Be where you NEED to be WHEN you need to be..

The most precious moments in the cycles of life.

You will not want to live in fear of how bills are going to be paid or if you can’t get permission from a gate keeper at your job who may deny you.

When you NEED to be where you need to be you will be so glad you learned to become free financially from ALL your expenses.

This past week I needed to be with my family for my dad who passed away. No boss to check in with. No worry about bills or how I’d be covered financially. I was free to put my energy where it needed to be and all my expenses were covered anyway.

This wasn’t given to me. I had to earn it in the midst of a dark period of struggle in my life years ago.

I’m grateful I’m of the minority of our population who is a starter and finisher. It’s worth it for these most precious moments when we truly need that wonderful passive and residual income to de-couple our time from our income so we can be where we need to be when we need to be without permission from anyone but ourselves.

It took me a while to figure it out. No one would join me when I first started. You can figure it out too with our endless help if you’ll take it.

The simplified formula for setting yourself free financially is 1. Make a decision 2. tell the world 3. Figure it out by falling head over heals in love with learning and applying what you learn along the way a constant course of correction and re correction that never stops.

Don’t fail to start because you don’t know how. Do start so it can be revealed to you how.

Don’t quit after you’ve started because you made a mistake. Do make mistakes and allow them to reveal the path to the finish line.

See your mistakes along the path of learning for what they are, that is, your road map to being a finisher rather than a quitter.

Getting started and making mistakes QUICKLY is your key ingredient to setting yourself free financially so you can LIVE free of worry about how bills and other expenses will be paid for.

My dad was very proud of me, and still is from Heaven now, that his son started and saw it through without quitting. I don’t know if he thought I’d see this through when I first started and then again when I wasn’t making any money in the beginning. He saw me stick it out and create my own success and that honestly is one HUGE motivating reason for me that I wanted to see this through. I wanted to make my dad proud of me. He already was, but still, this was really important to me that he sees me be well financially too because residual bills are a fact of life that never goes away as long as we are living so I wanted residual and passive income to over power my residual bills.

My dad saw, just as we all see, most people do not start or see things through and always have an excuse to make it easier to live with themselves for being a non starter and a quitter.

That life style of quitting is not worth it because the real damage comes as a person chips away at their individuality and self esteem.

It’s impossible to create yourself according to your own individual authenticity if you live the life style of a quitter.

It’s nothing to beat yourself up over if that’s your past. If it is your past just draw a line in the sand TODAY and tell yourself along with the rest of the world you’re jumping over that line with BOTH FEET and you’re going to start living now as your own individual free thinking authentic self.

Then watch how the world around you benefits from your light.

No more of this quitting or procrastination non sense.

To my friends who have been faithful with what you’ve been given, remember you were once a quitter too til you decided not to be a quitter anymore. Love everyone, but, prioritize your home business time and energy for people who are ready to take action now because action is the only place where a positive impact can be created.

I love you all,


If you’re interested in looking at what I’m doing just ask and I’ll show and support whatever you wanna do this or something else. My dad loved that about me and how I helped other people get healthy financially and even physically. I always supported everyone. My dad would get so pissed at telemarketers who pitched the way they did and would keep going even after he said he wasn’t interested. He loves the fact I just love and support everyone and that I build a team of people who love and support, too.   How I build and how I help others build is one of many ways I love to honor the life of my Dad.  Please feel free to share this on your timelines maybe you’ve got some friends and family who’d love the messaging of this post.

P.s. If you’d like to work with me I don’t charge any fees I’m not going to sell you something you don’t want or need:

follow your heart

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