Anti Aging Tip and holding two thoughts in your head at the same time

Anti Aging Tip:

Hold the following two thoughts in your mind simultaneously because you can and it’s something you’ll thank yourself for.

1st thought is to live in the moment and enjoy yourself. 2nd thought is to do something today that your future self will thank you for.

Most people will hold the 1st or 2nd thought in their mind but not both at the same time. That’s a waste of a perfectly good brain.

The people only living for today destroy their future with instant gratification of today. Depending on the person this could be drugs, bad eating, sedentary life style, etc and the ones who live long enough will spend the second half of their life slowly rotting to death losing their energy and how they look and over all feel.

The people only living for tomorrow never live in the moment. They delay all gratification which means they are never enjoying themselves in the moment. This leads to clinical exhaustion, high bp, stress, a shorter life span, less energy and how they look and feel over all.

Each mind set leads to the same thing in the end. A different path to the same result of looking and feeling older as they age.

The wise people are holding both thoughts in their head at the same time.

The sad thing is every human being is capable of holding more than one thought in their head at the same time. Everyone is a “mountain climber” but not everyone will “climb”. Draw whatever parallels you want to from that analogy.

If you’re reading this and realizing you’ve been living one thought or the other instead of both draw a line in the sand and jump over with BOTH feet. You’ll be glad you did!

Holding both thoughts in your head at the same time is a win-win for you and everyone else around you. You get to say yes and yes instead of either or. Yes and yes is rich. Either or is poor. Either or is also lazy because it means you no longer have to think and figure anything out which makes it easy to find excuses and become even lazier. Saying yes and yes and holding both thoughts in your head at the same time forces you to become rich and creative in how you think so you can enjoy yourself today and tomorrow and positively affect everyone around you at the same time.

I recommend it!

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