About GOD and HEALTH..

I have several friends who pray for a healthy mind & body without minding their lifestyle.

This is NOT a dig at my religious friends so don’t take it that way.

There is one serious problem with only praying..

Faith without congruent ACTION is Dead Faith.

When you’re at the pearly gates face to face with the god of your choosing you’re going to ask, “Why didn’t you answer my prayers for good health?”

And God will respond..

“I did answer your prayers.

I gave you everything you needed for good health and you didn’t use any of what I gave you.

I gave you the right foods, I gave you skills, I gave you educational resources to get any skills you didn’t have that you needed to have, I gave you opportunity, and you didn’t do anything with any of it.

Instead of being faithful with what you were given you tried to use me as a crutch for being lazy.

I loved you so much I gave you everything you needed to get what you want and you treated me like a crutch”.


Maybe reading this will spark some honesty and consistent action =)

If you disagree then you have to ask yourself what exactly is your god incentivizing?

Is your god incentivizing Lazy unconscious unthinking people?

And if your god is a loving god would a loving god incentivizing lazy unconscious unthinking people?

I hope I gave you wonderful food for thought and ACTION.

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Hopefully I gave you something that can help you help people who need to hear or read these words.


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follow your heart

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