Anyone can feel great in positive environments but what about Toxic Environments?

Put yourself in the WORST Environment & maintain control of your emotions anyway.

Now you’re a Spiritual Gangster!

Positive environments makes it Easy to control your emotions.

Too much of this can cripples your emotional growth.

Maybe in the beginning protect your heart because a Toxic Environment too fast too soon could back fire on you.

The goal is to aim for a place of emotional strength so strong and wonderful that you will be able to be around the WORST most TOXIC people and be unaffected by them whatsoever.

Sometimes there is too much self protection.

Too much self protection can be more toxic than being around toxic people.

Your body physically is the same!

If you live in a bubble then your first exposure to the lightest of germs could kill you because you’ve never built up an immunity to germs!

If you never challenge your muscles and bones you will atrophy and auto canabolize yourself to death.

If you never challenge what you belief you’ll never think better.

If you never challenge your heart and lungs you will get weak and lose your energy.

Your emotional health is the same.

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follow your heart

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