this amazing story of my personal life in a BUSINESS setting? Because this business has EVERYTHING to do with it. I do things MOST people are not willing to do. Now I can do things most people dream of but never get to experience. Do you have a Vision of where you wanna be and who you wanna become? Is your vision bigger than just you?  Why is your vision so important to you?  Is your vision important enough to you that you will NO LONGER ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE PUSHED AROUND BY YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES? Is your vision important enough to do what most people will not do so you can do really cool things that most people never get to experience?

The “things” I’m talking about that make Freedom a Reality are the few simple daily core activities I teach in my 30 days to Profit Training Sequence, but, I do them through life emergencies, too.  I kept up that discipline long enough that today if I want to take time off, go on vacation, or if an emergency pops up, or I just plain don’t feel like doing them for any reason I wish, I have that FREEDOM. Most people quit, or, put it on hold when life gets tough.  They let their circumstances push them around rather than holding their vision close enough to their heart to be pulled by that when life gets tough.  Attitude doesn’t save the day when life get’s tough.  Attitude is fickle.  VISION is the thing that pulls a person through to be consistent even when life is hard. Most people have a vision that is not stronger than their circumstances so their circumstances win rather than their vision and they remain stuck year after year.

Let me share something CRITICAL with you… The most wildly successful people on the planet historically and presently had life emergencies, too. They were consistent anyway and used those TOUGH situations as perfect reasons to be consistent while most people use those same situations as reason to put it off or quit.

Which one are you? Are you being pushed around by your circumstances or pulled by your vision? When you quit or even pull back half throttle before your business is growing on its own momentum you LITERALLY STEAL wealth, nourishment, and FREEDOM from your family. You also ROB YOURSELF of your ability to GIVE MORE as you generate more. If this has been your past I RECOMMEND that you awaken the sleeping giant within you, draw a line in the sand, constantly grow yourself every day so your efforts produce results, and then bigger results, and bigger results… It’s worth it.

The First Birth Family Mothers Day Ever 2014!

The First Birth Family Mothers Day Ever 2014!

This picture above and what is captured in this picture of ours is WORTH IT. You have your own story, your own vision, it’s gotta be judged as WORTH IT to you… Is your Vision Worth it?

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– Tom

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