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follow your heartMainstream HEALTH ADVICE given to you in the news and other media is designed to make you co Dependent on PhRMA Medications for the rest of your life. If you want to BE Healthy you should not follow this advice!!

I’ll give you some examples..

We are told to eat less not more. The truth is overweight people are Starving to death. They eat food high in calories and low in nutrients. Over weight people, and others, are over fed and mal nourished which is a perfect recipe for internal self destruction. To get and BE healthy your body needs MORE nutrition not less. If you’re starved of nutrients and you get even less nutrition than you already are then you’re completely vulnerable to chronic diseases that the source of this terrible mainstream advice is happy to sell you DRUGS to manage for the rest of your life.

We are told GMO food is not proven un safe. This bit of “wisdom” works for people who’ve stopped thinking all together and have given up their free thinking critical faculties to a small select group of ultra rich people happy to profit from their willful consumer ignorance. GMO foods start by re arranging the chemistry in your brain to make you physically addicted to their product. Once you’ve surrendered your brain to them you become like a domesticated pet to them, easy to control and manipulate.

We are told Dairy is the Perfect food for human health particularly bone health and a source of vitamin D. The truth is Dairy is the PERFECT FOOD IF YOU’RE A CALF that needs to grow from 6 lbs to 600 lbs in six months. To humans dairy is the most poisonous “food” we are told to consume. The more dairy we consume the more instances of bone degenerate diseases we have, the more instances of type 1 diabetes, the more instances of inflammation, heart attacks, strokes, skin diseases, cancers of all kinds, and MANY other problems. Cultures that consume less dairy have less instances of all of these problems. You can do your own research on dairy I don’t want to get into more here because it’s Endless and this isn’t the place to write thousands of pages worth of data that proves how harmful dairy is to human health but we are told its our perfect food. It’s perfect for PhRMAs cashflow at the expense of willful consumer ignorance.

We are told Healthy food has no affect on healing from ANY chronic Disease. The truth is this is great advice for people who are too lazy to think for themselves and question the status quo. Check out places like the gerson therapy, living food institute, and MANY others who routinely take in former medical patients who were told they have incurable diseases and they become completely healed. Some of them returned back to the medical community to show them they were wrong. You would think their medical doctors would be happy for them and want to ask a million questions to learn so they could help their other patients, right? Nope… These walking human cures are frequently escorted off the premises by armed security and told never to return talking about non Medical cures ever again or they’d be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. How does our PhRMA industry get away with egregious Criminal Morally Bankrupt behavior? Not enough people are thinking for themselves and questioning the status quo.

We are told to rely on our Medical Doctor and Pharmacist. This advice is great for the individual eager to give up their free thinking brain for others to think for them. Truth is you are far better served if you include your doctor and pharmacist as part of your team. Ultimately YOU decide what to do.

Some Don Tolman notes I took I’d like to share with you..

PharmaKIA means poison. Pharmaceutical means Poison Makers. You cant even patent a drug unless its poisonous and toxic to the human body and creates side affects so that you can be given more drugs. The “Problem” with Plant based whole foods as medicine that Hippocrates and doctors taught are your medicine, clear up til the late 1800s, pharmaKIA came, killed a LOT of people, took over, and created the health care, medical, and pharmaceutical industry. None of this is to offend. I know this is hard to hear or digest. My hope is it either confirms what you already know or gives you something simple and logical and something you can find a way to begin applying in your own life.

You’re not even allowed in universities to teach the power of the human body, the autogenics healing system, to self heal.
IF you’re in a traumatic accident with compound fractures and in hideous pain then take their patented plants that they modify and add poisons to and some pain killing then fine take it but don’t take it for more than a week because pain killers slow down the healing process and even paralyze the intestines that gets rid of the peristaltic action.

Doctors that are turning to plant based whole food nutrition are being assassinated. It doesn’t show up in the media news in the united states. You have to be in other countries but now you can go on the internet.

dr mitchell gaynor leading oncologist cancer dr in the united states. Came out of cornell. He learned about plant based whole food nutrition, he shifted and went whole foods, vibrational sounds, got into cornell and john hopkins and was shot and killed in his own backyard. Hes no longer a threat. This is nothing new these kind of killings has been going on for a very long time.

pharmakia means poison. Thats why medical doctors can get a license to PRACTICE on you. They tell you they are practicing on you. When you go to a drs office for the first time you have to sign a legal document in legal terms that you promise to be PATIENT. Patient with what? With the HARM or DEATH to you or your loved ones. They can Legally diagnose you now. Nosis means
knowledge. Dia means split divided unknown. In course of law in the library of congress diagnosis is literally defined as we do not know, we are guessing, and we told you so. If you’re ignorant at the terms that they use then your ignorance is legal consent for them to go ahead and practice on you as long as you sign and take full responsibility for any pharmaceutical drugs, surgeries, radiation they do to you. You came to us, you wanted it, sign here.. For the last three generations of people its just been slammed on to the people through academic indoctrination at school, in the media, and so they are such believers.

9 out of 10 people who go to the drs office do not have a chronic disease condition. They have a simple functional disorder that would clear itself completely in 3 – 7 days if they did absolutely nothing. Did you hear that? Simple functional dis orders that are dis comfort that if they got rid of dis comfort and call it dis ease.. but they don’t tell you what discomfort or disease is. The one out of 10 who go to the doctor that actually has a chronic disease condition 99% of the time have that disease because of the side affects that the toxic poisonous drugs that were put on them when they went to the dr in the first place for the simple functional disease.

They CREATED the disease. A Healthy nation means a BANKRUPT pharmaceutical medical industry. They created it. They know the poisons. They’ve tested on people, on monkeys, they put it on soda pops, they put it into packaged foods, they put it into animals by injecting them and they promote murdering animals, slicing them up, eating their dead bodies its so healthy thats where you get your protein! if you dont eat dead animals where are you going to get your protein? What a scam! the word protein comes from Proteus which means first source. There is only one first source of proteins.. Plants! The only healthy proteins is plants. Every plant on earth has all two hundred thousand identifiable proteins in different concentrations. Grass has the highest usable protein for muscle strength than any other protein on earth.

We need to find out whats going on. Who is funding this dangerous information? what resources are available? what are they after?

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– Tom

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